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  1. Tradinstan

    Shots Fired

    Well bitten chaps - and you call yourselves trained investigators! Where did I say I was in the Army? You have made it up yourselves. I did operate a trusty and rusty ex-MOD typewriter when I was in the QuarterMaster's Stores in my old school cadet force. Just goes to show that you should read the evidence before jumping in with your size twelves. Anyway, I am leaving this topic, as only the lonely are replying to anything on this forum, and you are just a load of boring old farts (a few are OK but, what the hell, you don't make up for the rest of them) Mods, or whoever, please remove me from the list of posters - ta-ta all.
  2. Tradinstan

    Shots Fired

    Well put M. Perhaps we wil also find out when a shoot to kill policy instead of a shoot to contain policy was brought in. Exmet - you really do know nothing about me, nor where I talk from. But I do know one end of an MOD typewriter from the other! Ah, the good old days.
  3. Tradinstan

    Shots Fired

    Have I never? You don't know me, nor my history. Let me remind you I hail from Pirbright - second home of the British Army. Nuff said.
  4. Tradinstan

    New Blue

  5. Tradinstan

    Indecent Exposure

    Like I said. Brutus, you are a prude who cannot resist parading your prudery in public, which, if you were on a psychiatrist's couch, would be a basis for a good scientific tome. They like it, you don't - end of. If you didn't want comments from the tribe, then you shouldn't have posted in the first place. Have you asked the police why they decided to take the (in)action they did? No. You are just moaning about the fact that their view does not agree with yours. Be a prude if you want, but the opposite of prude is not pervert.
  6. Tradinstan

    Shots Fired

    Right, you asked for it! There have been any number of stand offs by armed police, where an alleged armed and dangerous person has holed up somewhere. This has included both with and without hostages. The weapons used were usually lethal at long distances (rifles, etc) and so many persons may have been at risk. When a stand off ensues, it is reasonable to wait and see what the person does. If the Police have to take cover from a hail of bullets (or even the odd one), then it is reasonable to expect they could be hit. Fair to return fire if they cannot get out of range, or clear the public from the area. In this case it was a shotgun which, as Pen suggests, has a range of 275 yrds. Any person outside that 275 yards perimeter would be safe. Which officers permitted members of the public to go into the firing zone? Answer - none, they kept them out - hence, no danger to the public. Did any officer attempt to storm the building and get shot? Answer - no. Was there any reason a negotiator could not be used? Answer - don't know as not seen it mentioned anywhere. Was there any reason a seige could not be carried out, starving him out, etc? Answer - thats for the enquiry/coroner to find out. Apart from the, oft repeated, claim of danger to the public - for which the officers need a course in elf'n'safety, if they could not work out there was no longer such danger, I can see no reason to shoot to kill. Or, maybe, armed officers have a quota to acheive or they will lose their entitlement to carry arms? Shame the same officers cannot be routed into community policing, and shoot some of these knife wielding scum that populate the streets on a daily basis.Tradinstan2008-06-09 12:46:47
  7. Tradinstan

    Hapless Harriet

    With any luck they will be joined by a load of caravans!
  8. Tradinstan


    Sod's law that it's the last day of a week off! Back to the grind tomorrow - tramping the streets with my (not so) little box of weights.
  9. Tradinstan

    Indecent Exposure

    Brutus - you love it really, digging out the porn where ever you can. You really are the old biddy on the wardrobe with the binoculars. You sound like a trussed up Victorian, with a repressed sexuality, finding indecency where ever you look, whether it is there or not.I can see you switching the telly off as soon as any nature programme comes on, in case there is a shot of natives in a state of undress.
  10. Tradinstan

    Shots Fired

    "He shot at" - but he did not hit. He used a shotgun with limited range, but a guaranteed hit if within range, but no-one got hit. If the copper in the room opposite was "in danger", he would have been hit, but he was not - and he was the only one. Once the "marksmen" were in position, they could have sieged him out, but decided to shoot instead. What was their justification? After all, he wasn't an illegal immigrant nor a paid up member of the chair leg carrying fraternity.
  11. Tradinstan

    Had a laugh the other night.

    I regularly drive with my right hand near my ear and elbow on the door - force of habit with an auto box. Get some hard stares sometimes (from trafficpol) so just scratch my ear/pick my nose/wave to show empty hand, then go back to sleep...err, continue driving.
  12. Tradinstan

    New Blue

    What channel is this program on? I can't find it.
  13. Tradinstan

    Phone spies....

    It was so much easier in the old days, when we could look at what we wanted, and never mind the passers by. Half the stuff we used to do, we can't now without filling in forms and getting permission - wastes so much time for no good reason. Unfortunately, councils are running scared of being sued for doing things wrong, so follow every procedure they can find, whether they need to or not. I sometimes feel like putting in a report, with no reference to PACE at all, and seeing how far it goes - it is the POLICE and Criminal Evidence Act, after all.
  14. Tradinstan

    Waste of Money

    Had to read that a few times before I realised that the headline was rubbish - he was not driven 120 miles, but the van was. Why didn't they just call a cab?
  15. Tradinstan