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  1. Godfather

    Chief Constable

    Old Africa Hand: There is many stories about him which I won't tell as he is now dead and it is not right to. But I remember that he got his Kings Police medal for saving some people in a fire when he was a P.C. in the Metin 1936. The unique thing was that it was awarded by King Edward V111 who abdicated that year so Ken Steele was the only recipient of that medal from that King.Godfather2008-04-17 16:39:47
  2. Godfather

    Gone to his head...

    Sorry xjxp I don't know how to do that. Thanks Godfather2008-04-17 15:10:41
  3. Godfather

    Gone to his head...

    Interesting discussion on this topic on the BBC homepage today under heading "Excuse me Sir"
  4. Godfather

    Chief Constable

    Although I joined Bristol Constabulary ( Mav and I became collegues on Amalgamation in 1974) He was my Chief Constable upon Amalgamation. One story I can tell you was on Xmas Eve Late turn in 1975 I was single crewed( norm in those days) in the centre of Bristol when I came across a large street fight between two sets of reps that had both been on their Xmas Eve piss up. Being younger and fitter and somewhat up for it I shouted for help and waded in to the middle where the main protagonists were milling. Somewhere in there I copped one in the Niagara's and went down to recieve a good kicking from 20 + brave Hooray Henrys. Suddenly they parted and I looked up to see a trusted old sergeant (who was huge and I think a bit pissed) throwing this lot into a nearby empty waste skip. I managed to stagger to the kerb and sat holding my bits when a Landlady of a nearby Pub who had witnessed it all and done 3 x 999, gave me a large glass of Brandy. Screaming round the corner came a large White Jag containing Ken Steele and his traffic driver who both waded in to the fray. The Chief was in plain clothes too having just left doing an interview at the BBC in Bristol and heard the assistance call. Having subdued them, more troops arrived , rather shocked to see the Chief there he ordered the yobs all locked up for the next court (HEE HEE , this was after Xmas day) He then came over to check on me and wanted his driver to take me to hospital. I declined knowing exactly where I was injured and he the asked me the story which I quickly relayed to him. He then said "well done son. Now finish your brandy and get on " I'd forgotten I was stood there with a large free congac in my hand!!!! He also commended me twice on other occasions and b*****ked once with a smile on his face.Godfather2008-04-17 16:08:26
  5. Godfather

    Smith pledges more terror police

    I did'nt think that poiliticians could direct the Police in operational matters. Is'nt that what our system of Justice is based on. Otherwise it's no more than a Police state!
  6. Godfather

    Help Us To Help You!

  7. Godfather

    Abuse of Anti-Terror Legislation?

    I have seen/ heard a lot of discussion on this in the media stating this is legislation brought in to combat terrorism and even the title here is misleading. RIPA was NOT brought in to combat terrorism. It is to control and monitor Survellience due to Article 8 ( right to Privacy and private life) of the Human Rights Act 2000. Prior to that and R.I.P.A. there was NO control or monitoring of Survelliance by any authority. This gives it guidelines and stops uneccessary abuse or intrustion into all our lives by any public body. But Wee man is totaly correct, It has to be Proprtionate,Lawful authorised and necessary. As it was trained to Police officers in my old Force " You don't need a sledge hammer to crack a nut" I would think this family would have good grounds to sue the local authority for breach of Article 8 and I bet some Lawyer out there will advise them to.
  8. Godfather

    Gone to his head...

    Respect is not commanded,it is earned. Something the British Police Service has done for 150 years.
  9. Godfather

    Gone to his head...

    Sorry Penbwich there was'nt much more only that the P.C. went on his way having been bluffed out. The only other thing is my mate did'nt want to complain about the behaviour owing to " loyalty" to the P.C. Good job too as my mate is married to Leading Criminal solicitor who sometimes sits as a Recorder and in conversation about this scenario she certainly knew her Human Rights Act and that it was all a bluff. As was the PCSO in the video who got bluffed out. That's the trouble when you employ people with no powers or knowledge of the law. They then pretend they have.I'm waiting for the day I am stopped by a uniform carrier and asked for my I.D. or what I'm doing. Boy will they earn their money that day!
  10. Godfather

    Gone to his head...

    Edited due to senior momentGodfather2008-04-10 17:12:54
  11. Godfather

    Gone to his head...

