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  1. commister

    Disclosure Schedules

    As horrid as disclosure is, unless something is destroyed (allegedly) before being recorded somewhere, it does remove the potential bias of only revealing the evidence which supports a prosecution remembering that the police role is to present all the evidence whether it is good, bad or indifferent to the case. It also can help tie up loose ends, so when you see an entry that says 'Need to get CCTV from ..' you can make sure that the task has been done and the content of that cctv. It used to be that a 'bod' would go and look atth ecctv and if at that moment they didn't think it was relevant may just comment 'No cctv available' even if they didn't know all the circs of the case. As said above, perhaps the reason CPS or the defence don't do disclosure is they dont have all the stuff from which they can make the lists. I doubt there are many police officers, that if they were in the unfortunate position of being a defendant, wouldn't want to scour through the disclosure to see what has been done, omitted or ignored!
  2. commister

    One million in compensation

    quite true, but forgetful of those in and linked to his legal team, those in and liked to the police legal team and a host of others likely to have an awareness of them looking to serve papers. The chances are there wold be fewer in N'land police who would be aaware of the likely claim than outside ... the comment is rather harsh on N'land police.
  3. commister

    Reg A19

    In the costsing of the OP what has been ignored are the underlying costs that keep you in your office/role/post - the uniform, vehicles, office, phones etc etc etc and not just the hourly rate. And how many times do we whinge that there are so many people in offices - now they are being emptied out, there is still objections! Surely come the 30 year service date, as much as we make ike the job, is it really so lacking in sense to move forward. Whilst I don't agree with A19, the movement of officers at 30 does have its merits in keeping opportunities moving for those with service to go
  4. commister

    Early retirement

    The assumption being that the calcs used to take early retirement remain the same as the current system. So apart from identifying who wants to leave rather than stay, there is not a lot of incentive to go early - example those who did / last ones still doing 30+. They wanted to leave but also wanted / needed the full salary. That can still apply to lots of officers.
  5. commister

    Early retirement

  6. commister

    Segway is a motor vehicle

    The decision was made by a district judge so it could yet be overturned by the higher courts. Seems such a waste for the owner, what with being unemployed and having been to the US to see such things, come home and spend near to £5K onone, only to be told he can't ride it on the road/path. Would its legal history raise its value on the auction sites?
  7. commister

    Undertaking moving traffic

    Just slightly off topic, the pedant in me emerged - remembering there are occasions when emer vehicles may also have cause to do nearside passes - without it being an offence as the HC is only a guide to good driving and does not always lead to an absolute offence. This type of scenario being good examples. The OP would suggest that to remain behind and not pass the 'offending' vehicle may well be unreasonable blah, blah, blah. As the OP seemed to be looking for a definative answer, WOULD is far more persuasive than MAY commister2011-01-20 09:06:29
  8. commister

    Ch Supt in Court

    Wasn't there earlier discussion that one suggested reason for the disposal of the vehicle was due to discrepancies in business miles etc being claimed when some of that may have been for personal reasons
  9. commister

    Undertaking moving traffic

    The Op seems to put the slow mo in lane 3 of 3 and not wishing to move over. It would come down to the circs (as usual), firstly you would want tobe comfortable as to the reason the vehicle is there and its not going to suddenly sweve to L1 or 2 as you try to go past. Make it obvious as to your intentions, if with some small reminder (headlights as horn has limited value at such speeds and seperation of vehicles) they don't move over, then back of a little and make an exaggerated nearside pass in L1, and not L2 so you scrub wing mirrors. In such cases you want to look whiter than white. For all we know, the vehicle has a mechanical defect and the driver has chosen to stay towards L3 rather than cut across the other lanes whilst the OP is suddenly and quickly bearing down on their rear view mirror. Changing the circs in terms of other vehicles, weather, distances etc ould obviously change the result, but what would really get you into problems would be a nearside pass and then to get struck by the other vehicle.
  10. commister

    Retired Ranks

    Are they not usually ranks that have been as a result of a commission or placed on them by the monarch? Allegedly when someone introduced themselves as a Lt Colonel or such like, an old crusty asked if that was similar to a far lower named rank in the air force. Went down well. The moral is such rank only has a value to those who see value in it For the lower ranks you can understand the silliness of continuing after retirement, but for others it does have some merits. After all, if one received, say a QPM during police service, because you have retired, would you want that to be taken away from the person?commister2011-01-12 09:17:54
  11. commister

    Sudden Oak Death

    And its isn't just oaks, but most species are at risk. Disposal by fire is ok, but disposal by wood burner seems even better. And yet wood prices are still rising!!!