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  1. Litew8

    Application Transfer

    Good luck Jason88, I look forward to seeing you at Hendon at some point! L.
  2. Litew8

    Application Transfer

    Well... hang on in there... the MPS is a lot faster and hungrier for recruits than most others... Best of luck matey! L.
  3. Litew8

    Application Transfer

    Hi Jason, Day2 is what the Met call their Fitness and Medical tests. With other forces these may be on separate days, with the MPS its all done in one go. As the name suggests, it comes after D1 which for the MPS is the AC. I've done the AC with Surrey Police and then transferred my application over to the MPS back in September... in many cases though not all they will accept and AC pass from another force if you are transferring your application to them. You may not have to re-do the AC depending on how long ago it was... best bet is to call and ask for the procedure and time-scales involved. I passed my AC with Surrey back in July 2007, the MPS have kindly allowed me to transfer my passmark (78%) across in SEptember last year. I received the call-up on Wednesday just gone, and should; subject to references, start at Hendon on the 9th Feb! :) L.
  4. Litew8

    Application Transfer

    Hi Jason, I am not entirely in the same boat as you, but I did transfer my application to the MPS back last year from Surrey Police. I am not sure what a CASA form is... I didn't have to fill out any paperwork other than for my Day-2... that was a medical form, vetting form, references, and lots more... I would suggest you call 020 8 358 0861. this is a different number to get hold of recruitment.... Best of luck! L. PS - the wait with the MPS is quite short following Day-2, I am starting in Feb having transferred in Sept. 08.
  5. Litew8

    MPS - Feb 9th '09 Start

    Hi Sian, welcome to this forum, I'm usually on policeuk.com with the same username; that forum seems a bit more active at this time... I'm still waiting to have an official call and offer but the last time I spoke to the recruitment team I was told the only thing remaining was to take my references although I've been put on the feb start list provisionally. I did actually get my boots today, feel nice and comfy, will wear the to work tomorrow to start wearing them in, got another set to be delivered at some point soon, that way I can wear them in rotarion and hope they last longer... Other than that I am on tenterhooks waiting for the call. All oftoday I've been tryin to get hold oft contact in recruitment but no one answered their phones.... L.
  6. Litew8

    MPS - Feb 9th '09 Start

    Thank you, I hope it's going to be finally my turn too... with hindsight I should have applied to the Met in the first instance... would have been in back in 07 or early 08... never mind... live and learn. My borough choices are: 1) TW 2) VK 3) TX 4) XH 5) FH, and; 6) BS Those are in order of preference based on travel from where I currently live in northern Surrey. Ultimately, as long as I get in, I'm sure I'm going to be flexible to get a post wherever I'm needed but the choices are purely based on immediate self-centred practicality... Any insights into any of these? Shift patterns/type (or variety) of work? L. edit: spelling/grammar... shocking! smileys/smiley9.gif" align="middle" />Litew82008-12-14 11:05:24
  7. Hello, I've not been on here for a while, I usually post on another forum but thought I'd get back on here and see what people are up to! It's been a long recruitment process for me, in fact, almost two years now. I recently transferred my application from Surrey Police to the Met after waiting for over 11 months (from passing vetting/references) to get a start date from Surrey... only to be told there weren't going to be any more for a while (except for Surrey Staff or transferred Officers)... I had my Day2 at the backend of November and am not waiting to go through Vetting and Security clearance again... I'm hoping for a Feb'09 start... anyone else on here waiting for that date? Regards, L. edited: my actual wait for a start-date with Surrey was 11 months, not 6...Litew82008-12-14 10:28:45
  8. Litew8

    victimising young people?

    No offence Batman, but as a professor, I am not sure the chap gets out very much... if he is so smart, why rather than bemoaning the currently only viable practical steps to curb the knife-carrying culture does he not suggest alternatives?
  9. Litew8

    Anyone apply to surrey in jan 08?

    Well.. one of my friends who had his A/C one day (!) before mine, got the call today... for a July start...
  10. Litew8

    Anyone apply to surrey in jan 08?

    The current pool of candidates contains people from March07, June07 and August07, you do the maths on the number of people still waiting for starts dates... but I reckon there will be about 200 still left. Worth trying another force perhaps (Met, Sussex, Hampshire, TV)? L.
  11. Litew8

    Anyone apply to surrey in jan 08?

    Hi Joyous214, just in case I misunderstood you from the earlier post. I am awaiting a start-date, and have been told the next intake for recruits will be the end of July... which means effectively first day on the job. I am not sure whether this intake date directly links with the "intake" for new recruits into the system i.e. a deadline for applications... being somewhat lazy, and pressed for time, I did not scan all of the above posts... L.
  12. Litew8

    Anyone apply to surrey in jan 08?

    The next intake will prob be 31st July...
  13. Litew8

    Metal detectors in schools

    How will this expenditure be justified given that the Government has to save money in order "to keep inflation in check"?!
  14. Sounds like a nice tactic to make the demands of Police Officers sounds less reasonable... just a shame that the public are not always aware of what MPs are paid, nor exactly what the MPs actually do... I mean; I know what my local bobbies do... but a) who is my local MP, and what exactly does s/he do? L.
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7173656.stm Made for some interesting reading...