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  1. careerlid


    I always thought Property Services Dept. did a good job considering the budget cuts.
  2. careerlid

    No Cut In Police Budget

    Ho Ho Ho! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/georgeosborne/12057290/George-Osborne-accused-of-shameful-U-turn-after-police-grants-slashed.html
  3. careerlid

    Surrey Police Staff Vetting

    It's obviously something you need to take up with Surrey plod. It might have something to do with your current role; they hate the Met. :)
  4. careerlid

    Tube strikes

    It's mainly the shift patterns they're not happy with, probably similar to some we've worked over the years for no extra pay, but having said that the drivers are well paid but other LT staff are not. The Tory press love to quote salaries and turn the public against certain jobs & professions. Ring any bells?
  5. careerlid

    Night Shift Work - Health Implications

    I always preferred nights to earlies but towards the end of my service they did start to get harder. I think shift work generally is a younger person's game.
  6. careerlid

    Calais Migrant Crisis

    Another reason they like the UK is soft policing. We have no ID cards and a government who don't even want criminals stopped & searched let alone people's identity checked. We're a joke.
  7. careerlid

    More with Less?

    Fair point but I still maintain a lot of this has to do with lack of resources. Here's another link demonstrating it... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33686121
  8. careerlid

    More with Less?

    It's news because we've had numerous terrorist attacks in the past and never needed to resort to deploying troops. Why are they considering it now? Lack of police that's why.
  9. careerlid

    More with Less?

    I think you're right and the penny has dropped. We couldn't mobilise anywhere near what the French did, police or military.
  10. careerlid

    More with Less?

    Wouldn't be anything to do with lack of police officers would it? Surely not. Dunno where all the troops will come from either, the Army's been decimated too! http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/593844/terror-threat-Britain-ISIS-attack-defence-armed-soldiers-troops
  11. careerlid

    Police pay rise

    The pay used to be good but not since 'reform'. MPs are well paid too, so why do they deserve 10% to compensate for their 'reform' when police get nothing?
  12. careerlid

    Voice of Reason?

    Fair enough I'll go away and try harder!
  13. careerlid

    Voice of Reason?

    Don't know if any TVP on here may disagree but I have a lot of time for Sara Thornton as a guvnor. Seems to be striking a balance..? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33599230
  14. careerlid

    Army Deaths.

    Tragic story but at the end of the day the SAS are the best in the world for good reason. I think if the Army end up obsessed with H&S law like the police it will be poorer for it. This is not the first time people have died during the tests, I think it's just an occupational hazard.
  15. careerlid

    Fox hunting vote

    Mixed views on this. I'm not a big fan of traditional hunts as I do believe it's more about the upper classes having fun on a horse than pest control, however Foxes do need controlling. There are too many misguided people in urban areas who see them as pets when in fact they are wild animals and nothing more. You only have to see what one Fox will do to a chicken coop to know they don't kill just enough to eat, they savage the whole lot. Comments about easily shooting them with a shotgun are nonsense, it's a short range weapon and obviously not suitable for urban areas. A rifle is the only way to kill them humanely. On the political side this was definitely about making a point and not much more - Nicola Sturgeon specifically stated before the election the SNP would stay out of this vote and all things England generally, so hypocritical really.