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  1. Shrink

    Dont Go

    Not posted on here for a fair bit myself, however, i do pop in every now and then and catch up with whats being debated by you folks. Work demands and an addiction to Wow (I hear Dreddy has also been bitten by the bug) has meant I have not had time to contribute of late. However, I too would like to encourage Shootist not to leave this forum, I am always sure in the knowledge, that whatever my personal views on a topic, I can be assured of a good read when ever he decides to post. A fine wordsmith, his passion and willingness to play devils advocate will be sorely missed if he leaves this forum. Dont go Shootist .
  2. Shrink


    I can vividly remember an incident which i will never forget from my high school years. A maths teacher, who had a reputation for being a right sadistic bast***, took it upon himself to have a bit of fun with the less academically gifted of our class. He got him to stand on one of the classroom stools, for some reason we were being taught in a lab, and shout out the 11 times tables, backwards. The poor lad managed two or three numbers and burst into tears, we were only 11 at the time. The teacher began to scream and shout at him, called him a baby, a big girl etc. He then threw a board rubber at him in disgust, the wooden board rubber caught right in the face, the lad said that he was going to tell his dad. With this the teacher really lost his rag, he dragged him to the front of the classroom and proceeded to hit across the head and face with a large maths text book, he continued until the lad was crying on the floor with blood coming from his ears and nose. Throughout all of this we other children, thats what we were after all...children, sat in terrified silence as we witnessed this violent assault. As he was being beaten, this young lad was saying "sorry sir, I wont tell him honest, please stop hitting me, I’m sorry sir ..." There has to be respect for teachers and lecturers, I know this I am one, but where there are no restrictions we can and will get the above scenario. This wasn’t discipline, this was an assault, however, we were all to scared to do or say anything and the following year he retired from teaching…good riddance to the sadistic git! Sorry i have no idea why it is underlined, I wrote it in Word and copied it accross and this is what happens. I have no time to play around I'm afraid I have to go to a funeral.Shrink2008-12-05 12:11:18
  3. Shrink

    New system hangs and crashes

    Just to let you know Pen, i recieved my new mobo yesterday, built new system and presto all fine and dandy. I kept the default setting rather than faff about in the BIOS, i have no desire to overclock, just a stable system :). Thanks for the advice.
  4. I agree to a point M&MBM, the issue i was getting at was my gear was what set me apart from all the other parents. That was the deciding factor that got me labled as the pervert. I could have argued that the guy with the small compact Canon was behaving in a rather covert manner and his camera is unobtrusive, able to achieve a zoom of x15 and he too is taking pictures. It is also the case that i am aware of people concerns, i was not sat away from my son snapping away at random, as i said i was following him around and calling to him to smile and to play up to the camera. Yet i was selected and the others left to continue, that is what got to me.
  5. Morek for a moment there i thought that you were genuine in your response...but then the sarcasm became evident. If you had read my post with something other the the preconcieved idea that i am just another whinging MOP with an inferiority complex, you would have seen the true point i was rying to get accross. I was selected for this questioning not because i was taking photographs...plenty of others were doing that. But rather because of the equipment i was using, as if through some kind of bizarre reasoning it made me more likely to be a pervert. Should i have simply tugged the forelock, apologised to all present and scuttled off with my tail between my legs? Put yourself in that position, imagine it was you who were taking photos of your children / grandchildren and tell me you would not feel somewhat aggrieved.Shrink2008-10-27 12:06:59
  6. Oh i did indeed take his picture, , i told him that i was not happy and that i would take it up with the local council. I also asked if he could indicate who had made the complaint, he of course refused.
  7. Well it finally happened to me<?:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />, i was at a local public park with my wife and son, i was busily taking shots with me new Camera and big zoom lens, i was getting some great candid shots of the little un to. I took a break from the tiring task of tracking a 4yr old with nearly 8lb of camera equipment and was having a cup of coffee with the missus. When suddenly out of the blue a park official, in uniform, approached me and said that there had been numerous complaints about me, and could i please tell him why i was taking pictures of children I was gobsmacked...i had read about it happening, but still...I told him that i was NOT taking pictures of children, but of my son, and that i was doing nothing wrong or illegal. I also pointed out that there were a loads of other parents all taking pictures of their children with various little compact cameras and/or phones, and would he also be approaching them? He then replied that he had not any complaints about them, only about me. I told him that if i was a pedophile do you really believe i would have a conspicuous bit of kit as this, he looked slightly sheepish and agreed with me. However, in the next breath he said that i could stay, but to be careful. WTF does he mean be careful, i was doing nothing wrong, it was a public space, there were no signs prohibiting photography and a great many others were doing the same thing. It would seem at present that pro gear and big lens = pedophile. I continued to take photos out of principal for some 20mins and then left my entire afternoon sullied and me furious at the small minded individuals who had accused me of be a pervert. I have written a letter of complaint to the local council, i cant believe that the size of your equipment (snigger) is the deciding factor as to whether you will be seen as a pervert.
  8. Shrink

