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  1. Came across this report from a certain inspectors' blog. Just highlights the dangers that we face day in day out, even when making routine enquiries, we just don't know what's going to face us round the next corner. Suspect has been arrested and is being dealt with by TVP Major Crime Unit. Best wishes to both officers concerned. Hoping the injured officer makes a speedy recovery.
  2. M.O.E

    Proud Moments

    Well done Sister Purity
  3. M.O.E

    Usefull Books

    Take a look at Blackstones, Preparing for police duty. I got the 2003 one when I joined up but looks like they've updated it since then!
  4. M.O.E

    I could really do with some help!

    Bit late but... PM sent
  5. M.O.E

    Brentwood CS incident

    Just hope the last 6 months haven't caused too much stress on the officers involved and they are allowed to get on with their jobs now. Lets hope Ps Smellie gets a similar result in his current court case.
  6. I know this was a topic on here when the incident was made public, but I can't seem to find it. The CPS have announced the outcome of the incident in Brentwood High Street where CS was used against the male in cuffs. BBC report here
  7. Have a read of this topic, try not to worry and remember - you don't have to duck as far as others if the brown sticky stuff hits the fan
  8. M.O.E

    5 word story

    he really was by doing
  9. M.O.E

    5 word story

    of how he could show
  10. M.O.E

    5 word story

    who had mastered the art
  11. M.O.E

    Speedy Muppets 2

  12. A 52 year old man has been arrested as part of the Minstead investigation. This person has been targeting elderly people in South East London and the surrounding areas since 1990. Well done to all the officers involved in the investigation so far, and to the officers who caught him, I hope there was a bottle with your names on it!! BBC report here
  13. M.O.E

    5 word story

    that it caused Mavs' reinforced