    Unfortunately I think it is totaly believable and inevitable if you have untrained uniform carriers abusing their authority. Having said that I recently had a conversation with a NARPO friend of mine who after 30 years as a job detective now works as a Private Detective. Recently he had a job where he had to fix a notice to the doorway of a premises to show that the premises had been siezed as a result of a court order. In case the notice was vandalised ,stolen or defaced after attaching it he stood back with his camera to photograph it when he heard a car horn on the opposite side of a duel carrigeway. Turning around he saw a Police Officer in a patrol car bekoning him with the curling finger technique (ala Mr McKay in porridge). Not knowing who this was addressed to in the street he ignored it and a few seconds later the patrol car screeched to a stop beside him. P.C. gets out and demands to know what he is photographing. My mate points to the notice on the door. P.C. glances at it and then tells him that he can't photograph it as it is against the law. My mate asks " What law is that, that I may be breaking?" to which there is a few seconds silence and the P.C. states "The Human rights Act" There's one Police Officer that does'nt know the law and needs urgent retraining. God help us with regard to the uniform carriers !!!! Godfather2008-04-10 14:42:58
  12. Godfather

    Solicitor gets 10 years

    Funny is'nt it that as you say what goes around. In my 30 years I was involved in a few enquires into lawyers on the edge (and sometimes over it) One firm ,now ceased trading called Robinsons moved to quaint little area of Bristol called St Pauls in 1980 after we had riots there.Nothing but aggro with them over the next few years including even a stated case which was versus the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Constabulary (which Robinsons lost) The inevitable happened one of theirs got nicked for ripping off the legal aid fund and then the full operation enquiring into the whole firm started. Everyone getting nicked and grassing each other up. Bliss, revenge was sweet. Right up to the main partners.Robinsons folded. Many others I remember. Should I believe in Karma?
  13. Godfather

    Police disabled parking inquiry

    Being retired and able wear my own plain clothes (and even still able to dress myself) some time back I was shopping in a local TESCO's in that little village called Bristol when I saw two young Police women in full uniform pushing two trolleys around and casually picking Items from displays. I was'nt particularly shocked as their Patrol car was parked directly outside the entrance so that other MOP had to walk around it to get in or out of the store. Being previously survelliance trained I wandered near them to hear conversations about prices that would have done the blue rinse brigade justice. But what really worried me was conversation I overheard from other MOP who quite frankly were very annoyed with comments such as "I wish I could do that whilst I was at work" Before anyone jumps in with a defence that these two fine officers were shopping offically I was behind them in the que and both paid seperatly with two seperate bank cards ( I was so covert I could name them) Whatever their justification did it not even pass their immature brains that they could be percieved by the public to be using this time/ parking area/ Police car for a bit of personal shopping. Had it not been for a bit of stupid loyalty on part I would have made an offical complaint. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING
  14. Godfather


    Dreddy: Other than use of the canteen, sorry, resturant and social facilities e.g. bar gym, etc we were kept fairly seperate from the Ruperts. No it was a temporary measure due to spare accomodation at Bramshill at the time.The probationary training was actually a satillite training school from Ashford in Kent. But it was a nice place to do my final 18 months!!
  15. Godfather


    I retired 4 years ago this week and my last days in the job were as a trainer of probationers at Bramshill. On one course I had there was a new Police woman who had just left British Airways as a stewardess on long haul first class flights for a change of career. Interested on who she may have met I asked her which celebrities she had encountered. She reeled off an impressive list. My next question was "Who was the best?" her answer was JOHN MAJOR (ex P.M.) who she said was extremly polite , always remembered the crews names, thanked everyone before leaving the plane and when he found out that they had an adopted charity on his next trip brought them a cricket bat signed by the Lords Taveners to auction. When I asked her "Who was the worst?" without hesitation she said "Naomi Campbell" who she described as rude , ignorant, aggresive and described to their faces cabin crew as "servants" She told me it was common for her to wear a paper face mask throughout the flight and then speak to the crew wearing it and then get annoyed when they could'nt understand her requests. On one occasion she started to use her mobile on approach to LHW airport to get her car to be ready. She reacted angrliy when told to switch it off and only did so when threatened with arrest on arrival if she did'nt. A right little Madam who lets face it earns a living from a career that the world could easily survive without having.