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  1. IveToldYouOnce

    Kirpan - Offensive Weapon?

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8500712.stm Basically a Sikh judge says that Sikhs should be able to wear their Kirpans everywhere. Including schools. Interesting quote on the BBC site that says you wouldn't know whether somebody was wearing one on their person or not as they're discreet. Are Kirpans sharp? Or are they just symbols that are now provided for by, effectively, a piece of 2mm steel with no sharp edge at all? Can they be plastic? From a non-religious point of view, what we have is a Sikh carrying an offensive weapon. In a school. Which is fine as long as he doesn't decide one day to use that on somebody - I wouldn't want my kid to be on the receiving end - and the backlash might be pretty bad. There must be some historical reason why Sikhs had to wear one when the religion started.........
  2. IveToldYouOnce

    Nasty, nasty, nasty....?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-38165395 If I've read that right, Theresa May wanted to deny children an education, and all that comes with it, as some sort of leverage against their parents. Erm. I can't have understood the report properly. Just can't. Because to use a child as leverage against it's parents is something that gangsters do. Not 'honourable' members of Parliament. I'm not even sure that's nasty, it's beyond nasty............
  3. IveToldYouOnce

    Donald Trump

    .............wants to build a large wall cutting off Mexico. In fact, he's going to, if he becomes President. He just said so. An actual wall. Tall, and large, with sensors, and towers and border guards and probably with dogs running around with laser cannon on their heads and a minefield, and bazookas and forcefields and Jabba the Hut and My Little Pony........... Sorry, I got carried away with talking utter s**t. Just like Trump appears to be doing. An actual wall. The border is nearly 2000 miles long. AND he says he's going to make Mexico pay for it. Now, I've been to a few border disputes in my years, and getting a neighbour to pay for a new £200 fence is a next to impossible. I'm going to guess a 2000 miles long wall is going to cost more than £200. How much is that going to cost? Roughly? Is that even possible in this day and age? Are the numbers of illegal entrants to the US worth the cost that the wall is going to take? And there aren't more important things that the money could be spent on? Like their deficit? Or healthcare for their poor? Or gummy bears? I'm not sure he's very stable.
  4. IveToldYouOnce

    Welcome to the Upgraded PoliceUK Forum

    Interesting indeed.
  5. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    I had the misfortune to hear a 'TV critic' complaining about how "dry" the broadcasting of the court case was. He whined about how they were spending a long time going over specific points of law. The comparison was made that some people used to watch the live video feed of Big Brother, when everybody was asleep........... I'm not sure whether I was disappointed in Radio 4 for putting such a person on, or whether I was just disappointed in them for feeling they had to discuss how boring a bunch of highly-skilled lawyers were, when they got together to discuss the minutae of a really important facet of law. What did people expect?
  6. IveToldYouOnce

    Talk of increased penalties

    If nobody gets the maximum sentence now, the reason to increase the maximum possible is......................................? Nope. Unless, of course, sentencing guidelines don't let judges/magistrates impose the maximum - in which case, shouldn't the guidelines be changed?
  7. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    Ah RM, but surely there will be more illegal immigrants (by definition really)?
  8. IveToldYouOnce

    His 1st diplomatic error

    For somebody who doesn't give a monkeys what people think, he sure has threatened a lot of them with lawyers and being sued. But of course he doesn't care what people think - isn't he a bit of a narcissist?
  9. IveToldYouOnce

    His 1st diplomatic error

    He might have done that when he was a businessman and did what he liked, because whatever he did had no real fallout - he could always go somewhere else to do business with. He's a politician now, and what he says, who he talks to, and stuff he decides, has real cosequences for people around the world, including Americans.......... He can't go around like a stereotypical American, shouting and blustering his way to the front of the queue, pissing everybody else off in the process. He just can't. His actions have consequences. This bloke needs to wake up and pay attention to his advisors, or at least to those advisors who actually know something about foreign relations. Otherwise, he's going to royally pee off countries who the US need to do business with. Or he's going to destablise a region.
  10. IveToldYouOnce

