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  1. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    Protecting your local area as a police officer is not the same as serving your country in the armed forces, and yes they may want to quit, that was my point. Why do you think so many OAP's came out to vote for out. They fought to keep this country free and do not want it to be given away, after all the blood they split. Remember the UK signed up to the Common Market and not this EU and this is the first chance we have had since 1975 to let them know how we feel. This is a red letter day, a good day. I agree you are not conscientious objectors, more like surrender monkeys.
  2. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    I expect those who are paid to run the country to get on and run it. I note the chap that is in charge of the Bank of England has in fact been planning for an exit dispite his one sided report in favour of Dave's remain. So at least one exspert has been thinking ahead, can he be the next PM? As for May she went missing in action for Dave just when he needed her, I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. She was trying to run with the fox and the hounds. This is a great day today, one I have hoped for since we were taken into the Common Market so long ago. My G/ daughter voted for the first time and said she had voted to remain because she was concerned for her future etc. I told her I had voted out because I was concerned for her future too. That did throw her a bit, but she is not happy with many of her friends who didn't bother to vote at all. I did have one thought today, as an Ex Serviceman I was only to ready to fight and die for the people of this great country. But I wonder how todays service personnel feel when over 16 million of the population were only to willing to hand over to the EU all that they hold dear. Just a thought.
  3. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    Or it could be because the PM and other idiots are talking the UK down claiming a big black hole in our finances that will appear if we vote out. It seems we could afford our pensions, military and policing before we went into the common market. But now we might leave we can't afford them anymore. It looks like the EU hasn't been so good for us after all. Somebody is lieing, I wonder who it could be.
  4. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    It has been around for some time, the EU aka the United States of Europe, want to be able to sit on the council, just like they want to have their own military forces. Its old info published some time ago.
  5. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    I believe we are the second highest contributer. Only 6 other countries pay more in than they get out. We do get a rebate but Blair handed half of that back and the EU wants to stop the rest of the rebate. If we vote to stay in, that will be one of the first things to go. As will our seat on the Security Council at the UN, they've wanted us to give that up to them for some time. As for the £350 million a week we hand over, that is the Gobments own figure. We get just over 40% back but we are told where it can be spent and don't for get they insist on match funding so we have to find a further 40% to add to it. So I think the real figure is £350 million plus 40%.
  6. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    I haven't been able to get onto the Forum for a while. I do think Dave and his chum George are now well and truely sunk. Whatever the vote is, how can a PM and Chancellor remain after they have talked down the UK so much. They and others have lost the plot and I don't think they have anyone else left to threaten. So I look forward to them resigning ASAP after the voting is over.
  7. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    In 2010 George said he couldn't trust any reports coming from the Treasury. Dave also said he wanted Turkey to join the EU but now says we needn't worry as it will take many years and we can block them. Can't believe a word they say, as far as I am concerned they are both dead in the water now. Paxman asked someone in his documentry the other day, if we stayed in what would be the point of our parliment because the EU court can over rule it. The chap confirmed that any law past in this country could be over ruled by the unelected EU. Dave has also said again that if we leave we will go into rescession. So he is saying that if we vote to leave he and George and the rest of them will not be able to run this country. I hope if we do vote to leave they hold a snap election so we can get rid of them asap.
  8. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    When you say " We " I hope you mean the royal " We " . Dave has pointed out that we will have a veto but I would not trust him to use it. He was very keen to move things along not so long ago, and with Turkey using the refuges to their own advantage, if they don't get what they want the floodgates will open again.
  9. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    The only way we will ever bring things back under our control is to leave. We can then set up a points system and only those that bring something to the table will be allowed in. EU imigrants are less likely to claim out of work benefits than UK folk, but they are more likely to claim in work benefits. This shows they are taking the low paid jobs, that were once done by people setting out after leaving school etc. This also means they pay little tax, but still need access to the NHS, schools and housing. Remember, the reasons why the liebor gobment threw open the doors, were 1. They hoped the imigrants would be more likely to vote liebor and keep them in power for years and years. 2. Drive down wages. and 3. To rub the far rights noses in it. I don't know if 1 happened ,but as they have failed at the ballot box twice, I'm guessing it has not gone to plan. 2 has come about with wages being held down at least for the low to medium paid, and as far as 3 is concerned they have rubbed everyones noses in it. Plus don't forget, when people coming in were prepared to work for less than the minimum wage Blair said that that was OK.
  10. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    With regard to your last paragraph, why do you intend to vote to stay in then. We cannot stop the free movement of EU nationals and it will get far worse if we stay in. Plus if the Turkish people are given non- visa travel and access to the EU, we will be forced to take them as well in the end. Don't forget that TTIP is over the horizon which may allow the Americans access to things like the NHS, the germans hope to get their hands on our armed forces etc. If we as a country vote to stay in my grandchildren and their children will pay the price.
  11. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    Love to know what you are reading and watching. I haven't seen an intellectual argument to remain in yet. Just a bunch of people in the pockets of George and Dave coming up with might's and could's. As for the Tories, I have supported them more than any other party in the past but never again. The rubbish that Dave has come out with is shocking, he clearly could not lead the UK out of the EU and should go if the vote is out. The man is a fool, and it makes me wonder how he ever got the job of leader of the Tory party.
  12. TheBFG

    Election Results

    UKIP is sturing things up in Wales. The liebour leader thought he was back in his old job, but the Plaid leader stood as well and thanks to the two party's she hates, the Tories and UKIP, she had as many votes. So if it can't be sorted in 30 days then a new poll has to be held.
  13. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    With things being so close, whatever the result, nearly half the UK will not be happy. Which is not good. It seems many other EU country's are waiting to see what happens before they too have a vote. Even Norway wants out of their deal, but are waiting to see what happens with our vote. So for once it seems we may be taking the lead.
  14. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    I have to agree, it will be close and the stuff that is being spouted at the moment could push the undecided either way. I would not bet on the result.
  15. TheBFG

    The Referendum Discussion

    What on earth is Dave doing. Does he read his scripts before he stands in front of a camera. he needs to go away and have a word with himself. I have never heard such rubbish in my life,according to him it is we alone that have prevented further wars in europe, and if we leave all hell will break out. Note to Dave. We were never " In " Europe ( not since the last Ice Age anyway ), we are an Island off the coast and will continue to be there whatever the vote is. Unless someone can work out on his slide rule how we can be towed further away, we aren't going anywhere. So you can sleep easy.