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Ryan W

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  1. Ryan W

    A Very Worried Newbie

    Hi Dangermouse, I have looked all over Lancashire Constabulary's website and cannot find an postal/email address for the Chief Constable. Would HR give me his email address/office address? Ryan
  2. Ryan W

    A Very Worried Newbie

    Hiya everyone! First off I would like to thank you in advance for making me feel welcome on here. My name is Ryan, I am 16 and live in Lancashire. I am not like my friends in many ways, I want to do something with my life and I want to help others instead of causing problems by drinking on the streets etc. I have nearly finished high school and plan to get a job in a small shop working behind the counter to gain experience of dealing with the public. I am currently applying to be a Community Volunteer with Lancashire Constabulary. It is not this I am worried about. After doing a few years as a volunteer I wish to become a Community Support Officer but the following things worry me with regards to vetting: 1) My father has a record for assualt and battery which was 10 years ago, I know little information on this... 2) My stepfather has a record for assault on police, basicaly he was caught in the middle of a large fight on a stand at a football match, where someone grabbed him from his neck and dragged him back. As he thought he was being subject to an attack he elbowed whoever it was behind him in the face........turns out to be a PC I have no criminal record and intend to keep it that way, so I am very worried about being subject to failure becuase of other peoples silly actions... I am a enthusiastic lad with a passion to join the police service and I have done one weeks voluntary work experience with the British Transport Police, and have also been an observer on the night shift with Lancashire Constabulary. Please can you help me with any tips and any experiences of the above you may have. All the best Ryan