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  1. MancMike

    Peeing Panesar -

    Cricketers these days are acting more and more like the sort of louts you would expect from football players. Cricket is now a business like most other sports and we all know how well paid business people can act.
  2. MancMike


    I'll not hide my disdain for those who act in a condescending and downright rude manner to their colleagues. Whilst some on that site were not civil to you, in my opinion you did not cover yourself in glory and act like the better man either. As I've already stated, you can PM me for that information. I will be more than happy to reply to a private message.
  3. MancMike


    I wasn't going to read all of your posts on the site so I'll have to believe you when you say that. I do wonder whether you actually had any intention of teaching at all though. I'm certainly not a Special, I wouldn't police for free!
  4. MancMike


    I didn't say you weren't qualified to teach specials or anything like that. I sense a bit of a theme here, you constantly see personal attacks that aren't there but maybe I'm too old to understand the internet! Your method of "teaching" them appeared to me to amount to little more than trying to batter them into submission with your credentials rather than explaining things properly. I do despair reading some of the topics on that board but alienating the people you are trying to teach by acting in a condescending manner does not help your cause and no wonder they won't listen to you. I don't know if you have ever tutored a probationer but it isn't a very good way to teach people anything. Fundamentally, what you are trying to do is a good thing but they way in which you went about it, in my opinion, was all wrong. Specials have woeful levels of training, fairly lax entry requirements and poor levels of retention. Anything that can improve the quality of Specials is good but there are better ways of helping them. My own personal opinion is that the Special Constabulary should be done away with altogether (hopefully PCSOs will go as well) but they are here to stay and they should be supported and developed in the best way possible. Drop me a PM if you wish to discuss anything personal.
  5. MancMike


    Having had a flick through a couple of topics on that website it appears that a couple of those who were most vociferous in their criticism of you were actually regulars. You certainly do seem to have a rather high opinion of yourself but without knowing you as a police officer I have no idea how valid that is.
  6. MancMike


    Except we're stuck with them unless they cock up massively, at least it is easier for us to get rid of dead weight specials than it is regulars.
  7. MancMike


    Plenty of regulars like that as well unfortunately.
  8. MancMike

    Bongo Bongo Land

    I think he knew exactly what he was doing when choosing his words. Clearly chosen for maximum publicity and effect.
  9. MancMike

    Fracking (or not)

    Yes I'm quite sure, my boss would hang me from the yard arm if I didn't know the difference! Methane is the name of an alkane, formula CH4. Methane is just carbon and hydrogen atoms, nothing else. Methane cannot possibly contain sulphur or oxygen otherwise it would not be an alkane. Natural gas is a mixture of methane and various other things as you mention so methane mixed with carbon dioxide and sulphides would be natural gas.
  10. MancMike

    Fracking (or not)

    Not that it really matters but you may wish to check the difference again. Methane does not contain small amounts of anything other than methane. Methane is just methane. I think you are getting confused between methane and natural gas as natural gas contains the impurities you mention.
  11. MancMike


    His position was untenable, the public had already decided he was guilty as he was associated with politics. Sort of sad really.
  12. MancMike


    As far as I am aware Specials in Scotland don't pay subs and are still members of the SPF.
  13. MancMike


    Certainly when I think of my marriage, raising children is quite far down the list of priorities (for reasons I won't go into here). The idea that marriage is mainly about procreation is one that I struggle to accept when myself and so many other married people can't have (or don't want) children. Whilst ultimately many marriages lead to a family being started, I suspect that few people marry solely with the intention of raising children. If a church/religious instituition is prepared to marry homosexual couples they should be allowed to as far as I am concerned. Faith is an important part of the lives of many people of any sexual orientation. I do however think it is important to prevent churches which do not wish to marry homosexual couples from being penalised. It allows those who are against it to attend a place of worship inkeeping with their beliefs.
  14. MancMike

    EU Referendum

    Not buying into that nonsense. We had to lay on special charter flights just to deport Polish criminals from this country not long ago. Granted some were extradited rather than deported but there have been a couple of high profile cases recently in Scotland where EU nationals will be deported (or have been deported) at the end of their sentences.
  15. MancMike


    Would you prevent sterile persons from marrying on the basis that they cannot procreate? It has been many years since I studied the bible in any great depth but I recall little about marriage in the bible, especially anything suggesting it was was designed to support procreation. Marriage in biblical times was a business deal first and foremost.