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  1. WetBehindTheEar


    Regarding mutual aid, a lot of us are going through CBRN training at the mo' (or at least those that are PSU / TAG). Whispers being that we will bussed down en' masse to help out..
  2. WetBehindTheEar

    Drink driving/Drunk in charge

    I guess it follows along the same lines as catching a miscreant with 10+ bags of cannabis, scales and self sealing bags. That isn't "with intent to supply" thats straight "possession".. err ?? hello... In this instance its going to be a lot easier to prove all elements of drunk in charge than arguing the toss with a clever defence solicitor over what constitutes driving and what doesnt..
  3. I was strangely enough having the same coversation with a fellow today. Police are reactionary rather than pro-active. That unfortunately is still the case in my patch which is averaging 6-10 burglaries a day. An 'operation' is setup to target the miscreants but all that does is push them off patch or give them a fairly good heads up on how to perfect their game for when they get released from their paltry latest sentence. Head/Bang/Wall.
  4. WetBehindTheEar

    Restructuring - Help

    Gwent has just undergone a massive restructure. Have a look at the latest home office figures to make your own decision on whether its worked
  5. WetBehindTheEar

    Asked to resign or be sacked

    I've read this start to finish and feel for the lad concerned greatly. I had 'issues' when joining my force (not a scottish one) which meant firstly I had my 10-week tutorship extended another 10 weeks. When that didn't work I had a further 10 week extension and a note saying that I am now on a stage 1 unsatisfactory probbies action plan. I was told that if I didn't buck up my ideas within another 10 weeks I'd be told in no uncertain terms to scan the job pages. It wasn't until i got the federation involved did they push for me to change stations. I did that and within a few weeks had signed off all elements of my action plan and even had extra on top of that. I'm now in a situation where i have almost completed my NVQ 5 months quicker than people on my course (14 month completion requirement) who didn't even have the extension - all it was down too was a change in Sgt, a change in scenery and a new set of colleagues. I really hope that your son can get something sorted Proud Dad as one thing I have learned is this job, no matter where you ply your trade, can take your legs from under you at the slightest hint. If that means another career entirely or a stab at another force, who knows. I have the feeling that whoever envoked this procedure with your son now has the proud entry on his own personal development review (PDR) of how he looked out for the integrity of the force by ensuring all active officers were of a sound knowledge blah blah blah.. Its all a game and unfortunately if you don't know how to play it from day 1, your fcuked. Has he considered re-applying for another force, maybe an english force - or is he still in a state of shock ?? I echo comments of dont bother fighting it. Harsh a reality that that is. I think to get anywhere with this, the local fed' needed to be involved from day 1 whilst the ball was in your sons court. Now that he's actually resigned, the force will always have that to fall back on.... WetBehindTheEar2010-01-10 20:04:31
  6. WetBehindTheEar

    We lie........

    The guy is a muppet, just ignore him.. You think the general publics opinion is going to change any more or less over what he says ?? I dont. The people who get a great service appreciate us and the people that don't get a good service normally deserve not too. I agree with him on some aspects. I know loads of work shy coppers - probably averaged out at 2 a shift. Goes with the job I guess. Providing I go home at night and think I've done my best I couldn't give a monkey's what some **** says in Westminister.
  7. WetBehindTheEar

    transfer to canada

    Anyone managed to get a response from the CPS ?? Interested myself and would like to know some more info but their website is geared towards local recruitment right now..
  8. WetBehindTheEar

    Enjoy eating good quality lamb while you still can

    All the meat consumed in my household is purchased from the local butcher that supports local farms. Wouldn't have it any other way..
  9. WetBehindTheEar

    TASER ...who and when?

    our force is being completely revamped... front line response are all getting tasers but to be in this section you have to be out of probabtion.. probationers are being put into a neighbourhood support role focusing on handover packages, pro active policing and the paperwork response officers can't be arsed to deal with
  10. WetBehindTheEar

    Busy Summer Ahead?

    should follow on nicely from the winter of discontent we've had too then..
  11. WetBehindTheEar


    I love ANPR. All the time in the world for those chaps.. My force has quite a small unit and fair play to them, they are more than happy to help whenever required. We had a recent op' with the DVLA and in one day the lads absolutely rinsed out area clean. Very effective. Plus.. they look a lot coolr in their mondeo ST 220's than our punk focus'
  12. WetBehindTheEar

    Crazy Weekend?!?

    been dead as a dodo on my patch for the last few days. A couple of crim dam' CC's to do and thats literally it..
  13. WetBehindTheEar

    Car Insurance for coppers..