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Brian Police Dog

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  1. Brian Police Dog

    The Winsor Report Thread

    The one aspect of policing and having civilian roles in it is the comms centre / call takers or whatever name they are given. On the whole I have found them poor. They have no grasp of what I need to know as a police officer. Basic information such as descriptions / direction of travel are being missed on the initial call and from the radio message. My force have these new fangled in car computers. They allow an officer to work from the vehicle and access all sorts of information. I would often take a call over the radio, then read the incident on the computer. The information given over the air was a lot less than written on the computer incident. I would often ask them to read the incident out in full. I place this down to a couple of reasons -some civvies have a poor grasp of putting out a concise piece of information. The staff in these control rooms which are now privately run have targets to meet ie answering the phone quickly, taking details quickly and so on. As control rooms are being run for profit (privatisation), then a minimum amount of staff are used, resulting in all of them rushing to meet targets instead of concentrating on doing what the job requires. I am basing my thoughts of 26 years of response and traffic policing. It's all coming to a police force near you soon.....
  2. Brian Police Dog

    When is a News Story Not a News Story?

    The ONLY thing that surprised ME, was that the Daily M**L didn't have lots of WORDS in CAPITAL letters. Their HEADLINES usually have SOME capitals littered around. It's obviously something they LEARN at the DM School of WRITING.
  3. Brian Police Dog


    I contacted them last year, which was obviously prior to the proposed changes in the pensions. Aside from the yearly forecast we receive, I wanted some different forecasts to see what I may get if I decided to leave at any point in the service I had left. I asked for projections on 5 or 6 different scenarios. I e-mailed their contact office with my requests, and in a week or so they posted the information to me. I can't complain about the service they gave.
  4. Brian Police Dog

    The Winsor Report Thread

    Thanks Pic. Fingers crossed.....and toes.....
  5. Brian Police Dog

    The Winsor Report Thread

    You're correct, but those in that 10 year protection will have much less of a deferred wait than those outside of the protected zone. Having someone wait 5 more years to get a pension which will be worth less than others, saves even more money - and that's what it's all about. I've got just over 3 years to go and 48 years old. I'll be glad to get to 50. I'm convinced I wont get to see 30 years service, but I'm just pessimistic If CR does come in, by the time it's used I'll be about a year from finishing. It's going to be close....
  6. Brian Police Dog

    £10,000 Pay Rise for MP's?

    I think the MP's are playing a "long game" here. In the not too distant future I can see that pension lump sums being taxed. Getting paid an extra £20 000 per year in exchange for some pension benefits will see them get cash which wont be subject to a large tax bill as it would be in a lump sum. They'll accept a change in the pensions and as they will have had a large chunk paid to them in the form of salary rise. The rest of us will have a choice of getting taxed more on a lump sum or accept a lower lump sum.
  7. Brian Police Dog

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I think this sounds more feasible. Those within 10 years (the protected) will be able to take their pension at the point they would have completed 30 years. Those outside that bracket ie those on top increment outside of the protected zone, will not be able to draw their pension until they are 60. So if they get chopped by CR and are 35-40 years old, then it will be another 20 years or so before they can claim a pension.
  8. Brian Police Dog

    The Winsor Report Thread

    I'm sure that if any CC is going to use CR, then they will have to have gone through the VR process before.
  9. Brian Police Dog

    £10,000 Pay Rise for MP's?

    I'm not sure what to make of this. It is after all in the Daily Mail, but if this gets the go ahead, I really can see the majority of the population getting very worked up about it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326816/MPs-10k-pay-rise-But-say-Its-snouts-trough--pay-peanuts-monkeys.html I love the quote at the end: ‘Voters may not like it but if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Unless our pay goes up, the decline in the quality of people prepared to become MPs and Ministers will increase and the whole country will suffer.’ Should that not apply to every occupation then?