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  1. Showboat

    Double standards.

    Don't normally feel the need to rant or start topics but I have to vent my spleen here. When the police f**k up as we tend to do, this Tory government has hauled us over the coals and wrongly or rightly crucified us in the public arena and media. Hillsborough and the miners strike spring to mind immediately. We are the whipping boys/girls and these f@ckers have done everything they can to destroy the British police force. The double standard comes now that these 2 faced, lying, expense swindling scumbags are now attempting to exert control over an enquiry into a f@coming peadophile ring and their party. It makes me want to tear my hair out. Mps are the lowest form of life on this planet. My hatred of them has plumed new depths. They are what is wrong with this country. I can't actually get over what I have read today. I feel better now. Sort of
  2. Showboat

    Fitness Test

    I don't see the point of a fitness test. The only reason I can see that you need to be fit is when you're fighting. But when you have laughable pst that literally only equips you to beat up a crisp packet I don't see the point. I just wish they'd either invest is us properly and give us the training (physical) and equipment (gyms etc) to do our jobs as best as we can. But they aren't though so I suppose it's pointless to ask. If they want be to be fit I'll be like a frigging sas commando if they give me the means. If they won't then what you see is what you get. My mum always said you don't get anything for nothing. That's correct unless you're Theresa May or Ginger winsor. Reap what you sow. Brain fart over
  3. Showboat


    Sadly, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. I'm not saying your wrong but there is a mechanism in place for a reason. Follow the process and if your complaint is justified someone will pick up on it and sort it out.
  4. Showboat


    I'm not a fed rep but I would say you need to do the grievance 1st, as it's the 1st step. That way everything is recorded. If the outcome is not satisfactory then take it to the next step. With the limited info you've given, it seems strange that you wouldn't follow the grievance 1st then see what happens. But then again I don't know the full circs. Just my opinion of course.
  5. Showboat


    Obviously I don't know the ins and outs but keep a log if you're not already and gather evidence. Also depending in the nature of the bullying. If there is a criminal offence occurring, report it. Think harassment, public order, assaults etc. just thinking outside the box....
  6. Showboat

    Applying for police

    Oh yeah, the things you mentioned look great on your application. If you get in the chances are you'll be doing very little of it. You'll more than likely be attending domestics most if the time. If you think you'll be having a huge impact on your community, running projects and the like, forget it. You'll be fire fighting all day, running from one thing to the next and doing nothing more than putting the wheel back on before it falls off again 30 minutes later. When given the opportunity specialise! That's where the real rewards happen.
  7. Showboat

    Applying for police

    Seeing as though you'll be joining now, the vast amount of change that occurred in the last 5 years won't mean much to you (if you join an English force, not sure what's occurred in Scotland). If you join you will meet a lot of negative people who say the jobs crap. Ignore them. Like most things in life you get out what you put in. Obviously you will come up against things that stop you doing what you want and people in your way who are being obstructive for no reason other than they can. Don't get ground down by it. Jump through the hoops, prove people wrong and work hard. Most of the time you'll get what you want if your patient, work hard and get yourself noticed. The best piece of advice I can give is if you get in, make the tea! It's seems small and trivial, but it will endear you to everyone.
  8. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    It's a very complexed and poorly understood issue. I will be going through the process soon hopefully so I will let you know how I get on. Obviously I've got to get through all the stages but like I mentioned a bit further up, I've already passed the eye test, I'll update as and when something happens.
  9. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    Got an update if sorts on this if anyone is interested. I rang OH the other week to book an eye test so I can keep my driving grade. Went to see them and they asked if I wore glasses or had any "issues" so I mentioned my colour vision problem. I was told straight away that it would preclude me from firearms (as I had mentioned it earlier). Anyhow, did the test including the colour plates and was told my eyes were good enough for both traffic and firearms!
  10. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    Reasonable Man, yet another example of colour deficient people doing jobs they "shouldn't" be able to do. The whole thing needs looking at.
  11. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    Bikerider. I was unaware of that. Interestingly standardised testing across Europe and America was introduced in the late 19th century following the lagerlund train crash in Sweden. It was reasoned by an optician at the time that the accident must have been caused because of the drivers colour defect. The strange thing is they didn't know if the driver was colour defective or not it was just a massive assumption because there was confusion over rail signals. Sadly it seems this put a bar on colour defectives from the out set and they have been banned from certain jobs ever since. The driver of the train was never tested as he died in the accident. No other possible causes were examined until very recently (2004) I think when a university looked at the evidence and concluded that it is highly likely that there was another reason for the crash.
  12. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    Tommo, that's bang on. Thank you.
  13. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    Zulu, I agree safety is paramount. And if it is proven to me that I am unsafe I will accept it. As it stands no can and has not proven it. What I can't accept Is that I'm not given an opportunity to prove myself. I am in effect guilty without trial.
  14. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    ITYO, I get your angle. The job is ignoring a large talent pool potentially of officers more than capable of doing the job but can't because of the old age rules.
  15. Showboat

    Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    What the.... I think I pressed the button 2 many times. Sorry