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    Genuinely, I despise everything.
  1. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    Bikerider of his new red
  2. bib

    Chit Chat Corner

    Thanks Croberon.
  3. bib

    Stop and search power

    Explain that to the media.
  4. bib

    Stop and search power

    It's disgusting. Not all officers are trained to do withstand such riots.
  5. bib

    Stop and search power

    Your answer is a scary way to think about this. Let's imagine this is a hoax to get less warranted officers, what happens when another riot incident happens? Do they expect specials to cover the asses of the warranted officers that got fired for nothing?! It's a very delicate subject.
  6. bib

    Detention Officer

    You've got nothing to lose.
  7. bib

    Merseyside Final Interview 2013

    Hopefully be in the process of applying to become a copper in the near future. Good luck with your final interview.
  8. bib

    Stop and search power

    Let's take Section 1 PACE 1984 for example, a stop and search for SOAP. Let's say you're on-duty, you come along a lad that you think is acting suspicious. He's an IC3 male and the stop will be in a built up area. You see him walking with a slant, something bulging near the bottom of his ankles all the way up to his knee. You want to stop and search him, as I said earlier - it's a built up area, loads of people. You stop him, turns out it's nothing but a leg support (the bloke broke his leg a few weeks back). Think about it, would you risk being known as a 'racist'?
  9. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    must I get hit in
  10. bib

    Stop and search power

    Absolute nonsense. Stop and Searches are the heart of good policing.
  11. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    an object shaped like a
  12. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    and then when an animal
  13. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    nearly out of full, they
  14. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    Couper with the met flying
  15. bib

    5 Word Story (2)

    a claim that someone allegedly