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  1. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Many thanks to all the advice received here and also to Anthony - '2 yr countdown' who helped by emailing me a copy of how to justify our two-year probation period as a two-year apprenticeship.
  2. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Just an update on our immigration process. We have been successful in getting PR and landed a couple of weeks ago! It's been a long process and I didn't hold out any hope that we would pass the requirements but perhaps my 280 page file of supporting documents helped, (thanks to being able to compile case papers no doubt!), along with 3 yrs of studying french to gain an extra couple of points through sitting the TEF exam. My brother has applied to sponsor our mother but if she hasn't been successful by the time that we go then I will look into the 'last family member' possibility.
  3. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Thanks Anthony, I have sent you a pm with my email address. Thanks for your help. Robin
  4. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Thanks a million Canada, I have just been searching for the policy on 'last family member', but so far have only found policy relating to refugees's family members. Any ideas where it might be found? My OH would plan on working and so would I, but the pension would release some of the financial burden. My OH is not very good with money so would have to work to be able to buy all the latest gadgets and tools! he's big on DIY and does all sorts of useful jobs. Today my mother was talking about renting her house out for 6 months a year and visiting Canada on a 6 mth visa, then returning to her house. Sounds a lot of hassle for someone her age to be worrying about. She is fit and healthy though and goes for long walks still. No medical problems. I am encouraged by your words and kind effort to help us find a way for mum to join us when we are all there so that we don't have to leave her behind. I am writing a Blog: http://mytrialsoflifetoo.blogspot.com/ if you are curious. Before I returned to to England I lived on a sailing boat for all of my childhood, so I write some stories of our experiences back then, as I think of them, some bits about plans for Canada, and other bits and pieces to do with family life, and my bike! There are photos of us too. My brothers both have websites listed in the sidebar. Graham's is for booking sailing courses off and around Vancouver Island, (Canada Copper would recognise some of the photos no doubt), and Pete's is of his nomadic lifestyle between Canada and the Caribbean. I'll let you know what happens with us via this site as we progress. I am truely touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness you guys have shown. Have a cyber from me! Robin
  5. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Hi again Canada, No my father died last June after a long deterioration, during which mum was a full carer for him. He was bedridden for 4 years so she wasn't even able to visit family in Canada. She cannot afford to live nearer to us in Surrey, so is still near Weston-Super-Mare, but says that the costs of just living in her modest ex-council house on a council estate, are too expensive for her to maintain long term living solely on her state pension. Her sister is older than her at 80 years, and lives in Bristol, about 40 miles away, but apart from that, no all of us kids will be in Canada on Vancouver Island, supposing that I am successful with my application. One of my brothers has a small cabin on his land that he currently rents out, but that would be her home if she could move there, then as she gets older she has us around to help her with the life that she has left in store. Sounds calculated but that's how life is - we get old, then eventually die, better to be looked after by those that love and care, then be stuck in a nursing home, with family thousands of miles away. We may then be able to plead undue hardship/compassionate grounds I guess. I have been advised that her application would take 6-8 years from the time of submitting the sponsorship application which would/could mean that she would find travelling on her own much harder, certainly harder to think about organising the sale and transport of belongings. She told me today that getting medical insurance over the age of 75 would not be possible from the company that she used last year so I will be researching that for her on the net. I'll try Sainsbury's based on what you've said so thanks alot for your input. Thank goodness for the medium of the internet to share information. I appreciate this, Robin
  6. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Hi Canada, Now that is interesting to know. My brother, who is the canadian citizen is in the process of filling in the forms to apply to sponsor her, and just today we were wondering jokingly whether she would live long enough to be allowed to live with us there! I will let him know that once he applies, then she can go out on a 6 mth visitors and get it extended on the basis of her application for sponsored PR. What did your mother do for edical insurance in the interim?
  7. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Hi Canadian Copper, I wonder which Island? my brother is a sailing instructor so has stop-overs in most islands. We've had a few cruises amongst them too. Did you sponsor your parents or do they just have long visits? If we go sooner rather than later than my mother would be on her own here and we have been discussing ways of getting her over too. The wait for parental sponsoring is 5-8 years! At her age of 76 that seems to be about her lifetime! As things are she can visit for 6 months at a time. Robin
  8. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Thanks Canada copper, I think we were both writing at the same time there but I had a phone call in the middle. I've probably answered your post with my response to Canada. I have been researching PNP for BC by finding my OH a way to get a job as a 'gas fitter'. What I have been finding is that employers want to see a face and hear of Canadian experience before employing within a trade, and anyway he would need to get his skills recognised by doing a course out there first. Thanks for your response. This thread may help any others researching ways to emigrate to Canada. ....And for any that are, I recommend joining http://britishexpats.com/ Robin
  9. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Thanks Canada, I had also been advised by immigration lawyers that I wouldn't qualify, even at the 'Emigrate' show, but this week I discovered that there are a few police officers that have been successful without doing any extra courses, just based on their 2 year probation. I've joined this forum to see what others have done to qualify, so to hear of this course is really useful, not only to me but to others in the same predicament, (as in joined the job at 18 and have no other educational qualifications). I really don't want to join another police service, we want to go to Canada to join family there on Vancouver Island, where the kind of lifestye is so different to how we live in Surrey, where my son will be spending his free time much more constructively than he would be by hanging around with mates on the streets here. Life would revolve around me at training school in Alberta and shiftwork if we went there. In Black Creek we can buy a plot of land of at least 2 acres with a decent house on it with the proceeds of the sale of our house here, and still have change. Alberta house prices would mean another mortgage - no thanks. Thanks for sharing your experience of qualifying for the skilled worker route into Canada. Robin
  10. Robin

    Pc wanting to emigrate

    Thanks, have done, perhaps you can move this there?
  11. Hello all, I'm a Met (W)pc and am researching into immigrating to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, where I have lived and holiday'd before many times and have family. I have an OH, and two kids aged 14 & 8 and want to show them that there is another kind of living to the lifestyle that we have in suburban North Surrey before they have grown up and finished school, and before my teenage son committs some kind of offence by hanging around with the 'wrong crowd'. I know this could happen elsewhere but it gets him away from the influences here that I don't like. I have 22 years of pensionable service but joined in 1981. I've worked part time and had a career break which explains the difference if you do your sums. I am a member of http://britishexpats.com/forum/ and have been in touch with an ex pc on that forum. He has said that we are able to use our police training, 2 year probation and any courses to qualify us for education points on the skilled workers permanent residence application form as a 2 year trade certificate/apprenticeship. These extra points are vital to my eligibility as a skilled worker because I do not have any other educational qualifications. An immigration consultant has also said that this may be possible. I've joined here to see if anyone out there on this forum has immigrated to Canada successfully by evidencing our policing skills this way to gain these points and if so, how was it for you? so Are there any expat expcs out there who have done this????? Look forward to hear from you Robin