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  1. linzi.mccormick88

    Detention Officer

    Do you think it's worth giving them a call? Just for clarification?
  2. linzi.mccormick88

    Detention Officer

    I do remember the Sergeant saying in the interview that they were looking to take on one straight away and then bring more in over the next few months , but like I said I was just curious of this happens a lot
  3. linzi.mccormick88

    Detention Officer

    Thanks for all the advise guys.! Hopefully I will hear something soon. But I think your right I will call recruitment just for a better understanding Cheers :)
  4. linzi.mccormick88

    Detention Officer

    Hello, thanks for the reply! It is with Cambridgeshire police. I'm sure it would be a lot more clear to me if I had spoken to the sergeant directly. But from the email saying I was successful it just threw me off a bit . Thank you for replying I hope something does come of it.
  5. linzi.mccormick88

    Detention Officer

    Hello there, I applied to be a detention Officer at the end of May this year, passed the assessment day .I then went to my interview last Wednesday but unfortunetely missed the call from the Sargeant to let me know my out come. I then recieved an email saying that my interview was successful, but unfortunetely they have no vacancies at the moment. They will keep my record on file and if any spaces come up in the next 12 months they will contact me. I am confused as i know they were looking for a few dentetion officers. Does this happen quite frequently? Or does this mean im more than likely not going to get the job. I am just confused as the email didnt have much detail and i do not know whether to contact recruitment for more information or just wait in hope? Many Thanks Linzi