    New system hangs and crashes

    ahhh great minds obviously think alike, i too finally came to that conclusion. I contacted my supplier, and changed the RMA from the RAM to the mobo. I now await the return of a new mobo to test this hypothesis. I hope we are proved correct...my wife has said she will leave me if i become as frustrated and horrible to live with as i did last weekend.
  9. Shrink

    New system hangs and crashes

    After several hours of testing this was the result of my above recomended testing: Here is an update so far. Firstly I will show you what configuration settings we did. Ai Overclocking = Manual - YES CPU Ratio = Manual - Couldn't put to manual - but put in number directly Ratio CMOS Setting = 9 - YES FSB Frequency = 266 - YES PCI-E Frequency = 100 - YES DRAM Frequency = DDR2-800 - YES DRAM Timing Control = Manual - YES CAS = 4 - YES RAS# to CAS# = 4 - YES RAS to Precharge = 4 - YES RAS Active Time = 12 - YES TWR= Auto - Not present in BIOS TRFC = 55 - Not present in BIOS TWTR = Auto - Not present in BIOS TRRD = Auto - Not present in BIOS TRTP = Auto - Not present in BIOS DRAM Static Read Control = Auto - YES DRAM Dynamic Write Control = Auto - YES Transaction Booster = Disabled - YES CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled - YES PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled - YES CPU Voltage = Auto - YES CPU Voltage Reference = Auto - YES CPU Voltage Damper = Disabled - Not present in BIOS DRAM Voltage = 2.1V - YES FSB Termination Voltage = Auto - YES North Bridge Voltage = 1.40v - YES Next came to testing with Memtest as a boot cd. First Stick in slot A1 - 2 Passes no errors Second Stick in Slot A1 - 2 Passes no errors First Stick Slot A2 - First attempt said 'Unknown CPU is detected, updating BIOS is required. Second Attempt saw only partial loading of Memtest and no testing actually took place as the screen shown only a partial page. Third attempt total fail to boot up memtest, no BIOS, blank screen. Second Stick Slot A2 - 22 Errors shown First Stick Slot B1 - Failed to load Memtest - message said 'Overclocking failed F1 to run Setup or F2 to load default. Second Stick Slot B1 - 16 Errors shown First Stick Slot B2 - Failed to load Memtest - message said 'Overclocking failed F1 to run Setup or F2 to load default. Second Stick Slot B2 - 70,000+ errors shown at 38% of pass 1 test. Finished late last night, is that enough information to point towards a diagnosis or is there anything else to be attempted first? I have an RMA from Overclockers who i bought my equipment from, however, the techie from Corsair said that if my RAM works in A1 then it is the mobo. Overclockers say that if the mem has failed in memtest it is the RAM. If when it is sent back it works ok, they charge me £10+vat+post and packaging to send it back. So i still have no idea whether it is the mobo or the RAM, any help folks will be greatly revieved.
  10. Shrink

