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  1. Batman2736

    Four cops to face spotlight at Taser Inquiry

    Obviously, A.G. Wally Oppal and the Braidwood Enquiry do not share your opinion, "NeeNaw"... http://www.nationalpost.com/most-popular/story.html?id=1492812
  2. Batman2736

    Police officer seriously injured

    Why, would the officer step outside the Beamer, which at least offered him some protection, in the ramming situation? Surely even if it was Policy, to shout "armed Police"...self preservation mode should kick in and over ride?Batman27362009-04-12 09:49:27
  3. Batman2736

    Sometimes "low tech" is a viable option?

    Whilst negotiations continue, an excellent background article was published in the N.Y. Times, written by Robert Kaplan. It is hard to make a deal with people who only expect to have a short life, under even normal conditions...A negotiaters worst nightmare... http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/12/opinion/12kaplan.html?_r=1
  4. Regretably the following link, leads to the top, or most popular story yesterday,( Friday), in one of Canada's National Newspapers. "Britain's Worst Hour." http://www.nationalpost.com/most-popular/story.html?id=1486034 http://www.nationalpost.com/most-popular/story.html?id/=1486034' target="_blank"> Batman27362009-04-11 23:27:09
  5. Batman2736

    Sometimes "low tech" is a viable option?

    The FBI is bringing experience, cool heads and skills to the hostage negotiations. In late 2008 & January 2009, they advertised and hired, new agents with broad ranging skills especially those fluent in Urdu, Chinese, Japanese,Arabic and Somali languages and customs. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-pirates-fbi10-2009apr10,0,2373233.story
  6. http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=7013
  7. Batman2736

    Mall Security

    I found the contents of this article about the "unpolular Mall Cops" a thought provoking one, for today's times. They actually know and see a lot and many take a real pride in what they do. I must admit that we all enjoyed "Paul Blart, MallCop", which we saw the other day. Obviously others did too! http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/markets/industries/media/quit-bustin-mall-cops-chops/#
  8. In some of the 2008/2009 crisis situations, that are confronting us all over the world...riot gear, high tech, and full "battle gear" often prominently feature. But there often is the "upping the stakes" factor ,(overkill) and perceptions & reaction of "target" groups.. Possibly a risk of becoming an escalating factor. too. The following link illustrates how missiles and heavy armaments may not be the right tools for resolving this modern situation....A problem involving 4 armed Somali pirates and a brave American Cargo ship Captain in a small lifeboat, on a very large ocean. Allegedly the Pirates have called for help from cohorts in other seized ships. containing other hostages.. http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/576860.aspx The FBI negotiaters, (from the Worlds richest nation), will have a great deal of work to do. Forming a bridge. Listening, talking and trying to find common ground, with three young men from an impoverished African country, in a dinghy. Although the sight of the American Destroyer and other advancing warships, may prove a temporary comforting presence. (At least it would for me.)Batman27362009-04-11 13:36:26
  9. Batman2736

    A Quick Terror Job

    Link....Likely for several other officers with the other Forces involved.... Immigration, Border control and global security checks are hot political issues, which must be quickly addressed... For more on this and how quickly information spreads globally.....See todays Times on line story....."Police Chiefs Blunder puts Terror raids at risk." Batman27362009-04-09 07:28:46
  10. Amidst all the bad news stories and complaints against Police there is good news story, from Sacramento. http://www.sacbee.com/static/weblogs/crime/archives/021367.html
  11. The Canadian man who stole the small plane from Eastern Canada and flew it across the Border to the U.S., in hopes of being shot down,.... story is in the World Police News section...
  12. A Canadian resident decided to use a complex, elaborate and high profile way of staging his suicide attempt and lives to tell the tale on the other side of the Border. http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=1473026 Can you imagine how many pages will make up this charge sheet and the list of witnesses for the respective Crown Counsels or District Attorney Offices? Batman27362009-04-08 13:13:04
  13. Batman2736

    Certificate in terrorism studies

    If tis is the same course that was on offer a year ago, through the University of St Andrews?... It is a very good one, with accredited course status, which was recognised as a CEU course, for me...But I do not know about the MET, ...your Training Officer, will likely know the answer.Batman27362009-04-08 11:24:10
  14. Batman2736

    G20 Protests

    Thanks for giving that perspective, tonyw. The question that Penbwlch posed about English Law governing protest struck a memory chord with me, with an event and Law Lords judgement, in favour of protesters, in the 1990's. I had to go out & did not then have time to research it...I do now so... Here is what a BBC report of 1999 says.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/290584.stm A U.K. Government link that may also be useful and informative to this debate, focusing specifically on protests, (legal framework for peaceful protest) is...... http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/jt200809/jtselect/jtrights/47/4705.htm
  15. Batman2736

    G20 Protests

    Britain subscribes to the Civil Liberties which are contained within the European Convention on Human Rights. Public Protest and peaceful assembly are contained within that act and subsequent other acts. ... Depending on your retirement date...the Act may have been in place then too, as it is not all that recent.Batman27362009-04-07 15:47:28