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  1. MGFile

    Free Iphone Ospre App

    I can now confirm that there would be apps for iphone/ipad/ipod touch blackberry and a deskstop or online pc version I don't have to write the "engine" for the apps. These are already written by various companies - there are numerous flashcard apps and programs The app I have used for the iphone is gflash+ (free) or gflashpro (£2.39) This is a demo for iphone http://www.gwhizmobile.com/Desktop/gFlashProiPhoneDemo.php This is a demo for the blackberry http://www.gwhizmobile.com/Desktop/gFlash+demo.php You will see in the demo that you can easily add flashcards that others have made Simply select my set, which is called Cop iQ This will prove how this works and hopefully show that this is not some sort of con, that we really can take charge of our own learning for free (or £2.39 if you buy the gflashpro version !!!) Hopefully a useful tool I just need the questions !!!
  2. MGFile

    Free Iphone Ospre App

    well as I say, I'm not doing this to make money. I think it will also work on any pc as well Its actually fairly easy once we have the questions What I like is the fact it can easily be expanded by the very people that use it I guess it could apply for student officers, CID candidates as well as offers just trying to improve their knowledge
  3. MGFile

    Free Iphone Ospre App

    Hello Everyone I am setting up a FREE app for the iphone that will contain a database of multiple choice questions I am to have at least 150 questions, but hope to get far more I have a demo of the app working and I think it's great but I need your help... I need questions !! If you could send me your questions and answers, I will add them to the app. The questions need to be non-copyrighted so please do not cut and paste from other products I found the multiple choice method was the best way to learn when I took my Sergeants exam 6 years ago, passing first time I feel the cost of some current PC products is high. More importantly, I think there should be a product for the iphone, ipod touch and ipad - these are so popular and portable, it can only mean more study !! In this day and age, I think we should be able to set up and run our own program to benefit all of us This is completely genuine, I understand you may wonder why its free but I genuinely just want to set it up and help others. It may have some small adverts in the app to cover fees to Apple etc but they will not hinder the running of the study Should you have any concerns, feel free to PM me and I can give you my Police email address to prove I am genuine Hope to hear from you all soon
  4. MGFile

    Anyone in Response got a taser?

    Still better than a 30 minute wait for firearms !!
  5. MGFile

    Anyone in Response got a taser?

    It is fair to say that Taser use in the UK is VERY different to the US !!! I take some comfort from the fact I am now much better equipped to protect myself, my colleagues and the public I would certainly sooner be tasered than suffer the effects of CS
  6. MGFile

    Anyone in Response got a taser?

    I'm on response and have just got Taser 4 days course which was superb Getting authority to deploy en route to lots of jobs but so far not needed Great piece of kit, MUCH better than CS. Definitely gives us the advantage
  7. MGFile

    SPP - AVON (and somerset)

    Thanks for all your replies Would anyone care to comment on the fact A&S are now choosing only to give this to Bristol Officers - their colleagues elsewhere in the force won't receive it despite performing the same role This is the first time I have heard of the payment being made to some front line patrol officers but not others I think it's discrimination - our Federation don't want to get involved. If I didn't rely on their legal cover, I would cancel my Fed subs in protest
  8. Great news from Avon and Somerset Police. They have decided only officers working in Bristol will receive the SPP this year It's always been a difficult subject but now we have people performing exactly the same role being paid very differently Any front line officer with 1 yr or more service will get it if they work in Bristol Having worked in Bristol and the smaller towns, I can honestly say both should get it. The smaller towns may have less calls but it is proportionate to the number of officers working To add further insult, there are a hell of a lot of cushy 9-5 Mon-Fri roles have been included in the list - Schools Liason Officer - Come on!!!!!!! Watch this space cos the boys and girls aren't happy... Makes a complete mockery of the recent race and diversity training we all had to complete - it went on and on about discrimination in the workplace !!!!!!!!MGFile2008-03-29 13:46:39
  9. MGFile

    Domestic TOMV

    Don't know if she has it back but I do know I have a complaint against me Seems it's fine for her to call me a F###ing W###er, but apparently I was argumentative !!!!!!!!!
  10. MGFile

    Police Federation---taser!!

    No need for head cams if we had the taser cams http://www.taser.com/products/law/Pages/TASERCAM.aspx Also there is a shotgun version coming with 100ft range - Definately won't be getting that one on the streets !!!! Perhaps Firearms will ??
  11. MGFile

    Police Federation---taser!!

    I agree dave - issue to everyone. I only meant if it "has" to be limited for a trial then at least give it to someone who can be there in 5 mins instead of 50 !!! I do think it will come, but like everything else with the Police - it's takes soooo long to get there - mobile PDA being another classic example
  12. MGFile

    Domestic TOMV

    NOT married but lived together for years
  13. MGFile

    Police Federation---taser!!

    My force are using Support Group for the trial. A step in the right direction but a slower response than firearms officers. Team Sgt's and Senior PC's would have been my vote (INSP dispatched to oversee all Taser incidents)
  14. MGFile

    Domestic TOMV

    Basically a couple have a domestic. She tries to report the car stolen when he takes it. She says stolen because it's reg'd in her name He had keys and was on the insurance I said no theft - they need to sort their property out between themselves or in a court everyone seems to agree with me but apparently her solicitor says TOMV
  15. MGFile

    Police Sat Nav

    I find it REALLY useful for some jobs. Guiding you to the correct house number also saves the hassle at night when you struggle to find any visable numbers on the houses Our local Ambulances have sat nav- their control send the destination to the vehicle so the staff don't have to mess around. I gather this has been around for a few years and even Jo Public can get a similar version Surprise surprise that we don't get anything I bought an O2 Orbit - phone/pda. It's smaller than a tomtom and cos it's my phone as well I always have it with me. I installed tomtom on it and it's the business. Gets a lock within 15 secs of switching on. Still useful even on a blue light run