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  1. BlackRat601

    Beneath contempt

    Biggin Hill airport, which is privately owned, have now said that they will fund the chapel. Just a shame that so much of our heritage is now privately funded and no longer "belongs" to the country
  2. BlackRat601

    Sad News

    RIP. Condolences to family and friends
  3. BlackRat601

    2 x Lancasters

    It's an awesome sight. They've just flown over me and landed at Biggin Hill
  4. Zulu is absolutely right, if you have been trained for PSU then it is a lawful order for you to do PSU duties. The only "ticket" you can hand in is firearms.
  5. BlackRat601

    Bad News

    For those of you that are interested you can obtain the majority, if not all, of the facts here http://azellerodneyinquiry.independent.gov.uk It includes all the transcripts of the enquiry, although is rather lengthy
  6. BlackRat601

    Strange Story

    More than likely looking at it that she either had no insurance or was a provisional licence holder and that's why the vehicle has been seized. Can't really see it being towed for any other reason
  7. BlackRat601

    5 Word Story (2)

    Start adding to it again
  8. BlackRat601

    Met Borough Selection

    Hi, I'll try and answer your questions as best I can. You are not expected to live on your borough and a large number of Met officers don't even live within the Met area. It's hard to say how often you will be moved from your borough to another but in the main this only happens should you choose to move yourself by specialising or applying to move to another borough. Most specialist units have their own base and as such are not linked to a borough as such even though that base may be located in a specific borough, however all boroughs have their own CID. Hopefully this answers your queries but if there's anything else let me know and I'll try and answer them for you
  9. BlackRat601

    Rik Mayall dead.

    RIP has some great times watching him on TV
  10. BlackRat601

    Police Officer Death.

  11. I'm very critical of the way the job is at the moment and the way management treat staff, especially considering the way I've been treated lately by management. Despite this I still enjoy the job I do and am still enthusiastic. What I am not happy about, and am critical over, is that more and more we are constantly demoralised by management practices and government negative media. This doesn't stop me enjoying the job but it does make me voice my concerns more
  12. BlackRat601

    3 RCMP Officers Killed

    RIP Let's hope they apprehend the culprit before he causes any more injury
  13. Morale in the Met is terrible and getting worse. Management culture at the moment is oppressive and bullying and shows no sign of changing. I would seriously consider coming back unless you absolutely have no other choice
  14. BlackRat601


    It's blatantly clear that the Fed cannot do anything to represent us at national level. They have no negotiating rights and are now no more than a group of lobbyists. Why do we need them at a national level? The fed reps at street level are worth their weight in gold but apart from those local reps is anyone able to explain what use the fed is to us now because I can't see any