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  1. Is officer safety training fit for purpose was the initial question, the answer is no. Simple.
  2. Just scanning thro the forum for a first time in a long while. This topic caught my eye, Ive just returned to work after 5 months off with PTSD related nervous breakdown with a bit of anxiety and depression thrown in for good measure. Undergoing counselling, medication and self help. The road to recovery is long, bumpy and hard work but I feel as tho Im getting there as a better person. The biggest moment of enlightenment for me was the admission to myself that I had a problem, then to admit the problem to others. I was amazed with peoples reaction, other than suprised everyone ive spoke to has been kind supportive and extremely helpful. I appreciate I may be lucky in this respect, the tone of your replies vicarinauniform would seem that you are still in the dark stages a little. My advice for what its worth is dont make any rash decisions just yet, use your period signed off to get yourself well enough to be in a better place to make your decision. Occy Health/Welfare your GP and others can help you get to that better place. Best of British, be safe, be good.
  3. Gringo

    'Coppers' is back on Ch4.

    I know its supposed to be candid, gritty and "from the coppers eye" but I hope there isnt the fallout for those featuring for comments made that are featured, I know for a fact that officers on the EDL march on the last series were dragged over the coals for some comments shown......... Good series tho, but some of the comments made I couldnt believe....... Example 1) Just before charging the male with rape, DC turns to camera and says "hes a sad individual with issues and learning difficulties" NO HE'S A PREDATORY SERIAL SEX OFFENDER end of chat..... rant over....
  4. Gringo

    Police officers excluded from station.

    Its why I have an empty Lenor bottle in my kit bag, wide neck one at that
  5. Gringo

    PC Simon Harwood.

    Hants, you really are clueless in the way things actually work aren't you.....
  6. Gringo

    Dickhead of the Year

    When will top brass, politicians and others realise that policing IS NOT a popularity contest, and the longer it is ran like one the more toothless and impotent we become.
  7. Gringo


    The reason I for one don't trust Panorama or any such programmes is that I worked with the " secret policeman" and the methods he used to obtain some of the footage were dubious to say the least, Hants should be rubbing his/her hands with glee about tonight's, chips, dips, snakettes at the ready and a massive chip for each shoulder.
  8. I wonder if the researcher had taken into account those held in workhouses, mental institutes etc 100 or so years ago, I suggest his figures may be a little more skewed now pro rata...
  9. Gringo

    TASER Headline

    I just stick to the "soap weeklies" you can work out whats going on in Corrie/Eastenders for the next 6 months with a discreet looksy at the newspaper stand. Gives me 6 months worth of spoilers for mrs G!!! so I dont have to watch it...
  10. Gringo

    TASER Headline

    And another one, this headline from the Beeb is ever so slightly less anti than the Manchester Evening News one which reads "Man dies after being tasered" Beeb one linky: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-14645080
  11. Gringo


    City Centre Manchester last night, average age of "rioters" was 14, I kid you not, the term "feral" under cuts the mark by a long way. I think it went reasonably well for us up here last night. But if I hear "braap braap". These kids are the future, if thats the case then we are all f**ked.....
  12. Gringo


    Well thats it, days off and leave cancelled, shifts extended.... here we go.....
  13. Gringo


    Just heard May (looking rather dishevelled) on Sky News: "We will police within the community, with the consent of the community with the advice of the community" Well people I spoke to in the "community" where I plod want us to (and I quote) "Go in there, big sticks, catch em and kick the piss out of them" I know Im probably 180 miles away in sunny Manchester (yes it IS sunny) and it looks like a lot of my colleagues are on they;re way to the Big Smoke but will Teresa listen (ha) Fear of punishment and fear of being caught is long gone, we need to man up, show some b****cks and grab this by the scruff of the neck and squeeze it till it stops... As an aside, the IPCC seem to be somewhat culpable in all this with they're massively delayed dialogue with Duggans family, who do I complain to about the IPCC.....
  14. It was a suprise he lasted 15 years before this, trust me from bitter personal experience. Couldnt happen to a nicer chap........