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  1. I see that we are into the silly season again and management are trying to stop officers claiming the above 4 hrs OT by saying that an officer will have to remain on duty for the full 4 hrs before they will get paid it........................Can management enforce this and if an officer leaves at 08-10hrs can they be disciplined if all paperwork has been completed for the handover prisoner? Management state that officers should go out to other jobs on the box & deal................I don't think so! Are any other Forces doing this. cheers John
  2. John101999

    4hrs OT working into a Rest Day/Banking Holiday

    8-15am working into a rest day but if you work past 07-15am into a Bank Holiday then you are entitled to 4hrs DT & a Day back...........the 1/2hr does not apply on Bank Holidays and Banks Holidays are not part of the FSDR............never knew this & now management are saying to claim 4hrs you must work the 4hrs. Fed never replied to me..................
  3. John101999

    Pension Challenge

    Has anything happened since Feb'17?
  4. John101999


    There is not a lot to talk about now the pension thread is dead………….it is the CP & Zulu show now. i have had enough of it now and off to new sites. Alll the Best, I will think of myself in the future & hell to anyone else. Bye Bye
  5. John101999

    Pension - Losers Support Thread

    On the subject of losers……… I see we have lost another bit of the CRTP, and my pay has gone done again this month. Also see that Mrs May has proposed overnight allowance to be £50, flat payment, even if shared accommodation is provided…..use to be £80. Keeping volunteering and your pay will decrease in the future!
  6. John101999

    Very last pay slip

    Yes you are correct but I stated an 18yr old joining today would need to work to 60yrs to get a full pension Full pension=100% for them at age 60yrs………….at age 55yrs they would lose 25%, so not a full pension, however you want to work it out. ……………so working 30yrs on the front line will be nothing in years to come, that was my point in general, thanks. Have a happy retirement and live life to the full……...….don't read this site!
  7. John101999

    Very last pay slip

    Yeap, 42 yrs for an 18yr old joining today to get a full pension…..………………….you had the good times Zulu, just be glad you have retied and got your money.
  8. John101999

    Very last pay slip

    Well it could be 42yrs on the front line soon…………..
  9. John101999


  10. John101999


    I have heard of several people who have been refused assistance …………what happens if Fed cover costs and then it is proved in court the officer is lying and is committed to prison, do the Fed recoup their money…..ie our subs?
  11. John101999


    All protected………..it is easy to say these things when the changes don't apply to them……..Fact. If everyone had to take a hit, current & retired then things would be different. At the end of the day it is all down to saving money and how they do it is open to debate!
  12. John101999


    Save your £300 wisely………….
  13. John101999


    Pension dead………closed for business
  14. John101999


    Where do I find the Alton Towers discounts……………………..I fancy that, better than nothing. The young ones don't give a dam, the protected are alright, the only ones I have heard anything from are the middle third……....I will think of myself in the future and don't give a dam about anyone else………..11yrs to do and I am off back to my homeland, Scotland
  15. John101999

    Election and political debate 2015

    The purdah period typically begins six weeks before the scheduled election, in each authority on the day the notice of election is published; for the 2015 General and local elections purdah will begin on Monday 30 March.[2] Purdah has been imposed in ministerial guidance since at least the early 20th century reflecting an earlier "self-denying ordinance", and has considerable moral authority, its breach carrying with it in worst cases the possibility of actions for abuse of power and misconduct in public office. Otherwise its lack of statute or common law means different local authorities adopt different standards as to the extent to which they observe the convention,[3] and executives are always mindful of the possibility of decisions being open to judicial review on the grounds of legitimate expectations, breach of natural justice, or procedural impropriety if purdah is breached. Where observed by executive officers purdah bars entering into any transactions or carrying out any works which would clearly, directly conflict with thestated intentional commitments (manifesto) of the cabinet or shadow cabinet in any authority. When local elections are being held at the same time as a general election this higher standard is usually applied.[4] At the national level, major decisions on policy are postponed until after the purdah period, unless it is in the national interest to proceed or a delay would waste public money. The Cabinet Office issues guidance before each election to civil servants, including those in the devolved national parliaments and assemblies.[1] Purdah also continues after the election during the time in which new MPs and ministers are sworn in. In the event of an inconclusive election result, purdah does not end until a new government forms. When no party has an overall majority, it may take some time before a minority or coalition government is formed. Section 2 of the Local Government Act 1986 prohibits the publication by local authorities of material which in whole or in part appears to be designed to affect public support for a political party. ………………I had never heard of this saying, until I started to work in a department with council workers and they kept going on about it. I don't think it applies to police as we should be impartial at all times.
  16. John101999

    Election and political debate 2015

    Is that not partly due to zero hrs contacts & the age children left school changed so they were all taken off the unemployment numbers at the same time…….. Living standards are up for the OAPs, they are the only ones who have money and good pensions (like you Zulu). Went to garden centre today and full of old folk buying stuff and a lot have got good suntans………they are living the dream that we will never see due to their disposable incomes. Just read that Tory letter signed by 100 top people………….no wonder they want a Tory government so they don't have to pay Corporation Tax i.e. philip green's wife lives in Monaco so he paid her £1.5m last year, paid no tax!………..so the posh party looking after their posh mates!
  17. John101999


