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  1. SgtGrumpy

    Durham hopefuls

    You answered that question yourself cilly!
  2. SgtGrumpy

    Ill health retirement with depression

    Well I'm going to get the relevant papers from the fed in readiness....don't hold out much hope though! Due to my illness, I have been away from work for over 7 months out of the last 2 years...and many more over the last 15 or so years I have been suffering with depression. Due to the nature of the illness, I think it will be extremely hard for anyone to say that I would be permanently unfit to hold office
  3. SgtGrumpy

    Ill health retirement with depression

    Thanks guys / gals.... I'm due to start a new role next month having spent a very long time working in the dungeons .... Hopefully things will improve and I will not need to go down that route!
  4. SgtGrumpy

    Ill health retirement with depression

    Thanks gripper. I have a template letter from the fed which reads as though my gp needs to be of the opinion that I will never be fit for this job. As things stand, I am up and down like a yo-yo ... One month fine, the next not so!! I know that I am not the only person in the job who suffers with depression, but feel that it would be hard for anyone to say I will never be fit enough to perform my duties.
  5. Morning all, Long time since I've posted on this forum. Just wondering whether anyone has had any experience in relation to ill health retirement due to mental health issues. I have suffered with depression & anxiety on and off for the past 15 years, and have been taking medication for that time! The illness has caused me to take several periods of work off sick, the last time being for 3 months last year. I have just over 23 years in the job. My illness has been brought on by the job on each occasion, and, if I go downhill again during the next year, I will seriously be considering whether to leave. Does anyone know if mental illness, specifically depression, is considered in relation to I'll health retirement? I would be grateful of any of your experiences in relation to this. Thanks
  6. SgtGrumpy

    Public Confidence

    Are you a PCC fishing for answers you should be coming up with prim?
  7. SgtGrumpy

    Gargan suspended

    I was told that he had been pestering a female PC in leics in the late 80s early 90s. The 'victim' told me this herself! Never liked Gargan...smarmy!
  8. SgtGrumpy


    Can anyone explain why we are still paying pension contributions on what is left of the crtp? Those outside of retiring in the next 3 years will see none of this in their pension! I did ask our local fed over a year ago, but think it was placed in the 'too difficult to answer' box, as I have never had a reply.
  9. SgtGrumpy

    Final Force Interview

    Well. Considering you went tomorrow, you still have time yto change your mind and find a job outside of the farcical one this has now become. I cannot see what would attract people to policing at this moment in time!
  10. What I don't understand is this: If the powers that be tell us that a day is 8 hours long, then surely when we work a rostered 9 or 10 hour shift, then we are technically working over the time of a normal day.... This should surely be given back to us at time and a third.....so we should (in theory) get more rest days than those given at this time! The argument should work both ways..... if we owe them time for not working the hour, then they should owe us time for working over the 8 hours (that would be 20 minutes for each 9 hour shift worked). Anyone??
  11. SgtGrumpy

    Fitness tests

    Was that real press ups, or the ones on knees?? (I recall a different press up method for female officers even back then). I am not having a dig at female officers by the way..... was just pointing out the reason 'I have been told' why our force are not doing the push pull test.
  12. SgtGrumpy

    Winsor in uniform

    Well......... I have a good idea what he could do with all that rope stuff over his arm..... any rafters nearby?
  13. SgtGrumpy

    Pension help

    Maybe Emma wants to divorce her partner & find out how much of his pension she can get out of the deal....... Or am I just being cynical?
  14. SgtGrumpy

    Fitness tests

    Definitely no push & pull. I was told that this is because female officers struggle with this one, and there would be a high failure rate! So much for equality there then!
  15. SgtGrumpy

    Fire officers strike

    What is more an issue for us is that there will be countless volunteers from our ranks willing to cover escort duties etc. The message should be put out now that we will not take these extra duties!!!! We are not fire officers.