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  1. cidtothecore

    MP Arrested

    He could still get off with it if some other politician raises the 'pleb gate' fiasco and tries to make out he was only drinking Vimto and trying to brush lint off the policeman's arm. Politicians! At least this one didn't have an orange in his mouth dressed in a baby's nappy at a massage parlour...
  2. cidtothecore

    Racist ?

    It's not racist to have a sensible opposition to something. It isn't right that so many people are flooding our country, taking our jobs, houses and benefits because British people are actually being made redundant, losing their houses and being refused social helo left right and centre. If we went to any other country and asked for all this then we'd be laughed out, ignored or shot! And do you know what, quite right too. We shouldn't be able to go to another country and sponge off them at all and should only be allowed to stay and settle if we fund our own houses and health care and have savings. It isn't racist because basically it's not about colour, creed or anything other than realising what is taking the Michael and what isn't... and this influx is just going too far and is leading to all sorts of problems. By the time our children are grown, there will be nothing left for them in their times of need at all. It's no point leaving the UK either because it must be crap elsewhere because why else would they leave.
  3. cidtothecore

    The moans and gripes thread

    I really can moan! My house is little and old and costs me a fortune because I was stupid with money and ended up with a high interest mortgage and a secured loan, not realising what a secured loan meant so now I pay almost 1100 quid per month to live in a ramshackle house with radiators that are the size of a small book, all located under my drafty rotten windows, most of the radiators don't work NO NOT EVEN when I bleed them! I bought the place not knowing or realising it had a condemned back boiler that throws out the heat of a match. All that and I work about 100 hours a week overtime and I still can't afford to move cos of all the damn bills. All that and I work at a place that is falling apart too because of a big boss with megalomaniac tendencies. The job is slagged off by everyone and the Government only value us when there's a riot too close to their doors and the rest of the time they penalise us just for the hell of it. I live in a country that once was great and now is the asshole of the world because we send all our money to the rest of the world while children and the elderly starve in Manchester. We give houses and jobs to everyone else from everywhere else because we're so PC it's crazy. We bend over to everyone else and it's time we stood up straight. I am getting so old my boyfriend thought it was acceptable to tell me I'd do for now but not long term. Ha ha! What do you say to that!? I feel so fat that I wear my coat all the time at work like the little boy from East is East. Despite all that I'm actually quite upbeat and happy and thenk the lord I'm not ginger
  4. I work in GMP and PMIt is killing us! E|veryone is so fed up because of a new thing called PMIT, don't know what it stands for but it represents the death of the CID, poor quality service to the public and creating feelings of mass suicide amongst all ranks and departments. 'Sir' Peter's baby PMIT is poorly thought out and poorly executed. Basically they've merged the Neighbourhood officers with PCSO's and detectives, after splitting them between two or three stations and shoving them all into one big room, where detectives have to discuss rapes, robberies, gang crimes and sensitive intelligence next to PCSO's discussing brew stops. PC's have basically been told they're not good enough and need to be brought up to standard and that the detectives will do that, tutoring them for no extra pay alongside them having to investigate serious crimes, submit huge lengthy prosecution files and Coroners files all because some idiot decided to get rid of training schools and long service tutors. Those same detectives who have no desk to sit at, no computer and no phone in most cases, and have to hot desk with people who need to update crimes or check their ebay bid. Why don't they get that each police officer or PCSO has a different role to play and have different needs to carry out their job effectively. Why don't they get that investing in initial and ongoing training is a really good idea, how about a training school taught by people with service and experience. How about tutors with experience. How about Sergeants and Inspectors with experience, rather than those with 3 years who've never put a file in because they now have units to interview prisoners mechanically and robotically. How about letting those recruits go for attachments in units such as traffic, CID, Soco to see if anything interests them further then they will strive to shine in those areas and try to join after a few years on the streets. Sound familiar? How about teaching those new recruits how to interview suspects and submit files by giving them tutors who've done it themselves. Not rocket science. In industry this policy PMIt would be the equivalent of putting office admin staff and call takers into a warehouse with the packers where no one can achieve anything productive because even though they all work for the same company, they have different needs to carry out their role, such as chairs, desks, phones and computers to take orders and deal with customers, or shelves to stack things on and machinery to move things round. Anyone who came up with the idea of integrating them would be sacked! It's all a load of crap and even the Manchester Evening News have carried it in their paper today 15.03.2013 because it's such a joke.