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  1. dan1

    Stay safe

    Folks, Just about to leave home to commence response night shift. With it being a Friday, no doubt I will be dealing with memmbers of the public that are a little worse for wear! And ensuring they all get home safely. Because of that just want to say to all officers working tonight, hope you all stay safe and return in one piece. You all know what Friday nights can be like !
  2. dan1

    New Uniforms?

    Shouldn't we look smart all the time !
  3. I am assuming that when 14-15% is mentioned it refers to the 'old' pension scheme ? What about the new style that I pay into ?. I believe at present the contribution is about 9.5% Regards Dan
  4. dan1

    Opsre Part 1 and Methods of Study

    I used Blackstones Q & A's and they were brill. Also the Tom Baron audio CD's and again were very beneficial, especially to understand the topic prior to reading from Blackstones. Finally, by far the most valuable study aid was the Checkmate publishing study course. It was very fast pace and intense, but well worth it. All I would say is that if your wanting to pass you need to invest some money, and alot of time! Good luck to everyone for next year.
  5. dan1

    Tired of waiting

    Hi folks, I passed to, thank goodness! The Checkmate publishing course, did it for me. Best investment I made. Well done to everyone that passed, and to everyone else- DON'T GIVE UP !
  6. dan1

    Tired of waiting

    Is it true that on the day of the results you just get told if you have passed or failed, and you then have to wait longer for your mark and a breakdown of the results ?
  7. dan1

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Read the full question. Thanks for the advice Stan, think I may need it ! Lol
  8. dan1

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Hi all, Well just want to wish you all success in the exam. It's been a long time coming, however lets all just hope we get that 55%! (it sounds easy enough !!!). Regards Dan1
  9. dan1

    crammer courses

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has been on a crammer course yet for the OSPRE 1 exam? I am going on one next month and just wondered if people have found them helpful or not? I know there are a few different companies running the courses, I myself am going on a 'checkmate publishing' one.
  10. dan1

    How is it going ?

    Hi everyone, Just thought I would see how everybody is going on with their studies. I must be honest it's harder than I thought it woul be, but hey I will keep plodding on ! I have been doing the blackstones Q and A's but i'm not getting the results I wanted I would appreciate to hear off others studing for the OSPRE1 sergeants, hope i'm not the only one feeling deflated! Good luck everyone and keep up the hard work.
  11. dan1

    Which one ?

    Hi everyone, I am aware there is a OSPRE 1 forum, but more people view this one, hence why I have posted here (hope that is okay with moderators!) Im currently studying for the 2010 sergeant exam. I have been told different stories by different people with regards to if Blackstones Q&A are better/worse than the Ical Q&A. I have been told (by some) that the ICAL questions are more difficult than Blackstones. I was wondering if anyone can give their opinions, especially those who already have stripes or are currently using any of the software. Thanks
  12. dan1

    sgt courses

    Hi everyone, Has anyone ever attended a crammer courses for the sergeant part 1 exam? and if so was it worth the money. Any opinions on the best corses, as I believe there are a few out there. Any info much appreciated. Dan
  13. Hi folks, hope everyone is well, I have posted this on this forum page as i'm aware it's the most looked at. I am in the process of studying for the sergeants exams in 2010. At present I have borrowed my friends Blackstones for the 2008 exams, but as soon as the new ones come out in August I will buy them. I am just concentrating on studying the stuff that won't change anyway i.e. theft. My question is that I believe the Tom Barron study aids are useful and just wondered if anyone could confirm this, and supply me with a link to a website to purchase them and also the audio cd's that I believe are available (It's just I don't want to order the wrong books!) Any help will be appreciated, thanks
  14. dan1


    Hi all, It's been a long time since writing a topic, however here goes! I am coming close to completing my student officer phase and am considering if it is worthwhile studying for my part 1 sgt exam. The reason being that, althogh I am under no illusion that I am capable of wearing any stripes yet I just think it may be good to get the part 1 and then hopefully my part 2 under my belt. I have been told by some colleagues that studying now is alot easier as the law is still thresh in my mind from training. I can not stress enough though that I am not wanting to be a sergeant or even go acting in the near future and am just considering it as I believe I would enjoy the studying and it would obviously improve my knowledge. I obviously am aware that there are people who will say I can study and don't need to do the exam however, if I study I want to think it's because I have a goal. Any feed back would be appreciated.