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  1. Msportman

    1% Pay Rise

    That's correct.....there are thousands queuing at the door of my force every time they open the recruitment process. It's the main reason that they seem to justify paltry rises for police officers and the fact we can't take industrial action. Easy targets and nothing will change. I've been saying it for years as cops generally don't take much notice where I work of government pay rises probably due to apathy and knowing nothing can be done. The only things will change is mass resignations into other careers. I can't see many of the new recruits lasting 40 yrs on the front line. Our force has a particular skills gap emerging especially in CID. Response work mostly on their own and in the small town I live in you can see an upsurge in drug dealing as our 'clients' know we're not about.....dealing with domestics, missing or vulnerable people. That's what government want.
  2. Msportman

    £50 Pay Cut!!

    Fifty pounds might not seem a lot to some but over the past 5 years I've lost hundreds of pounds per month whereas MP's have gained thousands with their bonanza pay rise. It all seems one sided. The richer in society are doing very well where we seem to be hit as do other in middle England time and time again. Interesting what was mentioned in Scotland. And to think that they will recruit on a large scale graduates is joke.....you don't need a degree! What's needed is good communication skills common sense life skills and the ability to have a good command of the English language for reports / statements. I digress but I think a 2.8% pay rise although justified is just a pipe dream.
  3. Msportman

    £50 Pay Cut!!

    Well we are really feeling the pinch in take home pay. It seems we've really been singled out and yes I forgot all of the extra pension contributions. The renumeration for police officers isn't particularly that attractive especially for new starters and as you climb the scale for what we do the pay is pretty mediocre. The only way things will change is a huge drop off in recruitment and officers leaving.
  4. Msportman

    £50 Pay Cut!!

    Opened up my pay slip this morning and was greeted with a nice £50 pay cut courtesy of HMG's increase in NI contributions Must admit I wasn't expecting that much. So how far will we get with this years 2.8% increase the Feds and pay review team are recommending.....nowhere I expect...1% if we are lucky. I've lost so much money in the past 5 years from SPP to CRTP increases in living costs Our living standards are going backwards at such a rate it's hard to believe. I suspect Theresa May following all of the recent events involving the Police will enjoy rejecting any pay increase especially after 'their' inflation busting pay increases and on top of their 11-12% increase last year. Double standards!!
  5. Msportman

    In or Out

    Out out out!!!
  6. I retire in November 2017 on the 1987 PPS scheme. Reading the first part of this thread I'm assuming I'll still be able to commute the 23% lump sum without a tax penalty or am my wrong? If you don't commute and take the pension as a full monthly amount you still pay a small amount of tax in any case. Many would just switch to that arrangement if they just went and slapped a 40% tax on your lump sum. You'd still get the £10k personal tax allowance (due to rise) in any case but it seems a complicated thing and very unpopular to do this retrospectively. He indicated that wouldn't be the case but who knows with this government.
  7. Msportman

    The current price of oil

    99.7 in my local Asda in Somerset. Cheapest by far around here
  8. Funnily this morning there has been the announcement of two 'Rapid Reaction' Military units to bolster the Police in a terrorist attack. When Michael Fallon was pushed on the time scales for the formation of this unit he skirted around the question saying work was already under way!! It later transpires that Sky News reports that this unit won't be fully functional until 2025!! Yet another piece of spin to tell the public they are spending even more to bolster the police therefore justification to cut the frontline now that crime continues to fall !! A perfect cover story for Wednesday's announcement on police spending to allay the public's fears following recent events. I fear there will be no changing of decisions on the police budgets and no watering down of cuts to frontline cops.
  9. It seems that GCHQ will get all the extra funding for spies and IT as trotted out this week by Osbourne May and Co It sadly looks like no extra funding for frontline cops in fact the opposite. It's now whether we suffer a 10% or up to 25% budget cut! It will be the general public who suffer and the poor frontline stressed out trying to cope !
  10. I sense this morning that the tide maybe finally changing with regards to George's proposed spending review reductions on Police budgets next week. After the brief discussions at PMQ's about cuts to Policing together with subsequent debating on various programmes last night together with leak memo to the Home Office regarding the UK's Police ability to deal with a terrorists outrage the pressure must be mounting on May and Osbourne alike. She and Osbourne must sense from the press media and public alike that savage cuts at this moment in time will not only alarm the public but may have a strong influence on her own 'aspirations'! I do now think there may be a deal struck with Osbourne and a large watering down on the potential cuts otherwise it maybe political suicide. It must be particularly painful for May and Cameron to even 'have' to consider a U-turn on this very issue.
  11. Sounds like pressure is already building according tonights Newsnight programme. Some MP's on both camps are already raising the issue prior to next week's announcement on the cuts. Maybe they'll be watered down somewhat?? They certainly need to be revisited ASAP
  12. Will Theresa May, Cameron and Osbourne now revisit Police funding cuts prior to 25th of November when they announce what is thought to be substantial cuts to Police budgets. Surely they must in the face of this awful incident. What would it look like to the public if HMG go ahead with the planned substantial cuts to Police budgets? The press may well be on the case on the run up to this one would think? 2000 extra spy's won't be the only solution to assist Intel Services.....its boots on the ground....good old fashioned Intel from the front line talking to their communities something May seems to avoid when questioned. It's not all done sat behind a PC terminal dealing with cyber crime as she keeps trotting out?
  13. Msportman

    Requirement of a Degree to become a Cop

    And claiming expensive London taxis to convey the ruling elite the 1 mile journey to the luncheon club!!
  14. http://www.policeoracle.com/news/HR_personnel_and_staff_development/2015/Nov/12/policing-to-become-degree-level-profession--like-nursing-_90127.html And the necessity is----????? Surely they are deluded! Is it that well paid??? Most Uni students I know would never entertain a £19k job for what it entails.....many I know will be clueless on joining thinking it's like Gene Hunt or The Bill but it's not all about having a degree is it !
  15. He's 48 and under the 30 yrs.....I assume even Chiefs have to get over 25 yrs and get to 50. I don't know their pension conditions but under normal circumstances I assume he will take a big hit on his lump sum like a normal PC?? In his case tens of thousands of pounds...,who knows??