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  1. Copperballs

    Thank you ACPO

    I compare ACPO/CC/SMT etc to a World War I scenario ie..........Donkeys leading Lions! However, I can't say the fault lies entirely with our leaders/managers at the decline of the Police Service. Bobbies are also to blame....how many do you know that are subservient and accepting of clearly bad and unethical practices (fudging crime figures etc)? Also, I often witness bobbies who, as long as they don't get 'shafted', are clearly willing to turn a blind eye so as not to highlight themselves becoming the focal point of any unwanted attention.... We have to forget the Federation as the supposed 'Champions of our cause', albeit reluctantly, we have to empower ourselves with knowledge and a respectful but firm commitment to challenge things that are clearly not right. I understand why bobbies suggest strike action, but would YOU really strike? What would this do to our already depleted public perception? Do you really think that a large percentage of public think the Police do nothing and should have their current work conditions eroded? The press have hyped the perceived 'gold plated public sector' arguments, taking on a self-aclaimed role of representing sections of communities to justify their weak arguments and malicious self serving statements. We often forget, but there is still a LARGE part of the general public that are grateful, respectful and understand what a difficult job the Police have to perform on a daily basis. So, my argument is simple, erode the conditions of the Police....pay peanuts and get monkeys!
  2. Copperballs

    Overtime Rumour...

    Has anybody else heard the rumour regarding overtime? Apparently, as part of the review into Pensions and Overtime, a recommendation has been put forward to scrap overtime and pay us all a flat basic wage (which will obviously be increased from the present salary structure) on the proviso that you can be expected to work past your shift hours with no extra renumeration! 24 hr policing indeed....similar to HM Forces more like! This is something that is being looked at quite closely.....wouldn't effect me as I try and dodge any OT for quality of life, but just imagine how much this would be open to abuse!!!
  3. Could anyone advise me on the rules/regulations governing part-time working in the Police? I am seriously contemplating changing to part-time (between 24 - 32 hrs per week) as my Force is changing to the VSA shift pattern in October 2010. I plan on re-training as a Plasterer/Tiler (I realise this has to be approved by my Force) but the genuine reason I have for going part-time is work/life/family balance. I find myself having to re-train for another career as I simply cannot work the proposed shifts come October 2010. I also wondered if becoming a part-time worker in the Police was a simple process?I have approximately 14 years pensionable service and wondered what would happen to my pension contributions/pension if I remained a part-time worker? Any replies would be helpful, but I am especially keen to hear from any current part-time workers in the Police Service. Thanks you!
  4. Copperballs


    The Fed is ultimately responsible for its own demise and officers realise they now have a choice as others step in to to do their jobs. The Independent Police Support Group (IPSG) www.ipsg.org.uk is now dealing with various discipline matters and ETs etc following officers sacking their fed reps. I couldn't agree more with the comments and points made, Smudge. I have briefly looked at the IPSG site but I cannot see any option to join/pay subs. I came out the Federation 6 years ago and have been looking for a viable alternative to join for some time now. The IPSG seems to be the alternative that I have been waiting for, and it appears to share the same goals/values that I would want/expect a Police Federation to endorse. I will certainly be making pro-active enquiries with the IPSG to join and will donate the equivalent of Fed Subs to the organisation.
  5. Copperballs


    There is nothing better than being outside in the fresh air with a metal detector in your right hand!! I have spent countless hours in various fields/locations searching for that one big "find" - on many occasions returning home empty handed. However, I have had a few successes - found a gold Roman ring (valued at £12,000) that I nearly threw away mistaking it for gold foil and lots of Roman coins (not really worth much). I find my hobby of metal detecting completely de-stresses me - although most people think your a "spotter" when they see you in the fields with a metal detector in your hand!
  6. Copperballs

    Pensions Rumour

    I have 14 years pensionable service in Lancashire Constabulary but do not expect to retire in 16 years time with a 2/3 Final Salary scheme. I think that Bobbies are naive if they think that there Pension is untouchable. Only recently have the Federation confirmed that Government can infact change the 'old' Police Pension. David Cameron has already openly stated that 'Gold Plated' Final Salary schemes will be scrapped in the Public Sector. He has even stated today (12th Sept 2009) in the Daily Telegraph that he believed frontline public sector workers would support his call for reduced spending on pay and pensions and aimed to build the "maximum consensus". What does this say about the future of Police Pensions? In my force, we have already been warned of the cut backs to be made. We are going onto 8 hr shifts come April 2010 - there has been a temporary freeze on promotion to Sgt/Insp level and a freeze on overtime and recruitment. CID shifts are being looked at (likely to be 2pm - 10pm shifts as the norm) and meetings are currently being held around the Division to explain why this is necessary. Once you alienate your service providers (ie. response Officers) you are asking for trouble....
  7. Copperballs

    What is the offence?

    A colleague of mine (a serving response officer for 10 years) let off a stink bomb in the Police Station as a practical joke. Childish, I know. The station called in the Enivormental Health before realising what had occured. Officers were asked to admit to the prank before the matter was escalated. The officer fully admitted being the person responsible, citing it was a immature prank that had misfired. Officer is currently awaiting discipline, what views/advice do you have to offer?
  8. I hope that these will not be compulsory to carry. I appreciate that TASERS have uses (especially when knives involved) but are clearly open to abuse, due to the non-fatal element that is emphasised. Anyone seen that Simpsons episode when they start electrocuting each other...
  9. Copperballs

    "THE LIST"

    I think the fundamental question we should all ask ourselves is "Can a Police Officer, who is an active member of the BNP, discharge his duties in a fair, non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, fair and equitable manner when dealing with people who the BNP choose to stigmatise?" Do we want serving Police Officers active members of the BNP? I appreciate that joining the BNP as a serving Police Officer was made illegal in 2004, but is this a breach of human rights (the right to a private life)? The BNP does not hold any political attraction for myself as a serving Police Officer, but I also feel uncomfortable forcing people to accept one political party over another. By driving the BNP underground and stifling what is a politically sensitive debate ie. immigration etc, can we really call ourselves a truly democratic society? If the mainstream accept that the BNP is wrong, then surely we should accept that people will make the decision that is right for themselves and their circumstances, irrespective of what view we consider to be right. Interesting this one...sure to stimulate a debate, but my personal feeling is that serving officers and BNP membership are not compatible.
  10. Copperballs

    Manslaughter, not murder?

    I dealt with this individual a number of times when working on response and the above comment sums him up very well.
  11. Copperballs

    Opinion please

    I was made a Leatherjacket (circumsized) at 7 years old and it hurt like hell when I woke up!
  12. Copperballs

    PC killed

    God Bless and my thoughts go out to family and friends...
  13. Copperballs

    Fed Subscription

    There are 10 bobbies in my nick that all got together and withdrew their subscriptions yesterday! You should see the reply from the Fed Rep - he himself berates the Federation and states that even he was kept in the dark. The next day he joined us and resigned from the Federation!!! Talk about mutiny......!