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  1. bluearsedfly

    Names of police operations

    No I can't! theres no Z... I'm too tired for braingames!
  2. bluearsedfly

    White men may miss out under job plans

    positive discrimination still discriminates against someone... I'm wondering if a standard majority racial/ gender type applied to go on a positive action course and was refused would they not be able to say that they had been discriminated against on grounds of race/ gender... And who else has seen those adverts out that specify that they are only for minority groups...
  3. bluearsedfly

    Mr Todd passes away

    I just can't believe this. Talk about a great muck raking exercise this won't be much good for the morale of the force nor the populace that it serves
  4. bluearsedfly

    Police duped over fictional drug

    we got this sent from GMP, I was slightly cynical though
  5. bluearsedfly

    A Bit Harsh?

    I guess the days of Reg taking the area car to France on a booze cruise a'la 'The Bill' are over then ?
  6. bluearsedfly

    Unspecified Illness

    I had someones sick record sent to me which stated that they had a period of 5 days with a Genito Urinary infection... Why would you admit to that...?
  7. bluearsedfly

    Should Jezebel wear knickers whilst posting?

    Here they are http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/abcunderwear_1990_91016735 bluearsedfly2008-02-22 13:57:23
  8. bluearsedfly

    radio 1 DJ jailed for 4 years !!!!!

    Stan, If we had those kind of laws where on earth would we put them. The SKY tv licence would be astronomical...
  9. bluearsedfly

    Fighting Cops

    Pathetic, I don't even see that kind of behaviour from probationers let alone 30+ year old cops
  10. bluearsedfly

    Camden Police

    Was it just me or has anyone else heard people singing (to the tune of Londons Burning..) 'Camdens Burning, Camdens burning, pour on petrol, pour on petrol...
  11. bluearsedfly

    Policeman kisses rat to death

    and the NIP would arrive shortly in the post after
  12. bluearsedfly

    Met get 1,000 extra officers!

    will these new officers be constables or PCSO's I wonder?