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  1. twohopes2012

    What maths to revise

    Never heard of a force letting you use a calculator! Ever! The test is of basic maths (depending on your point of view) nothing that requires or justifies a calculator! By that measure you would be able to use a dictionary in the English exam!!
  2. twohopes2012

    PSNI IST exam

    By the way you can't go overboard on revision! Every man and his dog applies for the PSNI! You would be a fool to go in half cocked!!
  3. twohopes2012

    PSNI IST exam

    For me the Jock exam books are the hardest! I'd use them anyway! Have you seen the sample test on the PSNI web site? My mate is still waiting for a result and she put her app in ASAP!! Not sure if she has been knocked back or it's just a slow process! Do you have contact details for the recruitment company? It's not on the web site!
  4. twohopes2012

    Diamond Jubilee Pin

    Both the Jubilee medal and the Olympic medals are medals for rocking up and wearing a hat! I have no idea why I even have them! Seem tokenistic to me (in all senses)! If I had a medal for doing something brave I'd wear it!
  5. twohopes2012

    PSNI IST exam

    Sorry mate someone I know is waiting for a result back from the PSNI as per the result of their Internet application! As I understand it the process only closed on Friday! Have you been offered the exam already? My advice is to use either the PIRT book or the jock exam books (the harder of the two)!!
  6. twohopes2012

    PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Crikey! It's happening! Wonder if we are all who we think you are! I reckon I've identified three of ya!!
  7. twohopes2012

    Why do we bother?

    Peter Hitchens father was a very important and well regarded British Navy officer........but this is his son......who was rejected from the Navy on day one. Peter Hitchens had a brother called Christopher Hitchens who was clever enough to get in to Oxford.......but this is Peter Hitchens....he only just managed to get in to York. Peter Hitchens brother Christopher was a genius and was loved and admired by thousands of people all over the world (even those who didn't agree with him)! BUT this isn't Christopher Hitchens.....this is the little brother who never got anywhere! The brother who wrote rants for the worst paper in Britain. The runt of the litter trying to make a big noise so that he gets the attention his brother rightly won. Peter Hitchens was a Marxist until the mid 70's...........but poor Pete then concluded that Marxism was b****cks and had to become a Tory instead. Sad! There is one in every family!
  8. twohopes2012

    Met Pc Killed

    Shocking! Poor lad! RIP!
  9. twohopes2012

    Met Police Recruitment August 2013

    If you get a good quality news paper it will give you: A) the obvious stuff - public problems with Police work, stop and search, detection rates etc AND b ) slightly broader stuff that will effect you as a Police officer ....such as immigration. When the Bulgarians and Romanians come to the U.K will they be subject to hate crimes, what about the Afghan interpreters that are coming? Will Police need to take a wider role in I migration with UKBA being under staffed? Will the economy effect the Police? What about Prison building? Community punishments? What about the Home Secretary? Good stuff to talk about! If your reading the Times/Telegraph and can discuss relevant content it shows that your intelligent and that your bothered enough to do the research!!
  10. twohopes2012

    Met Police Recruitment August 2013

    Oh....and dress to impress. Thinking back many moons to when I was trying to join the job I remember seeing a guy turn up for assessment dressed like Craig David. He didn't get through the first assessment.
  11. twohopes2012

    Met Police Recruitment August 2013

    I would say this. As long as your not mad, or have extreme political or religious views content will be secondary to style. What these tests are all about is confidence. By fluke I have had to assist with a new recruitment day for a small force recently. One recruit was clearly very well qualified and capable BUT he barely spoke in assessments and as such he didn't make it. Make sure your pushy. Make your voice heard. You can't possibly give the 'right' answer in terms of Police knowledge because you don't have any. Read a good quality paper every day until your interview and go on the home web site. See what the management think. Some might say your opinion should be the same/similar to managements view. Remember in a group you must be the key figure.
  12. twohopes2012

    PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Yea but I dont work without breakfast! Wait until you see me eat! I'll be in the canteen as soon as the shutter comes up!!
  13. twohopes2012

    PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Anyone know if we're supposed to do a passing out parade? Not fussed either way but I'm going to have to get plane tickets and accommodation sorted for people and don't want to do it late at the highest possible price!!
  14. twohopes2012

    PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Lads, don't sweat! We're signed off! Stick a suit on on Monday morning! Parade in the Canteen at 07:50 and someone will have to sort it out! That's my plan if I don't hear anything else! Their pension bods haven't got back to me yet and I contacted them a LONG time ago!!
  15. twohopes2012

    Notting Hill Carnival Dance-Off

    They are talking about disciplining these boys! What's fuss about anything! If we're too distant were cold and robotic and if we are social were letting the side down! What DO they want us to do exactly?