    Senior Police Woman Suspended

    Hmmmmmmm. I've always believed that I can make a genuine mistake, or even a bad decision, but as along as I hold my hands up, explain myself and apologise (if appropriate) then I'll be ok. I might have to take somebody of rank shouting at me, but that's the worse that would happen. (And if I get shouted at, then I'll be making a complaint about it - I don't need shouting at in an office. I'll take it during training/exercises, because that's different, but in an office environment, I don't need shouting at, you know what with me being an educated, (intelligent) adult and all.) Anyway............ I firmly believe that if I lie about something, then I'll lose my job. There is usually more to stories like this though.........
  11. IveToldYouOnce

    A Recovery continues

    Hang on. Estonia. Loads of land, not many people? Sounds like a brilliant place to live. And they've got decent net access?
  12. IveToldYouOnce

    Senior Police Woman Suspended

    Gross Misconduct..........hmmmmmmm...... Keeping her job.........hmmmmmmmm....... I can see why you'd keep an officer who you have, presumably, spent a small fortune on courses and education to get them to the rank they are in. However, it does (sort of) send an appalling message to the 'rank and file' officers who will see this as senior officers being treated differently when behaving like the sort of person they all deal with on a Friday or Saturday night. There will also be officers who will look at that and say "if it had been a bloke, he'd have been out". I'm sure she won't be mentioned at the annual 'Women in Policing' conference.......
  13. IveToldYouOnce

    Bristow - Free Speak or Villification

    OK, I guess I got the wrong end of the stick with this story then. I thought the issues with what he said were that he used the word 'poof' to describe the paedophile who abused these young boys, and that he suggested that had it happened to him, when he had grown up, he'd have hunted down the person who had abused him, and done him some harm - rather than tell people what had happened to him. In that way, he was suggesting that darts-players were more men than footballers. Because this sort of thing is all about being manly...................no, wait......... 'Poof', to my way of thinking, is a generational word, I don't know anybody under 40 who would use that word. Not publicly anyway. I don't even know whether it's the sort of word that is used ironically within the gay community, like the N word is used between some black people. I wouldn't begin to even think about asking somebody for fear of offending them........but to be fair, my understanding is that it's offensive to gay people, so that pretty much is all I need to know. I find the subjects of race, sexism, homophobia et al, to all be ones which are (generally) just best not commented on in case I inadvertently say something that upsets somebody, somewhere. That sort of stuff can be career-limiting and job-losing. SO best not mentioned. And that sort of attitude, doesn't help progress anything, but it's that sort of attitude that has been created by those who are possibly as intolerant as those who would have those sort of negative attitudes in the first place. Don't ban me from saying something, discuss with me, debate and educate me. Or just point at me and call me a name. Because one is easier than the others. I'd say that stopping people using certain words hasn't done much to promote equality. What it's done is enabled a veneer of "we don't tolerate that sort of behaviour", over how people act publicly. People still harbor prejudices, just nowadays they know better than to publicise them, or speak them in the workplace. I think we still work in a society where you're allowed to have personal opinions on anything, as long as those personal opinions don't affect how you deal with people you might have an opinion about. Twitter allows people to do all sorts of things, including display gaps in a person's education, level of intelligance, or tolerance of others. Hang on. There's a knock at the door.........oh it's Professional Standards..........they want to interview me about being a sexist, racist, homophobic bigot...........I'm honestly not, but there is always somebody waiting in the wings to be offended.
  14. IveToldYouOnce


