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  1. sundodger

    Unfit to drive?

    'Mr M was unfit to drive because oif a cold and he hadn't even taken any remedies. Which meant I had to drive his car back from his Mum's.' You are joking are'nt you?
  2. sundodger

    PCSO recruitment

    Where I work we now have specials making up the minimum staffing on traffic. Now I'm not a 'specials basher' per se, without some of them manning prisoner escort vans on busy week-ends we would struggle. However, I'm dismayed at the policing on the cheap by specials and pcso's which is impacting on the fight against crime. I worked hard to get where I am, board passed, advanced and pursuit driving course, PG9 prohibition, digitac course, Vascar trained etc etc. and now we have to mentor unpaid volunteers who make it appear that minimum staffing levels are maintained to provide a service to the public we serve. There are no plans in the forseeable future to replace retiring officers on our department and contrary to what politicians would say, it will impact on front line policing.
  3. sundodger

    Federation 'Roads Policing' conflab

    That'll be a NO then.
  4. sundodger

    Coppers- Channel 4 1st November

    Gavvers=police; Gypsy/Traveller term.
  5. sundodger

    when to start the questions

    Go on to the 'Click and Buy' and it will give you an 8 month option as well as the 12 and 3.
  6. sundodger

    Facebook Invite

    A colleague who regularly posts job related stuff on his Facebook page has had a cautionary e-mail from our PSD.
  7. sundodger

    Driving Licences - Foreign Nationals

    I've stopped a few drivers who have accumulated in excess of 20 points on their licence and they have not been banned or revoked and are still entitled to drive.
  8. sundodger


    Seems PCSO's are getting down with the 'yoof' in Oadby on BMX bikes. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/lawandorder/7656850/Police-criticised-for-BMX-patrols.html
  9. sundodger

    Unmarked cars

    I stopped a criminal lawyer recently on a motorway in an unmarked vehicle. He was reported for excess speed (>100mph) and his response after NIP..... 'I'm late for Court'. Not sure if he's going NG, but it did amuse me at the time. He never asked if the use of an unmarked police vehicle was lawful.
  10. sundodger

    Was an arrest necessary

    Totally agree with Bikerider, it seems that some officers arrest as the first resort rather than the last. Custody Sgts's also have a responsibility to bin an arrest having heard the circ's from the OIC. If I was the victim I would be sueing for unlawful arrest.sundodger2009-05-22 13:21:18
  11. sundodger

    driving licence

    Slightly related to your post and may be beneficial to some of you. You can now apply for a photocard licence 'on-line' via the DVLA website. Whilst applying for a VEL I saw a link relating to this. It's a very quick service witha turnaround of about 4 days. If you are in possession of a valid UK passport they use the signature and photograph from this to transfer to the licence. So if they are any of you out there with a disintegrating paper licence, use this excellent service.
  12. sundodger

    Dodgey plates

    On the subject of misrepresentation of reg marks, I usually issue VDRS and explain politely to people the reason for being stopped. What really pi$$es me off is when I see them driving around again with the plates back on after complying with the notice. That's when, given the opportunity, they get the £30 fine and if it's a cherished plate, notify DVLA. There are a growing number of driver's flouting the law and this country seems to be the only one in the world that tolerates this. I don't make an effort to concentrate on just this offence, but I do deal with this, as and when the opportunity arises, ie. when I'm not being sent to BIP/Panic alarms/Domestics etc.
  13. sundodger

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Followed a Yamaha R1 doing in excess of 150mph on motorway. Foot hard down on the accelerator in a T5 still not keeping up. Unfortunately for him, someone pulled out in lane 4 and held him up. Pulled the it over and he thought he was doing 70-80mph. This bike is capable of speeds in excess of 160mph-180mph. This doughnut was uninsured on an '07 plate bike, not wearing any boots, leathers or armour and casually dressed. Seized the bike and took him to the rail station. See him in court. Black Cat that!
  14. sundodger

    A Clip Round The Ear

    This sort of behaviour by police sounds very similar to the Spanish way of dealing with drunken yobs. I've seen the Policia Local meting out justice on the streets to British and Irish tourists who thought that they could get away with the sort of behaviour that occurs on our towns and cities each week-end. There is respect for the Police in Spain which we sadly don't have in this country anymore.