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Problem Child

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  1. Problem Child

    Stock Pile of Diesel Oil

    Does anyone know of any offenses relating to the storage of Diesel oil for vehicles at a residential property. Fire service don't have a issue nor does customs
  2. Could anybody give me a definitive answer with maybe policy or best practice quotes on who should do the commentary during a pursuit. I believe it should be the driver if they are either a Class 1 or pursuit trained officer because the actions of commentary acts as a aid to calm the driver and assist in evidence gathering. I have been told by a Sgt that i am wrong and that it should always be the passenger (despite their level of service or driver training etc). Any views ?
  3. Problem Child

    NICHE Computer system

    Merseyside have used it for around 3/4 yrs. Its a fookin nightmare an thats after 4yrs of daily use. Its ok if you are locking up the same person as it can pop all the name and address of the offender in at a touch of the button but when u have to start a fresh it takes ages. There are far to many screens with sub boxes that need clicking to open a new menu and scan in documents. BRING BACK CARBON PAPER !!!
  4. Problem Child

    2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    I feel the fed may be letting the topic of the pay dispute go cold. Everyday on TV there are opportunities to highlight the disgracefully treatment of the Police Service by the government. Why has the Fed not stood up and forced the problem home and gathered public support by showing the public exactly what the Police do. The majority of people see the BILL and think that this is a true day to day life of a British Police officer. I have seen lots of videos on youtube which look like they could really assist in highlighting the role of a police officer to the public. Here is one for a start : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=n_eAb-YBNJ8&feature=related there are lots on there and even the FED could knock something up surely. I recall the OZ police putting a video out like this a year or two back. Your feelings please...
  5. Problem Child

    Acting Sgt

    Thanks for the advice Stan Still. The FED are aware of the Local Agreement and there are a few grievances on the go but others are worried about making a fuss as the Sgt process is hard enough without "rocking the boat". I am 100% against this and i am only to happy to tell them to stick it.
  6. Problem Child

    Acting Sgt

    Sorry i will try to shed light on the issue... Its a block with the need for two substantive Sgt's but due to i guess money they run it with 1 Sub Sgt and a Acting Sgt. The Acting Sgt is not paid any extra money no matter how long you act ( Local Agreement made because your getting the Sgt skills YOU want for the future process ) Currently i have only taken the exam once back in 2005 but failed due to under preparation. I at the moment have no desire to Act but i have been told by the Sub Sgt that i will have to. Any thoughts
  7. Problem Child

    Acting Sgt

    Can you be forced to Act as a Sgt.. If so under what circ's can this be done ?
  8. Problem Child

    Murder of Rhys Jones

    How do you know the male who has allegedly been named has not been arrested ? There has clearly been a alot of arrests made if the media is to be listened to.
  9. Problem Child

    Tax Rebate for Xmas

    I just got the letter from the Sgt and it is legit. I called my tax office and quoted some of the rebate information the letter states and they confirmed that i have the Flat Rate Expenses Allowance already but he Fed rebate was not so send a letter in for 6yrs back. Thanks.... All this for FREE
  10. http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/33491/113/ See if you can get one of these off the kit monster
  11. Problem Child


    A ring tone classic, if ever i heard one ??? http://www.linkhandy.com/storage/spiderpig.mp3
  12. Problem Child

    The Job ! Is it worth it ?

    I had a bad week the other week, being told am moving to another block because i was hard working and motivated. Boiled my p**s knowing that some people on the block dont do a tap and they dont have to move because its not fair moving a officer with development issues. I was steaming at the boss and giving it to him both barrels. He left me with the normal management rubbish and a glint of a smile. A few hours later i got called to ambo req forced entry as a lady was having a baby at home with a 2 year old on the phone to ambo. As i got there i could hear a un-godly screaming. The door was some how opened and there she was with a little baby sticking out. 10 minutes later there was a fantastically healthy baby boy. THATS WHEN I KNEW THIS JOB WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO MAKE YOU SMILE
  13. Problem Child

    Tazer Tazer,.. High Voltage!

    The CC of M'side explained the MATRIX (OSU) will soon be trained in this in his last web forum.
  14. Problem Child

    LOST !!!

    I have just managed to watch the the latest US version of LOST Series 3 eppisode 6... What a cliff hanger it ends on. Cant believe it has stopped production until FEB 07. Anyone else lucky enough to have seen it to date...
  15. Problem Child

    Driving whilst tired

    I normally manage about 100Miles a shift but i have done a good 200 on a slow night searching for that 06:50am nights to rest day lock up