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  1. OnlySoMuch

    This made me laugh...

    I don't often laugh out loud when on my own, however.... http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb468/alexander_lovell/hedgehog.jpg I love the fact someone added it to the notice as well
  2. One word for you - Tints. Although tint limits refer to windows (70% front sides and 75% front if i'm not mistaken) if i saw a driver with a skid lid and a tinted visor (down) i would have issues the same as if someone had a tinted front window, so i suggest the visor only goes down at the last second before he gets out
  3. OnlySoMuch

    Is it time for Taser?

    There's no point rolling outr taser until either, (A) The public and Daily Maul keyboard warriors accept it is a low risk highly effective way to protect ourselves and others which we will only use when we can justfy it, or ( the chifs and HMG collectively grow a pair and start defending us in the media and portraying us in an honest light and true context. So in a nutshell, don't hold your breath
  4. OnlySoMuch

    'Coppers' is back on Ch4.

    When he came out with the classic line of "we're thhe cream/elite" or words to that affect, followed be referring to 'normal' bobbies, it was the classis egotistical bullsh!t i have come to expect from pretty much every AFO encouter i have had. Sorry all you AFOs on here but i think most will agree that have seen that talking down/i'm better than you 'cos i have a gun attitude from AFOs, many of which think they are better than their non AFO colleagues. I respect the job/role and wouldn't do itmyself, but just because i CHOOSE not to, doesn't mean i'm somehow less important/able. Again - tool
  5. OnlySoMuch

    Policing and Firearms - Your Views

    Ryan, some feedback for you. If you want anyone to fill this in i suggest you remove, edit and republish it:- If you only want one answer per question, survey monkey has an option for this which will create circle tick boxes which can only have one answer not multiple (look at the question types on the drop down options) Question four is very poorly worded and comes across as provocative and likely to annoy or even anger your target audience - it is also leading for those who may be of a certain mindset. There are multiple ways of rewording this and i shouldn't need to do it for you. Question six is also poorly constructed as the answers are too rigid - either use a more flexible answer option (again - the drop down list of question types is very good and has ideal options) or add better options, as my answer on your basis would have to be 0 wheras is *some* cases it would be 1-3 maybe (Met) (Many forces have NEVER fired a weapon in anger, others obviously have). I have no idea what other questions say as i gave up at that point and suspect others will to (if they stay past Q4) I will take it that you are genuine and mean well/a litle naieve rather than a journo looking for trouble or a troll, take it or leave it i think you will find my feeback fair.
  6. OnlySoMuch

    Winter is here

    We need a bigger step (with Pen, Scoop and M on the naughty step it's getting a bit crowded). Oh and M, i expected, Pen was a given - but Scoop? Careful, that butter will melt as well as the snow....
  7. OnlySoMuch

    Chief Super Derek Barnett

    divide and conquer...
  8. OnlySoMuch

    Arbitration. Any news?

    I have always resisted the temptation to have a pop at fed, but i do tend to agree that why ballot us about what we want if you then ignore the overwhelming result. I personally wouldn't strike, i would however (if legally allowed and i'm not suggesting it) work to rule and selectively withdraw labour. I apreciate the fed are limited in what they can do, not being a union, but they CAN lobby/go to the relevant courts for this right, or at least make enough noise about the preparations to get enough notice (and if they are going to then they MUST initiate it before the olympics for maximum influence). If they won't do what the majority of their members ask then i have to wonder if its the fear that given those rights we could then join Unison or any othr union? (and before you say careful what you wish for, with the rest of what comes as being treated as an employee, we are pretty much screwed anyway with all the downsides and non of the ups and *if* W2 implements limited contracts then this would be the same as the ability to be made redundant anyway)
  9. OnlySoMuch

    Tasers + CS spray = BANG!

    Assuming they are also AFOs, yes.
  10. OnlySoMuch

    Arbitration. Any news?

    From the Telegraph article:- Mr Winsor said more than £1 billion of savings should be made, with most of this being redistributed from officers with comfortable back office jobs to those on the front line So who is going to join this task force against cyber crime?
  11. OnlySoMuch

    Arbitration. Any news?

    I heard on the radio earlier (no links yet, i'll look when i get a sec) that she wants to increase our battle on cybercrime..... what with - more BACK OFFICE staff? The hypochrisy of the woman gets me so mad i could scream - in fact i will..... ....a bit better.
  12. OnlySoMuch

    Tasers + CS spray = BANG!

    We get extra points for tasering defence lawyers, i wonder if that was his career path? :)
  13. OnlySoMuch

    Tasers + CS spray = BANG!

    ah, the law student who needed taser deployed on him because he was stubbornly trying to make a point and refused to obey officers who were obviously very serious about what they wanted him to do and why but he resisted. boo hoo.
  14. OnlySoMuch

    Benefit Cap ?

    Get a room