    I can't complain about our local Fed, they do reply, they say how it is and don't beat about the bush…….sometimes I don't think they get it right and they could shout louder at what the CC is doing but in the main they do a good job. It is the National Fed who are a disgrace at this time under Mr White.
  18. John101999


    Spoke with our Local Fed and they have stated that they are taking the full pension issues to an independent QC, not National Fed, for advice and they will publish full details in due course. It will cost some money but money well spent to get totally independent advice. ………..well, can't argue with this. This is the start or end or the challenge………..will update when received.
  19. John101999


    Cheese-puff is really Mrs May ……………………I hope he is wrong but he certainly knows his stuff. Fed states that it is taking legal advice, wait to see what comes out from it.
  20. John101999


    I suppose it is worth taking any discrimination cases regarding pensions, after reading this case in GMP………...anything is worth a go. Mather v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police ET/242762/2013, ET/2409037/2013 & ET/2409239/2013 sex discrimination | indirect discrimination | term-time working An employment tribunal has found that Greater Manchester Police indirectly discriminated against a single-parent police officer who worked term time only when it introduced a requirement that she work nine days during school holidays. The case is a stark reminder to public-sector organisations reviewing flexible working arrangements as a way to cut costs to beware of the potential for discrimination.
  21. John101999


    Disability discrimination Maximum award: £729,347 Average award: £52,087 Sex discrimination Maximum award: £442,366 Average award: £19,499 Race discrimination Maximum award: £374,922 Average award: £18,584 Sexual orientation discrimination Maximum award: £163,725 Average award: £20,384 Age discrimination Maximum award: £48,710 Average award: £10,931 Religious discrimination Maximum award: £9,500 Average award: £4,886 ​…………..so how will they work out the payments if A19 officers win. Here is a copy of the avg payout for age discrimination £10K…………..is that what these officers are fighting for, a max years wage.
  22. Anyone watch the programme on BBC tonight regarding private security G4S 'Strreet to Suite' for prisoners. I was not aware that this was happening in other forces. Both prisoners had double crewed officers when arrested and handed them over to G4S. Has it really saved the Force that much money, as the officers would have been required to attend custody at some point to sign for their prisoner & process. It could save on travelling time, booking in time and then travelling back to scene. But way that up with paying for 2 G4S officers, has the Force actually saved any money? Are there any other jobs G4S or equivalent firms carry out instead of PCs in other Forces? i.e. missing from home, sitting at hospital, sitting in custody, mental health escorting or sitting, traffic scenes, G4S PCSOs etc……………..
  23. John101999


    Don't have detections any more………..we have finalisation results………I think 18+ different results.
  24. John101999

    BBC Programe / Private Security G4S

    Police transport solutions G4S and police custody partnerships The term "Street To Suitetm" is trademarked by G4S Policing Support Services "Street To Suitetm" We can provide trained staff with purpose-designed cellular secure vehicles that can move detainees from the point of arrest to Custody. These vehicles are deployed at the direction of Force Control Rooms and local police supervision and can be pro actively available supporting front line police officers. Our vehicles can additionally be used as temporary holding facilities at custody suites during peak times. Should a G4S vehicle be waiting in a custody queue, any further arresting officers arriving in the queue can quickly transfer their detained persons to the G4S staff and immediately return to crime scenes or public order situations. All such transfers are fully documented and PACE compliant. We have provided these services in South Wales, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Wiltshire, Cambridge and Bedfordshire and now in Lincolnshire on a permanent contract basis. Furthermore, our experiences demonstrate that quantifiable savings in police overtime and staffing can be achieved by introducing this integrated service with Custody Suite operations Our"Street To Suitetm" service is particularly useful in rural areas, where scarce numbers of police officers face the challenge of how to maintain a police presence whilst also needing to escort detainees to custody. Lincolnshire Chief Constable Neil Rhodes talks about "Street To Suitetm" "A real practical example of strategic partnership and where Police Officers have really felt the benefit" As an extension to our Street to Suite service our staff and vehicles can be utilised to enhance assistance to operational officers and custody suites as follows:- Suite to Street our vehicles can be deployed to return vulnerable persons and juveniles to designated locations Suite to Suite moving detainees between Custody Suites at busy times when cell availability is at a premium. This will enable police resources to remain on front line tasks and not on time consuming and unproductive escort duties Prison Productions We can collect prisoners from designated prisons in circumstances where those prisoners are required to attend a custody suite as a result of a police production order. We will return them to the prison upon completion of Police enquiries. This service allows warranted officers to concentrate on the investigation of serious and protracted criminal investigations and negates the requirement for their involvement in transport duties. Wanted Detainee Collections Where a detainee is held in custody beyond a force boundary, we can collect and bring them to the appropriate Custody Suite. If the request is made of a locally deployed Street to Suite vehicle, it is at the discretion of the force as to whether the vehicle and staff are best deployed within force or, at an appropriate time, deployed out of force for detainee collection. We have provided this service in Lancashire and have transported detainees from Scotland back to Lancashire when they have been wanted for questioning.
  25. Yeap, Mags throw it out…………..I remember this also happened about 10yrs ago, where a female colleague was assaulted by a female and when it went to court her solicitor said that his client did not know she was a police officer, dressed in black, as their was no police sign on their new black jackets. They were brand new and we had nothing saying police on the back, on the front it said police……..…case dismissed and all jackets were taken back in to have the word police sewn on the back………….…the big give away was the police car with flashing lights at the scene.