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cop in canada

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  1. cop in canada

    Move to Canada

    hi all, i sent a posting recently about transfering to Calgary police and got a huge response. If anyone is considering making the move across the pond to Calgary, then please contact me (ex met). We have just started an immigration assistance business, (website up and running in a couple of weeks) helping with all the red tape and running around you have to do when you finally land as well as the initial application process etc. There is NO COST at any time, before during or after, to police for using us******* If you are thinking of moving to Calgary or even about to move, please E mail me. jackiegroome@shaw.ca I appreciate the support and know you will too. jackie.
  2. cop in canada

    immigration help to Canada

    Hi all, I posted on this site a few weeks ago and got such a response I have decided to start off my own small business, with a friend, helping UK officers to relocate to alberta, Canada. **There is no cost at any time to any officer I help.** I have excellent contacts with Calgary police and they are offering a great package for UK officers right now! Im ex met and have lived in Calgary for 4 years. E mail me direct at jackiegroome@shaw.ca or send me a PM if you prefer.
  3. cop in canada

    transfer to canada

    Hi all, Im new to the site so may have messed up my postings! (i cant find it) apologies if its repeated. sorry moderator! hope this is in the right place now! if anyone is interested in transferring to calgary in canada, i have some excellent contacts and can walk you through the whole thing. you wont lose your pension, you will be paid in recognition of your uk level of service and you dont need to worry about "points". This is a window of opportunity that will soon close. timeline for move is 6-9mths from now. contact me for more info. (also, no cost!) the government may even pay your resettlement costs. Im an ex met officer who served almost 20 years. I wish we had done this sooner than a couple of years ago. Fantastic life here!!
  4. cop in canada

    Move to Canada

    Hi, im new to the site and dont think I posted my last message properly, apologies if its repeated! Im an ex met officer now living in calgary. If anyone is thinking of a transfer I can help. I have some excellent contacts with calgary police and you wont lose your pension. Your uk service will be recognised and paid accordingly. You will be a permanent resident with no need to worry about "points" to get in !!the government may even pay relocation costs for you. I know it sounds too good to be true but its straight up guys. Its fab here and we dont regret leaving the "old smoke" one bit. I served almost 20 years and wisdh I had done it sooner. Great standard of living and the kids can actually go off and play safely! time frame is about 6-9mths from now for a move but it wont last forever! Send me an IM.cop in canada2007-09-25 23:55:34
  5. cop in canada

    Move to Canada

    im ex met living in alberta with very good contacts here. e mail or im me and i can give you further info. (no need to worry about "points" calgary police are recruiting british cops right now. )
  6. cop in canada

    Move to Canada

    contact me! Im ex met and would happily help. I have an excellent contact here and can get you sponsered so points dont matter. e mail me for more info. (no cost no catch! lol)
  7. cop in canada

    Move to Canada

    yes i can. e mail me. I am ex met living in calgary alberta.
  8. cop in canada

    transfer to canada !!!

    Have you ever thought you would like a change but are tied to your pension? I can help you do what I did 2 years ago. (leave the met after 20 years service and move to alberta canada) Police here are activley targeting for recruitment, british police. You wont lose your pension rights and you will be paid according to service in uk ! You will be permanent residents of canada and dont need to worry about getting enough "points" to emigrate. The alberta government may even pay your relocation costs. There IS NO COST TO YOU AT ANY TIME. Just a great window of oppotunity that will soon close. Time frame is 6-9 months from now to moving. We have had no regrets at all. Great lifestyle, clean air and safe kids. Just send me an E mail for more info. Its straight up guys, nothing to lose by asking. This is NOT an add! Im simply an ex cop trying to help anyone interested. please pass the word!cop in canada2007-09-25 17:34:07