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  1. benno

    Silly Man

    Not if you are one of the children whose images are on his computer it isn't.
  2. benno

    White Paper

    [quote name=Sister Purity Thing is Benno' date=' back in "those" days, there were 7 control rooms each specialising in a particular area. It was a lot easier to know the officers you were dealing with and the area. Presumably your current force uses airwave? Things have changed and improved an awful lot in terms of radio work in your previous force since the introduction of airwave. Save for the odd bit of banter when things are "q", things are slick, quick and apart from the odd one or two that you'd find in any force, the Operators are professional, well trained (yes even going out with the Officers so we KNOW what its like on the sharp end) and extremely competent. We have it drummed into us that the Officers depend on us, sometimes for their lives and I can't think of anyone who doesn't do their utmost to deserve that trust. We certainly do not deserve the level of disdain you seem to think we deserve. Things have changed, perhaps you'd care to pop back and visit us. I'd be more than happy to host you. [/quote] Actually, back in "those days" every station had its own control room, there were a lot more than just 7. So the local knowledge was even greater. Re the introduction of Airwave, the only thing that has done is made comms more secure, it has not improved coverage or radio use in general at all - we have found a lot of blackspots with Airwave, not too different to the amount we had with the old system. I have no doubt that you, and the vast majority of your civilian colleagues, are extremely competent. The disdain I may have is not for you as individuals, it is for the mass civilianisation of the police. This has largely come about as a result of the mass introduction of IT, which, imho, has been a nightmare, and set the job back a lot in terms of the amount of time officers now have to spend in the station on the computer.
  3. benno

    Reality TV Shows

    I always find that Midsomer Murders and Poirot are much more educational and factual than Police Crime Wars Traffic, Camera Action. I am the Chief Constable of Sanford Police, by the way.
  4. benno

    White Paper

    Too broad a statement for me - I wouldn't condemn anything without knowing some facts. I have heard moans about 'civvies' since I joined 28yrs ago. The first major moans were about civilianising the SOCOs. 'How can anyone know how to do that job without being a police officer investigating the crimes?' However it did not take long to realise that well trained motivated professional civilian SOCOs were doing a damn site better job than their police officer predecessors. The biggest complaints were from the officers who were waiting to be replaced moaning about how the 'civvies' were making them look bad - by finding prints and detecting more offences than they ever did!! I don't know what force you are in but that wasn't true of Thames Valley' date=' which I used to be in (I can't speak for my current force). I don't recall any specific improvement in the service from non police SOCOs. I don't disagree with the apparent huge growth in HR - both personnel and training - and in my force the cut in numbers in those depts has had no noticeable effect on anyone (except those who lost their jobs). In many other areas though civvies are a direct one for one replacement for officers now released to the front line. If that is true then why are there not more officers on front line patrol, as opposed to the same number or, in many cases, even less, than before? We have nearly 3,000 civvies, if at least of them went I think there would be some gaps that all of us officers would feel the effects of - and not in a good way.[/quote']
  5. benno

    Drink/Drive Limit......

    HMS, Well said. I wish I could have put such eloquent and well written posts on this subject!
  6. benno

    Drink/Drive Limit......

    ..........and yet, you apparently could be bothered. So, I'm a copper. Does that mean that I have to think in the same robotic way that you apparently think all coppers should think? Am I not allowed to have an opinion based on my own thoughts and experiences then? If Tommo finds it so hard to "scoop bits into a bag then go round to someone's house with his cap under his arm to pass on the worst possible news to a family" then perhaps he is in the wrong job? I'm not saying it is something I relish, or would ever want to do, but it is part of the job so stop whingeing about it. He, and you, would have to do the same if you went to an accident where alcohol is not a factor too. What then would you suggest? Ban all forms of transport to ensure that accidents of such magnitude never happen again? Oh, and I may be a copper, but I am also a MOP at the same time, as are you.benno2009-12-05 22:38:06
  7. benno

    White Paper

    Reasonable man, Again, not something I will lose any sleep over. When I joined the police 21 years ago civilian support staff were hardly ever seen. We had one station sergeant who was responsible for organising all the duties, leave etc. Now we have a myriad of people in the duties office. Front office duty was something we all did as there were no civvies in the front offices. I actually used to enjoy working in there as did the vast majority of my colleagues. We used to learn a lot in there as well - it isn't all learned out on the streets you know. Human Remains (sorry, Resources), well, you honestly could not make up how many of those there are, in years gone by we had a mere handful. If you look at how many civilian staff there are nowadays compared to 20 odd years ago you honestly would not believe it. And are their jobs really so important that we could not do without (at least) half of them? I really do wonder. Good riddance to them as far as I am concerned.
  8. benno

    Drink/Drive Limit......

    [quote name=M&MBM Beg your pardon. I thought he was a smoker. Saw some kids sharing cigarettes in the park today' date=' some looking as young as ten. I felt like confiscating the cigarettes and giving them a bollocking, but of course, I can't can I? I also wondered if laugihing and mocking them in a loud voice would work. But knowing the way this country works I'd have ended up being nicked under Section 5. Ha.[/quote] Or stabbed, knowing kids these days. Probably best you kept your thoughts to yourself. Sad to say, but true. (I've tried editing this but for some reason the above keeps coming up twice - no idea why)benno2009-12-05 19:30:26
  9. benno

    White Paper

    It's not something I would lose any sleep over. They're not going to sack anyone - they just won't recruit new people to replace those who are retiring or resigning, that's all. (I couldn't care less about the support staff though - we have too many of those as it is!).