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  1. Pigman

    Where have they gone

    I pop in and out too, but since retiring try to avoid stressing myself out so only view the site.
  2. Pigman

    Fitness Test

    Fit as a fiddle and cannot get the turns right , don't make me laugh. I have said it on here before several times my dad coukd do it aged 78 ! He is in no way fit as a fiddle, has a new hip and has prostate cancer. If you cannot do 5.4 and have no disability you need disciplining.
  3. Pigman

    The Referendum Discussion

    I don't think it is binding due to Parlimentary Sovereignty
  4. Pigman

    The Referendum Discussion

    £300m ? Sure you mean £300bn ?
  5. Pigman

    Take home pay - new constable

    £22443 minus £11000 tax allowance = £2288pa in tax which leaves £20155 £22443 @ 12% Pension = £2693 pa So £20155 minus £2693 = £17462 Then NI , which i think is 12% too so another £2693pa So leaves £14769 which is £1230 a month Is this right ? Perhaps the pension contribution is not right ? NI may be £1733 if you only pay NI on salary between £8000 and £22443 , so perhaos another £900 a year , this would take you just over £1300 a month
  6. I cannot ever see direct entry officers having any respect from the lower ranks. But i think that is the whole point of the process ! It would be good to hear comments from staff who work with some.
  7. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/05/20/liverpool-charged-by-uefa-for-fan-violence-during-europa-league/ Comments ?
  8. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    The pens either side of the centre one were only lightly filled and the crowd outside the ground should have been ushered into those pens once inside the ground , they weren't and went into an already full pen. The tunnel was right infront of them , hence they went into it as the game had started. I do not see that the fans can ever be guilty of anything because of these facts. If they had forced the gate , possibly but the gate was opened and Duckenfield lied about it very soon after , he then continued to lie and i am sure orchestrated the cover up and media releases. I had previously believed that the supporters killed their own , i do not not think that at all now having seen the layout of the road , turnstiles and tunnel leading to the centre pen. I cannot believe there were not mire outspoken officers at the time or soon after , its not as if it was in the 60/70's . It was 1989 i can clearly remember what policing was like then and how you could soeak out about things that were wrong.
  9. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    Tried to edit above slightly , but without success. The supporters causing the tragedy needed clarification. Their behaviour (together with many others teams supporters) prior to this fixture caused the measures to be taken to contain them like wild animals , that is what caused this tragedy imho. The Police Should have foreseen the likely outcome too , bearing in mind past experience , which may have been accounted for if the old Chief Supt had still been in charge , it would be interesting to hear his view now.
  10. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    Watched the programme and very moving. Now it has altered my view on the supporters , in that i see no blame on their part , but they were the cause. The Senior Officers in charge have alot to answer for and the fact that Duckenfield had only been in post for 21 days amazed me that he would be in charge at this massive event. The aftermath stories embarasses me and unfortunately the real coppers , those doing the ground work have been tarred , that appears to be totally incorrect.
  11. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    An important issue was that the game had started and the fans were missing it. Today it would have been delayed . If the start had been delayed the tragedy would have been avoided? Or at least less serious
  12. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    Not having Policed one football match in the 80's and the violence that ensued will alter ones view to Hillsborough quite dramatically and especially the exoneration of the supporters. It is impossible to explain what it was like , i wish we had had camera phones during that time. My uniform raincoat one day was so covered in spit and urine that i was told to throw it away, all caused by so called football supporters, none of which were ever prosecuted !
  13. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    Get to their seats ?
  14. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    Having done many football duties in the early 80's when in our force there were no personal issue radios only the Sergeant of a group of officers had a radio. At some games you would have about 200 officers , split into about 25 groups , so only 25 radios between 200 , 175 officers without. What was the situation at Hillsborough ?
  15. Pigman

    Hillsborough Verdict

    So the late arrivals at the stadium did not cause the deaths of those already there according to the inquest result. I have read this whole thread and other opinion elsewhere. There is a strongly held view of many that they did , so how come the jury found otherwise and totally exonerated them ? I have tried to remove myself from Police issues since i retired but this has really annoyed me. I know there was alot of bad behaviour by some Police Officers but what the Police were saying at the time that the deaths were caused by the fans is correct. The innocent victims were killed by being crushed by being pushed by other supporters so much that they could not breath. The fact the inquest was held very near Liverpool was a great influence on the result and the fact that the jury was drawn from nearby too. There was alot of criticism directed at the Police and others , but none of those were doing any pushing . A sad day for the Police and for them getting any more support from the public has taken a huge hit. I do not tell anyone now that i used to be a Police Officer , my daughter had her final interview for the Police on the day that the result was released , i do not want her to join if i am absolutely honest.