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  1. BIkerider

    Learner Drivers

    Most dealerships have full access to vehicle types, power outputs and performance for vehicles going back at least 25 years. I know that the records for one of my 2 BMW motorcycles are stored and can be accessed at any BMW dealership with the frame number. I found out that the oldest which is a 30 yr old bike, was 1st registered in Germany in May 1986 when I asked about a factory recall in 1990 concerning the brakes. I had no idea it was an 'import'. Yes information is a bit raggy around the edges, with some details a bit sketchy, but there is no reason why secondary legislation cannot be introduced to make accurate information available to all forces on demand. It is already available for Insurance Companies when you call them about quotes, they have VERY detailed information so they can base their figures on this info.
  2. BIkerider

    Learner Drivers

    It has been proposed that all learner drivers may be required to undergo training using motorways with guidance of 'approved' imstructors. Well they have been doing it for at least 35 years in Germany, Belgium and possibly other countries on the Continent. It is about time that they got to grips with it here. There is also a proposal for a minimum number of hours under qualified instructors before they are allowed to undertake the test. However I think they are only going part way and that also that only driving schools should be allowed to take learner drivers out and not allow family and friends to act as accompanying experenced passengers. There are some poor 'qualified' instructors on the roads - we have all seen their gaffs I am sure, but there are al whole mountain of shocking drivers who will pass on their bad habits to learners. Now that they appear (possibly) to be getting to grips with the incidence of badly trained drivers, how about limiting the type of car to one with a low maximum power output or engine size, similar in principal to that young motorcyclists are required to have.
  3. It has been proposed that juveniles/young adults convicted of crimes when they are aged under18 will get a life long anonymity. As I heard it on the news this will be for all offences where they appear in court. What the hell for? people will know who they are even after their sentence has been completed. I can understand it (But not agree with it) for the killers of the todler in LIverpool a few years ago. So if they get arrested again after their original sentence is completed and the evidence is sufficient for a charge ,and they are now over 18, will they be charged under their old name or new name? I can almost understand it if they are under 18 but once they become legally adults, all gloves must come off. Another well thought out proposal, but still an absolute dogs dinner (appologies to a dogs dinner)
  4. BIkerider

    Serious Public Disorder

    Mark101. To be quite honest, I don't think some management know exactly what is going on, issueing one edict then countermanding it when the situation dictates due to shortages.. They are so wrapped up chasing their own tails brought on by the restrictions on manpower and money to recruit more they have difficulty in deciding if they are punch bored or countersunk! tempered by the possibility of discipline if they get it wrong.
  5. BIkerider

    Donald Trump

    The stress will cause havoc with his metabolism and will surely have a detrimental effect on his well being. As for his love of money I think that is exceeded by his love of himself. I don't wish him any ill, but on the other hand nor do I wish him to damage the US and the Status Quo elsewhere in the world. My personal feeling is he should now think about his early retirement for the good of everyone.
  6. BIkerider

    Welcome to the Upgraded PoliceUK Forum

    Indeed. It's good to see some old names again.
  7. Was the candidate a Graduate?
  8. BIkerider

    Merry Christmas

    Indeed. Those officers who are/were out and about looking after things continue to do the job whilst politicians continue to push their heads further into the sand. My very best wishes to all on duty over the holiday and beyond.
  9. BIkerider

    Serious Public Disorder

    It has been reported on the BBC that over 100 persons were involved in a mass brawl outside clubs and pubs in Woking, Surrey. Taxi drivers were intimidated and there were 4 arrests before peace was restored. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-38430669 Either Surreypol are seriously undermanned or there was not enough officers on duty but with that number of people involved only 4 arrests is not a lot.
  10. BIkerider

    Forum Adverts

    Yes but not as complex. Less wording but the same symbol in the top right corner. The one advert telling that they could speed up access to E mail particularly annoyed me. Who knows exactly what it is and what it could do.
  11. BIkerider

    Forum Adverts

    No I don't but a description of the one I am looking at presently is an oblong about 2cm by 15cm with a smaller green oblong about 1cm x 5cm in the centre with the word "Login to your email" in the centre. In the top right hand corner are two icons in small grey squares. One has an "X" and the other a triangle on its side. Clicking on the triangle gives the worde "AdChoices" Clicking on the X gives a drop down menue of:- "Ad covers this page" and "Report this ad" In the bottom right hand corner are the words "LoginEasier" The other one I reported was very similar, but with different proportions. The green square was very definitely a button I feel these are quite misleading and should be removed if at all possible.
  12. BIkerider

    Forum Adverts

    On random pages on this forum is a 'pop up' ad which I do not see anywhere else. This invites me and presumably others to click on the tab to get quick access to my E mail. This seems to be a google add, but is an unwanted and an unwarranted intrusion onto the forum. As I said I do not see it anywhere else but here. It is not there every time, but I am suspicious of anything that offers a 'Free Update' for anything relating to computers. I ignore it but someone may click on this sometime and we do not know if it is legitimate or not. There is another one I have just seen with a big green button for a PDF Converter. Is management aware of these
  13. BIkerider

    Suspect shot

    Don't hold your breath
  14. BIkerider

    Stay Safe

    And from me too. Chill out at work and home. it is rarely as bad as it seems. Merry Christmas and a damn good new year to all
  15. BIkerider


    Sadly a man dies and leaves his wife as a grieving widow. She does her duty and arranges for an undertaker to collect his mortal remains and prepare him for a funeral. He tells her to get back in touch in a couple of days when she will be able to view the deceased before he screws the coffin lid down. So in two days she attends the Chapel of Rest where the curtains are pulled aside to revela he husband peacefully at sleep wearing a blue suit. Aghast the widow stars sobbing, saying her husband hated blue suits and wanted it changed before being interred. The undertaker took it all in his stride and told the widow to return home and he would call her back when it had all been sorted out. Later that day another man was brought in dead and he was wearing a black suit! He did what he had to and then called the widow to come back and re-view the deceased. She duly arrived and saw her husband was now wearing a black suit. Overwhelmed with grattitude she thanked the undertaker shaking his hand constantly. She then left at which point the undertakers assistant came in and said "Whew that was a close thing, just how did you do it?" "Easy" He said. "I just swapped the heads"