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  1. MJD Medals

    DCC found DEAD

    For what it is worth I do not claim to 'know' Mr Ainsworth however some years ago a colleague and I were chosen to spend the best part of a shift with him when he came out on patrol with us. At that point he was an ACC and we were just lowly PCs. My colleague and I could possibly be described as being a bit long in the tooth and were surprised that the management had chosen us - from what I recall we spoke it like it is and I certainly found him very receptive. He was approachable and was more than willing to listen to us as we chuntered on about what was wrong with this and why we were bogged down with that. He was also prepared to get out of the car and start to get his hands dirty - something sadly lacking in some of todays senior managers. RIP Sir.
  2. MJD Medals

    Police Medal Review Announced

    Regrettably I have found occasion to wear mine a couple of times now at the funerals of former colleagues who left us far too early.
  3. MJD Medals

    Police Medal Review Announced

    The person that has given you this advice is mistaken. The Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal is an official medal awarded by a Royal Warrant of 1st May 1956 the medal itself being instituted from the 14th June 1951. As it is an official medal awarded by the crown you are entitled to wear it amongst other official medals. If the other three medals that you have are military commemorative medals then your Police LS&GCM should not really be placed with them. (If you are the holder of the Police LS&GCM then I am assuming that one of your other three medals is the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal which would have been awarded to you as a result of your Police Service - that being the case then it could be argued that this is more a police Medal than a Military Medal.) That aside the answer is still the same - all your official medals can and should be mounted together. If you need to seek further clarification you can download the official order of wear for such things from here http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/UKgovernment/Honoursawardsandmedals/DG_176568 If you encounter a further problem in getting your medals mounted or have a further question please feel free to PM me.
  4. MJD Medals

    Inclement weather

    To say nothing of the need to pay for a Vehicle Excise Licence MJD Medals2009-02-10 10:57:57
  5. MJD Medals

    Inclement weather

    We had some policy put out sometime ago and every time there is bad weather we are reminded of it. In a nutshell - you are expected to make every effort to get to work. If you are late getting to work because of severe weather then you are not docked pay or time ... at the other end of the scale if you want to leave early so that you have extra time to get home you have to take leave or take time owing off your card. (No body has said how far this will stretch - not sure what happens if you are seven and a half hours late for an eight hour shift) If you cannot get to work because of the severe weather then you are expected to report to your local station - this used to be all well and good but of course these days we cannot do anything without an extra stone and a half of officer safety equipment so this year the edict was put round that if you lived in an outlying district and there was a possibility you may not get to your home station then you were expected to take your equipment home with you ... not sure what happens if a teen-aged son borrows the PAVA/Asp/Airwave Set to impress his mates - or if your suffer a burglary/theft from veh and it all gets stolen ... no doubt that one is still to be tested and risk assessed
  6. MJD Medals

    'Snow Joke!

  7. MJD Medals

    'Snow Joke!

    I am not sure what the implication is here and whether this may be a inkling of a double standard - Are you saying that if the snowball had been thrown by someone that lived locally you would have called the Police but it was OK in your mind that it was thrown by someone that lived elsewhere? or Are you saying that if the snowball had been thrown by someone that you perceived in your mind to be a 'yob' you would have called the Police but if it had been anyone else you would have let it go?
  8. MJD Medals

    Police Medal Review Announced

    Out of interest has anyone ever been able to come up with the official reason that the Police LS was set at a 22 year award - I have heard several theories on it but most of those are based it seems on guesswork. MJD Medals2009-01-26 19:33:36