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  1. thisisme


    Does anyone know if Specials are classed as internal applicants when applying for vacancies?
  2. thisisme


    In the world of investigations, a PSI is a what? Or a who, more accurately? What does PSI stand for?
  3. thisisme


    Evening all. I have seen an opportunity on the IPCC website to become a civilian investigator - a role I am interested in. I obviously understand that the IPCC is viewed with some resentment from within the police force (I am not looking for a debate about the merits of the IPCC) and I understand that there will never be a joint IPCC-Police Xmas party. However, does this resentment extend so far that, if I was to become an IPCC investigator and later apply for a similar position within the police, my application would be viewed negatively and my experience as an investigator hampered by the fact it was an IPCC position? Thoughts? All constructive input appreciated.
  4. thisisme

    A Question

    Evening all. I was talking to an officer the other day who said 'Police Review' is a good police magazine, which often has a better list of police vacancies than you could find by scouring the internet. However, Police Review has been out of print for over a year (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15686270), so I am guessing he is confusing it with another Police magazine that is often found lying around stations. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this might be called? I am looking for a magazine I can subscribe to and get the inside track on police vacancies basically. Many thanks to all. Any info welcome.
  5. thisisme

    Assistance Required

    Oh no, but I was having so much fun!
  6. thisisme

    Assistance Required

    I hope you lot aren't always this easily wound up.
  7. thisisme

    Assistance Required

    Easy tiger.
  8. thisisme

    Assistance Required

    Which force was this out of interest? And was it internally or externally advertised?
  9. Hi there, I am currently a Special Constable and have an interest in a career relating to crime/legal issues. Having been a Special Constable now for 7 months, I have come to the conclusion that it is not for me. I am perhaps looking for something more academic. Therefore, my question is about whether there are police staff roles within major crime teams? I know I could reach a position like this (where you would be a part of time investigating major crimes, eg murder squads/fraud squads etc) by becoming a Constable and working my way up, but this is not for me. I am looking for a role where I would be involved in using my brain in problem solving and crime investigation, without being a Police Officer. I understand that roles like this simply may not exist, but if you don't ask, you don't get! Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.