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-38102904 So. We're sorry we parked badly. There's no context - did they dump the van there because they were at a job that needed them urgently? Did they intentionally park like that because they were about to move a prisoner around the van - and to park next to somebody's car while moving a struggling prisoners is just asking for damage to be done to it. By the looks of the white car on the left, it was on it's bay line, so if the van had parked in the bay, inside the lines, then the passenger would have struggled to get out without hitting it. So the driver, appears, to have parked away from it and straddled two bays. Not ideal, but if he didn't have time to drive around for a more appropriate place to park, then what's he to do? Actually. Sod it. Yes. That's what I'll do in future. Park in the bay, properly, no matter where other people's cars are parked. Then move a prisoner around the van, in cuffs, and if they happen to damage the car I've parked next to, I'll call my sergeant and he can sort out the mess. It won't be my fault. But parking 'poorly' would get me told off. Can't win. Park so as not to damage other people's cars, wrong. Park in the bay then have other people's cars damaged, wrong. Or I'll just open my door into other people's car doors - 'Top Gear' style. Call the Sergeant, he can come down and sort out the mess. The Chief is right, when we get stuff wrong we should apologise - and I wonder if he has the complete context relating to this 'incident'............or if he just doesn't care...........
  15. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    On the contrary, I think the Remainers knew damn well that £350 milllion wasn't going to be going anywhere near the NHS - and all the other 'promises/ideas/suggestions'........ It was a number of Leavers that believed that particular rubbish and voted for them. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. More fool them.
  16. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    Soapyw - you need to adjust, sorry I mean shush, in relation to making any anti-Brexit comments. Get on board. Help make it work. What you should you do is just accept that you (we) lost the vote and that 17.5 million people said we should leave the EU. So anything that was said before the vote should just be ignored because, well, it's irrelevant now. They weren't promises, they were ideas. Probably. Let's put it this way, nobody can be charged to court for lying to the electorate, or anything, so we should all just shush. Shush. Pointing out problems with whateverthehell is going on, is anti-democratic, apparently. You're just showing yourself up as being a poor loser and (possibly) a dreamer. You are not a realist. Wanting UK law to actually mean something in Parliament is also, ridiculous. You silly sausage. Also. Stop mentioning £350 million. It wasn't a given, despite being stuck on a double-decker bus. Stuff put on double-decker buses is just colouring. They have to be some colour, so what happened there was a complete accident of colour. Or some words to make some people vote a certain way. Or an advert - although, had it been an advert, it wouldn't have been able to be an actual lie. I bet people thinking that amount of money was actually going to be spent on the NHS, feel right mugs now everybody has disowned that number and said it wasn't a promise. So. In essence, you should just go with "everything is awesome" (like in the Lego movie). And just like Lego, you can pretend anything is what you want to be, and then break it apart when it doesn't suit you any more. It's hilarious to the point of farce. According to the front page of Private Eye this week, Vote Leave had a bus that had "We send the EU £50 million a day let's fund our NHS instead". I'm sure there should have been some punctuation, in the form of a comma, in there, but nevermind. "We send the EU £50 million a day"- I'm going to guess by BACS transfer, or some other electronic means. "Let's fund our NHS instead". Let us fund our NHS instead. Seems simple enough. But, Soapyw, let's forget it. Like it never happened. What that was, my friend, was snakeoil. It wasn't a promise, or an advert. It was just some words. We should all just shush. OR at the very least, get some mileage out of the amusing machinations of whateverthehell is going on right now. :D :D :D
  17. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    Exactly what RM said.
  18. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    No one made promises. Hahahahahahahahaha. Painting £350 million quid on the side of a bus isn't a promise..........I guess that's true. That's a statement........... I'm not working for the greater good. I'm a passenger on the 'good' ship Brexit Titanic. The above requires that you trust HMG. And I don't. They've done nothing for me as a copper - absolutely sod all. Oh, my mistake, they've made my job harder. And took money off me. And messed with my pension. So, no. Whilst I accept the result, I don't have to like it, or work for any part of it to work - that's your job. You voted for it. You work for it. I'll watch and criticise at every opportunity. That's my right in a democracy. I'm currently doing all I can just to earn a crust in May's Britain. Whilst 17.something million voted for it, something like 16 million didn't. And for anybody to tell that considerable number of people to just shut up is massively undemocratic. And stupid. That 17-odd million can start working for what they voted for. Good luck to them getting the MPs to give them all what they wanted. I will stand with the 16 million (or so) and watch you lot give us all the Nirvana that you all believed you'd get. With a smile on my face. All together now "THAT'S NOT WHAT I VOTED FOR".
  19. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    Guess it could be a glass-half full v glass-half empty thing. Or a difference in attitude to risk. But. I'm all for repealing every single law enacted because of the EU. Every one. Because you said that's what you wanted. That'll do for starters.
  20. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    "Nobody knows what the end result will be". Brilliant. Gambled with my future. Awesome. Pretty much makes my point. I'm not arguing the result, but just pointing out that all manner of things were promised - RM makes the point eloquently. The cries of "THAT'S NOT WHAT I VOTED FOR" will be deafening. And I'm going to guess that slagging off Huffington means those politicians didn't say what they've been represented saying. Made it all up. Brilliant.
  21. IveToldYouOnce

