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  1. From my shift of 15, 3 have left the pension scheme, although the new pension is still good in comparison to most, those who have left don't trust HMG not to shaft them again and would rather have the money now and invest in property or pay off their mortgages early.
  2. 2todo

    Cressida Dick to be new Met Commissioner

    I believe that under such circumstances, an operation kratos scenario, then the command can be given to shoot , limited to terrorist type operations where the subject is taken out, on order, with no warning given to the subject...this is the training we were given in the early 2000,s google,op kratos, it's in the public domaine
  3. Although this is doubtless a bad thing something has to give, lots of people on this forum have been retired some time and think nothing has changed, my force struggle to get to immediates, sometimes an hour or so after the event..we had just over 2200 officers five years ago now we have 1450 ish ...as for shopkeepers attending the station with cctv etc, why not ? there's no legal reason why they shouldn't ..as I say something has to give ...face facts we can't carry on doing the same with 30% less people...what would you suggest we don't do?
  4. 2todo

    Judges win pension case

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38639818 will the Fed now jump on the bandwagon and claim the win from LD?
  5. 2todo

    In or Out

  6. 2todo

    2 Billion overspend

    Hit hard? Even if council tax went up 4% most would pay less than pound a week extra....hardly hit hard ! If anything it's dirt cheap for the gains it would buy in policing and social care
  7. Regardless of how many troops HMG promise it's going to take,them a few hours to be In a position to do anything and guess who will be expected to hold the fort..thats right us mugs. if this situation arises I will risk access it and request the nearest Tory mp takes my place . The way we have been treat over the past few years I won't be throwing my life away any time soon.
  8. 2todo

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    So if you have volunteered for VS and don't get it you go to the top of the list for CS should it come in? As you would have demonstrated your desire to leave the job?
  9. Nothing will change untill it affects the Tory puppet masters
  10. Typical politician really...two faced deceit is an everyday event
  11. 2todo

    Paris Attack

    Horrendous night in Paris, thoughts are with all those involved. Should anything like this happen in the uk we will be screwed, particularly with the massive reduction in officers and may now talking about reducing firearms units...wtf are they thinking ? More evidence for arming those at the front line imo. The French assaulted the concert room within an hour, and had armed teams at all other areas...and still many were killed and injured..think we could do similar?
  12. 2todo

    A19 Forces Win Appeal

    Anywho, actually on the topic of a19 I know several people who are financially sound but stay cos they have never planned for retirement and ' would be bored'. But then complain when coming to work that they would have liked another hour or so in bed !!! Bunch of sad twats imo, better if they left and let someone else replace them who might actually need the money. Greed and/or stupidity seems to be the order of the day for most on 30+ From what I've seen
  13. 2todo

    A19 Forces Win Appeal

    I have to agree with cheese, I've done CID and response over several years of each, and response is less stressful but the shifts take their toll after a few years. I have two and a half to do and I'm staying put on response ...I don't want the hassle of cid and I'm NOT paying for my own work wear when I get it free on response. Anyone who does CID is a mug nowadays IMO, just the removal of plain clothes allowance is enough for me not to go back without the long shifts and tray full of jobs
  14. 2todo

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Let's hope the revisit paperwork isn't near that dry powder !
  15. 2todo

    Have assaults on police officers trebled?

    Fine words Zulu, and how it should be, however the truth is no one gives a toss if an officer gets assaulted as they see it as part of our job. Even if they go to court it's usually amongst other offences, and there's no penalty given to the offender for these assaults, and are routinely dropped at court anyway. Assaulted 3 times this year so far...none have received any extra penalty for this. Maybe why assaults on officers are increasing?