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  1. Anglisc

    NYE sickness rates

    Lack of numbers, making it unsafe and very difficult to do their job
  2. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    To be honest, my background was HM forces as a boy entrant, and I remember Maggie giving us a massive boost in our forces pay and conditions. Hence I used to be an absolute Tory voter. Having seen what they have done to the forces and the cops, as well as nurses, Drs, Teachers etc and with their almost gleeful threat of redundancy (back on topic), I'd vote anybody that can stop them.
  3. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Must relate to what part of the country you serve in. Where I am, "Tory" is one of the worst profanities imaginable. :-)
  4. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Whether it is improving is certainly open to debate. But you are definitely right in that if they get another five years, the destruction and havoc they will reign down on public servants, is bloody awful to think about.
  5. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Fair enough, hopefully you'll still be there and in a job, if I do? When you see the first of your colleagues get their redundancy notice and lose a fair size of their pensions, perhaps their homes, despite their service, do you think the Tory voters will smile knowingly and think "I'm so glad I voted Cameron and May back in"?But at the moment, it's a labour majority of 26. Suits me fine. Neither the left nor right will hold too much power to enable them to get much done, meaning they might just leave us Joe Public alone and save us from 5 more years of their ego driven madness.
  6. Anglisc

    Winsor Knighted

    The Fed counter it????? Now, that did make me smile. The National Fed are surely still on Christmas/New Year leave, aren't they????
  7. Anglisc

    NYE sickness rates

    Been there, seen it, done it, got several t shirts and rows of medals to put on them thanks. Gave 110% effort in service at home and in some of the most godforsaken holes overseas. Lost mates & missed the birth of my first child due to serving in conflict and was away on operation overseas for six years in total. Joined the cops, worked myself into the ground for the sake of the job, nearly ended up divorced, missed a fair chunk of my kids most special moments. Still carry numerous injuries, sickness record is good, had four weeks off in 10 years with a badly broken limb. Had and still have a good reputation amongst colleagues and seniors for getting the job done and putting in the effort. So, yes, with all that in mind, I understand when our Italian colleagues (worked alongside the Caribinieri, damned fine Italian Military Police, brave to a man when the wheel came off) get shafted and say enough is enough. We are public servants, not in servitude to the public.
  8. Anglisc

    Beneath contempt

    But we can find tens of millions for foreign aid payments to China, India and any amount to tin pot dictators.
  9. Anglisc

    Beneath contempt

  10. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    I'm voting for the party that has said "No" to Police compulsory redundancy or tactically for any party, that can stop the ones who are ejaculating in their pants over the thought of thousands of redundant cops. A thought shared by my partner, adult kids, two brothers and their partners, two of their adult kids both my mother, father and both parents in law, as well as several good ex school/service mates and a likewise extension of their families, extended families and friends. Times that by just short of a hundred thousand cops and compulsory redundancy might just be on the back burner for another five years.
  11. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    And the current shower cannot keep blaming the previous shower, ad infinitum, for a situation which was bad when they took over and have managed to make disastrous.
  12. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Indeed! Remember the days when we thought losing a pay rise for a year was a shafting????? How naive we were.....
  13. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    That's old hat now. Labour were no friends of the police and I'm not sticking up for them. However, since the Tories came to power, the country is in much worse financial shape, and far deeper in debt, public services are being utterly gutted and poverty has increased. Low paid, part time and zero hours contract work is where a significant percentage of people find themselves in, meanwhile rich Tories are raking it in. Remove the blinkers, open your eyes and stop swallowing the ConDem propaganda.
  14. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Exactly. More cuts can only come from redundancy. Quisling Winsor was rolled out to add some Tory spin. This is just the start of a fresh round of "all police are lazy and overpaid" propaganda, prior to redundancy being brought in. Why aren't ACPO flapping on the national stage, with but a few notable exceptions? Because they know it's coming, they have been already briefed on it, I'm damned sure. They have no doubt played a part in formulating how it will work. I'm going to guess large scale redundancy from front line policing, to be replaced by contractors with policing powers, or PCSOs with increased powers. A core of public order capable officers amalgamated into one national public order force and a separate investigative branch. Not wanting to harp on but, remember, this isn't about what works best in policing for the public. This is Tory privatise and profitise ideology. But they can be stopped in May. You're vote, your families, your friends and anyone who listens to you, counts. The Fed lost their war and surrendered with hardly a whimper. Now it's up to us as individuals.
  15. Anglisc

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/68387000/gif/_68387881_cuts624x544.gif Something else of interest....