    Judges rule on Brexit

    http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/open-britain-video-single-market-nigel-farage-anna-soubry_uk_582ce0a0e4b09025ba310fce?utm_hp_ref=uk How unfair, to take those words out of context...........I'm gonna have to just read up again what everybody voted for........ Where's the best place to find the list of what was voted for? You don't have to select any list that has the number £350 million in it.... Don't get me wrong. I'm not moaning about the vote, not at all. What I'm wondering is whether anybody actually knows what was voted for. 'Cos "leaving the EU" seems to be quite a wide-ranging answer that doesn't give any detail whatsoever. And now, all the details are, apparently, up for grabs. They asked a black and white question, promising all manner of stuff, and now none of the stuff that was voted for looks like it's going to happen.
  22. IveToldYouOnce

    Spit Hoods.....

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-37286499 Now, it's real easy for an individual to not have one of these put on them - just don't spit at police officers you disgusting individuals. From that BBC page........... " "A spit hood is a primitive, cruel and degrading tool that inspires fear and anguish," Martha Spurrier, director of Liberty, said. "Police have the power to use force against citizens when they have to - using handcuffs, arm restraints, leg restraints, pepper spray, batons. "The suggestion that officers need to be able to cover people's faces and heads is as far-fetched as it is frightening. "Spit hoods belong in horror stories, not on the streets of a civilised society - we urge the Met Police to think again." Being spat upon is primitive, cruel and degrading........... I tell you what, Martha, you and I can go in a room, and I'll spit at you. And you can try and stop me doing it, but every time I get an opportunity to do so, I'll spit at you. In the face. And we'll see how 'far fetched' you think of an idea to stop me spitting at you in the face is. You can have a mate with you if you like, to help you control me, but I'll spit at them too. In the face whenever I can. Obviously (or not so obviously to you) if you get any body part next to my mouth, I'll bite it as hard as I can..... I'll make sure I'm properly hydrated, obviously, and if you're really lucky I won't have blood in my mouth. You'll also have the reassurance that I do not have HIV, Hep C, Hep B, or any other communicable disease - which is more reassurance than we have with some spitting individuals we have to deal with. It might surprise Martha to know that some of the people we deal with aren't civilised at all. All somebody has to do, to not have a spit hood placed upon them.............is to not spit at us. It's that simple.
  23. IveToldYouOnce

    Spit Hoods.....

    Erm. Won't the use (or not) of spit hoods be an operational issue, so not within the remit of the PCC?
  24. IveToldYouOnce

    The Secret Life of Prisons

    It comes to something when the prison officer's decide to break the law in order to highlight the dangers they are facing at work. You'd rather break the law than carry on working in a dangerous conditions...........one might suggest that HMG don't give a crap about prison officers.
  25. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37962425 Lego has cut ties with the DM. They're not saying it's because of the DM spewing hatred and their own version of what's right in the world, but because of the timing, I'm going to go with Lego finally standing up to all the rubbish that the DM has spouted for years. Finally. Consumers/people can effect change. I doubt the DM cares much and would deny the link with what they've been publishing, but even if this makes a few people stop buying the DM, or look at the DM again and re-evaluate their newspaper choice, then that's a Good Thing in my opinion. I stopped clicking on any DM links a little while ago - if only my parents would stop buying it........