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  1. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    in case they saw their
  2. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    gents instead & forced all
  3. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    the ladies toilet & caused Ah ok, thanks!
  4. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    made a disgusting mess on Is there still a messaging thing on here? Want to say sorry to Pemby
  5. Jinkies

    Advice please re malicious emails

    No that's fine, thank you. I know that I shouldn't talk about it on here really & that the whole story needs to be heard for accurate advice to be given. Just wanted to know a general consensus before I say anything to this person as in "I will get the police involved", just in case they have done their research & know that nothing can be done. As it's getting to the point where I think a threat of other involvement is all that will stop them.
  6. Hi guys (& girls), Very sorry if this the wrong part of the forum to put this in (& mods feel free to move it), you know I'm genuine. I just wanted a bit of advice regarding getting emails that aren't threatening in a physical way but are very hurtful & threatening that things will be sent to friends & family. Just what, if anything can be done about them? And would it be a police matter? The emails use obscene language if that helps & although they don't say they are going to do anything to me, they just graphically state what they want to see done to me. It's really upsetting & just want to check if I can do anything as no matter what I say they won't go away. I've thought about blocking them, but ignoring them makes them threaten to contact other people & they've set up another email address. Please advise.
  7. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    because she'd finally beaten her
  8. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    I'm all good, thanks! who have great big hairy
  9. Jinkies

    5 Word Story (2)

    who was very good at
  10. Jinkies

    Jinkies Birthday

    Unfortunately Pen I am still in that wretched office that I was in before. Not for want of trying, but I get very nervous in interviews (& I've tried the "imagine your interviewer naked" trick) Still 9 years to 40 & I am making the most of them!!!
  11. Jinkies

    5 word story

    spread onto the back of
  12. Jinkies

    5 word story

    in a sticky substance, resembling
  13. Jinkies

    Jinkies Birthday

    Thank you! Yes 'tis I...Jinkies! Thanks Mav for highlighting my age there
  14. Jinkies

    where has everyone gone?

    Jinkies is back!!!...sort of (Stirrer in Chief????? ) There was an issue with internet at home & also my work is ridiculously busy so don't get a chance there anymore. Plus recently, had a bit more of a problem at home over the last 2 months, which can't really be discussed on here, much as I'd like to have a rant
  15. Jinkies

    3ws The Manner House

    an amazing sensation Hello again!