    New system hangs and crashes

    I contacted Corsair about my weird issues with the present system build, they have sent me the follow advice to carry out to try to adentify the problem. 1. Shut the system down 2. Remove the power cord 3. Remove the CMOS Battery 4. Set the CMOS_CLR Jumper to On 5. Press the power button for 10 seconds 6. Let sit for 10 minutes 7. Set the CMOS_CLR Jumper to Off 8. Insert the CMOS Battery 9. Insert the Power Cord 10. Restart the system 11. Enter the BIOS 12. Load Default Settings 13. Save Default Settings and Exit 14. Restart the System Enter your BIOS, Load Setup Defaults, Save Setup Defaults and enter these values and move to the Testing Phase. Code: JumperFree Configuration Settings Ai Overclocking = Manual CPU Ratio = Manual (The problem here is on my mobo there is no manual, it asks you to key in a number directly!!) Ratio CMOS Setting = 9 Dont have this in mine? FSB Frequency = 266 PCI-E Frequency = 100 DRAM Frequency = DDR2-800 DRAM Timing Control = Manual CAS = 4 RAS# to CAS# = 4 RAS to Precharge = 4 RAS Active Time = 12 TWR= Auto Dont have or cant see. TRFC = 55 Dont have or cant see. TWTR = Auto Dont have or cant see. TRRD = Auto Dont have or cant see. TRTP = Auto Dont have or cant see. DRAM Static Read Control = Auto DRAM Dynamic Write Control = Auto Transaction Booster = Disabled CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled CPU Voltage = Auto CPU Voltage Reference = Auto Dont have or cant see. CPU Voltage Damper = Disabled Dont have or cant see. DRAM Voltage = 2.1V FSB Termination Voltage = Auto North Bridge Voltage = 1.40v For Testing: Set to the values given. Insert a single stick in the first slot (Closest to the CPU) and test with a boot to the Memtest CD. Allow for two full passes. If passed, then remove that stick and insert it in the second slot, retest. Remove and insert into the third slot and finally the fourth slot. You have now tested one stick and four slots in single channel mode. Remove the stick and put it aside. Insert the second stick in the first slot. Retest. Now insert one tested and passed stick in Slot 1 and one tested and passed stick in slot 3. Retest. If some sticks pass in single testing and other sticks fail in single testing, then you have errored modules. If you fail in dual channel mode, then you have an error of the motherboards memory controller as Dual Channel is a function of the mainboard (MCH/Northbridge) and not a function of the DRAM. If the DRAM is of the same version and model, then it passes Dual Channel requirements. Please post screenshots of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs.
  11. Hi folks i have just built a new PC, the problem is it will not run for more than 10 mins without hanging and freezing solid. I think it is a problem with my RAM, but am not 100% convinced. Here is what i have done to date: Have the following equipment in my system, the mobo, cpu, RAM and 1TB drive are new. Intel Q6600, Asus combo Intel P35 P5KC, XFX 7800gt 256, 2GB Corsair DDR2 DHX PC2-6400C4DHX TwinX (1GB each), DiamondMax 300GB 7200SATA, Western Digital Caviar 160Gb 7200SATA, Samsung SpinPoint 1TB, Samsung SM710N 17" FSP 500W psu, LG 16X Dual L Dual F DVD Aspire X-Cruiser ATX Case XP Pro Sp2 Well the above is the system components, here is what has happened. Bought the components on the wednesday, built the system on the thursday, switched on..no beeps, went ahead with trying to load Xp sp2. No luck, would hang all the time. We thought that it was because of the size of the 1TB drive. Bought a 160Gb sata drive for the OS. Tried loading again no way, crash and lock up even in the BIOS. Friend came around, removed all that was not needed to load OS, removed one of the sticks of RAM, that worked and we installed the OS. This success was short lived, it soon began locking up, nothing in the Event log in admin tools. Read forums suggesting the memory was unstable at 2.10v, increased to 2.15 as was suggested on those forums. System stable for 12-14 hours then as soon as i tried running AVG or Avast system lock up as per usual. Graphics card is to my knowledge fine, have been using for 3 years, PSU is brand new 500w, CPU is seated correctly with factory supplied heatsink and heat paste preapplied to heat sink. Brand new motherboard, all HDDs seem fine, and all newly formated, case well ventilated and running at 28c, CPU 35c. I am not sure what BIOS version it is the system will not stay stable long enough to see. Any ideas as to what settings the memory should ideally have to run with the hardware that i have?
  12. Shrink

    We should eat horse meat

    I have not eaten horse meat, or at least not to my knowledge...though i have eaten some dodgy kebabs in the past. I have though eaten locusts and beetles...i must say they tasted almost exactly like dry roasted peanuts. My main issue about the eating of horse meat would be the same as GND's, having kept horses in a previous life for over ten years, i have heard and seen some horrendous treatment of these horses. I it was regulated like the rest of this countries meat industry...then yeah i would sling it on the BBQ no worries.
  13. Shrink

    Dork of the Day

    What a great story, made me smile...lucky beggar, all those great places. The spokesperson obviously has had a humour amputation, and is probably at home now ironing his Y fronts and socks, as his mum prepares his breakfast.
  14. Not my work, something i saw on another forum. However, it does show some of the weird points of confusion that can arise using English. 1. The bandage was wound around the wound. 2. The farm was used to produce produce. 3. The dump was so full it had to refuse more refuse. 4. We must polish the Polish furniture. 5. He could lead if he would get the lead out. 6. The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. 7. Since there was no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present. 8. A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. 9. When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10. I did not object to the object. 11. The insurance was invalid for the invalid. 12. There was a row among the oarsmen on how to row. 13. They were too close to the door to close it. 14. The buck does funny things when does are present. 15. A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line. 16. To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow. 17. The wind was too strong to wind the sail. 18. After a number of injections my jaw got number. 19. Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear. 20. I had to subject the subject to a series of tests. 21. How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?
  15. I guess this is all about building a good relationship with the youngsters aye. That'll learn em. If this was real someone would be in lots of brown stuff. Shrink2008-08-09 12:50:37