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Wyatt Earp

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  1. Wyatt Earp

    The UK's gone MAD!!!

    Does anyone know what these ECU officers powers actually are?
  2. Wyatt Earp

    Taser sets man's trousers on fire

    I must be gettin old and cynical cos all I am thinking is- If the muppet had cooperated and had done as he was told he would not have been tased! His decision, his fault, tough sh*t, deal with it!!!!
  3. Wyatt Earp

    This could cause a riot

    Its this kind of crap that made me leave the UK!
  4. Wyatt Earp

    "cruel and unusual"

    Its about time Britain left the EU!!!!
  5. Wyatt Earp

    Met Police To be "Micro Chipped "

    We have GPS and MDTs in our cruisers. Its great, I can see where everyone else is and if I call for help they know where I am. My only hope is that they fully research which ever system they buy to make sure it works before they spend millions!!!!!
  6. Wyatt Earp

    Police Attacks : Officer Down

    Many years ago I chaseda burglar on foot. When I caught up with him he punched me in the head sveral times, tried to gouge out my right eye, strangled me into unconciousness and left me in a stream. Luckily I survived(obviously or I would not be writting this!) He had CRO and bar. He was found guilty in crown court after a not guilty plea. The good old CPS dropped it from an attempt murder to common assault and he got 3 months inside. Rule Bloody Britania!!!!!!! I carried on in the job for another 10 years and am now in the job in Canada where I have a large calibre pistol on patrol. Strangely enough assaults on police are pretty low here compared to in the UK. Stay safe brothers and sisters.
  7. Wyatt Earp

    Basil Brush

    I would like to see re-runs of The Sweeney, Love Thy Neighbour, bless this house and a few others that seemed funny at the time!
  8. Wyatt Earp

    Survival rates beyond retirement????

    I like to think that we are getting healthier as time goes on, training, eating better etc. I hopethis results in me making it into my eighties! Maybe I am kidding myself. Old is always 15 years older than you are!!!!
  9. Wyatt Earp

    New Flag

    Dreddy, I doubt your Grandchildren are taking the piss out of the system, claiming free money and committing crime . Shame on the low life Chav scum who have little respect for anything or anyone!!!
  10. Wyatt Earp

    New Flag

    In Canada we have the Police services flag, the Canadian national flag and the Provincial flag, all flying outside the Police Stn. They sing the National Anthem every morning at school too! What is happening to the UK? It all seems to be going down the toilet!!!!!
  11. Wyatt Earp

    New Flag

    Sorry if I offend anyone but I really think this is another example of the UK powers that be, disapearing up their own ar%%s trying to please another group of people. Its all gone too far! I Know this sound a bit daft but how about fling the Union Flag outside Police Stns, maybe even outside schools! Even more dumb of me I know but how about singing God Save The Queen in schools at the begining of the day? No way it could happen cos some muppett might be offended! Its all this Cr%p that made me finally decide to leave the UK!! Ok, rant over!!!!! Stay safe.
  12. Wyatt Earp

    Dodge Charger - Yea or Nay?

    We run Crown Vics but had a few V6 Chargers o test- Seemed OK if a little under powered after a V8. My only real prob was with the shift changer- an after market column changer so we could fit an MDT and it was like stirring coal with a wooden spoon! However I drove a 1.4 diesel fiesta in the UK so all the cars here seem pretty cool!!!!!
  13. Wyatt Earp

    transfer to canada

    I did 17 years in the UK and have done two in Canada. I am in Ottawa so my experiences are limited to there but I get the impression that most cities are close enough in attitudes etc, although crime rates vary a lot. Policing here is great. Very little paperwork, excellent equipment and massive public support. I have never looked back. My standard of living is amazing compared to what I had in the UK. My house there would be between 500K and a million sterling and I paid about 165k 2 years ago! I have a massive V8 4x4 and a V8 muscle car for summer fun. If you like a good lifestyle, open roads, not much traffic, being able to park! and lots of open space you should enjoy it here. Its very cold in the winter and missing family and friends is an issue but for me thats a small price to pay. I would suggest a visit for some research. Calgary are making it easy at the moment but a lot of forces in Ontario will take you too. Ottawa ,OPP, Toronto. Peel to name a few. Good luck!
  14. Wyatt Earp

    Retired Police and ID Cards

    It would certainly be a good thing if you are in/visit North America. Its a real brotherhood here. Officers will be very helpful to a fellow officer, retd or not.
  15. Wyatt Earp

    March on Westminster - will you be going

    Sorry, Canada is a bit far but I will be with you in spirit. Good luck!