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  1. ex-job-ex-pat

    Friar Tuck-in

  2. ex-job-ex-pat

    Justice Eady.

    It spoils all the fun of T'Internet.
  3. ex-job-ex-pat

    What am I allowed to do?

    I believe that any person has the power to arrest any person found committing a breach of the peace.
  4. ex-job-ex-pat

    A lot to go at on this one.

    Hello arliss, Not met before, haven't been around for a while here. I just thought what a strange response to Shootist's post, to quote a moderator and then: Fancy yourself as a moderator? ... or perhaps you already are one? I think I understand the current Police thinking on Police follows, pursuits or chases, but I would congratulate the officers on not letting the criminals get away with it. I hope the jury think the same way, when it goes to trial.
  5. ex-job-ex-pat

    At last something sticks

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1185648/Police-chief-Ali-Dizaei-charged-perverting-course-justice-restaurant-arrest.html Alfred John, chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision to charge Dizaei was 'outrageous' and the result of 'personal vendettas'. He said: 'The National Black Police Association and the Metropolitan Black Police Association fully support Commander Dizaei during the course of this prosecution. 'We will call to account those who use the public purse and the law to settle their personal vendettas.'There's your answer BJock
  6. ex-job-ex-pat

    Dont Go

    I really like Shootist. I was at his fan club meeting last week in a telephone kiosk, somewhere in the Midlands.
  7. ex-job-ex-pat

    Would you.......

    I know someone who joined a forum anonymously, (it wasn't me) and was asked for their personal details. That person then gave false, although believable details, and had their account deleted. Frankly, forums can do what they like, and so they should be able to. The ability to lock someone's account is wonderful, I can tell you! Methinks this topic is going to be fun.
  8. ex-job-ex-pat

    Would you.......

    stemac - did you tell 'em your name is deb?
  9. Scientists reckon a 0.1% chance this occurred naturally. The alternative being ... a laboratory accident? It has never infected a pig. http://www.brownfieldnetwork.com/gestalt/go.cfm?objectid=F399D964-5056-B82A-D050C33113E5FCA2 A man who shook hands with Obama in Mexico died of the flu natural causes soon after. http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7014951048 Conspiracy theory anyone?
  10. ex-job-ex-pat


    Thanks for sharing, Brutus.
  11. ex-job-ex-pat

    Demjanjuk to justice after 66 years?

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7998925.stm US federal appeals court granted an 11th hour stay of deportation after Mr Demjanjuk's family argued that he was too ill to be transported.
  12. ex-job-ex-pat

    Was Dr Crippen innocent?

    I am gutted to hear about this, Stan.
  13. US immigration agents have seized an 89-year-old man at his Ohio home ahead of deportation to Germany to face trial for alleged Nazi war crimes. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7998925.stm Is it too late to prosecute him? Should he be left alone because he is old and in poor health?
  14. ex-job-ex-pat

    Urine Spray Man Jailed

    Sounds like a (botched) terrorist attempt to kill people by pathogenic bacteria.
  15. ex-job-ex-pat

    Romance isn't dead - in Italy!

    Such an uplifting and encouraging first post by Brutus. Interesting. Then came G*N*D . . . Romance is probably much more alive in Italy than in Maldon, for instance.