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  1. westender

    Famous ex coppers

    Wade Dooley - England Rugby international
  2. westender

    Basic , but it works !

    I have been studying for Pt 1 (second attempt) using blackstones but then condensing the information onto blank index/record cards (about 5cm x 10cm) . I have found I have retained a lot more info than before , both from writting the cards out and from reading through them time after time after time ..... A bit basic I know ! but it does work I am feeling a lot more confident this time !
  3. westender

    Transfer to the Met

    A number of Met BOCUs now work a 12hr shift pattern with 4 or 5 days off at a time . as a result of this (and the free rail travel) it is not uncommon for some core team officers to live 2hrs+ outside of London . On my team we have people living in Brighton , Cambridge etc . As long as your trains start early enougth to get you in for a 7am start , it is do-able ... if a bit gutty at the end of nights ! Very few officers can afford to live in London , even if they wanted to ...
  4. westender

    Met Police Section Houses

    I know that Paddington , Heathrow and Gilmour section houses are still going . I lived in Gilmour (Kennington) for 12 months in the late 90's . At that time it was OK but I believe it has been "tarted up" since then . The rooms are pretty small but most people add their own home comforts and at least they get cleaned regularly . I think Gilmour had a basement gym with some dilapadated rowing machines etc but Holmes Place it was'nt !
  5. westender

    MOD police

    Hi , I am currently considering a transfer out of the MPS and am considering the MOD police. Anyone out there done a similar transfer ? My main concern is whether my current skills (response driver,public order and POLSA) will be recognised , or do I go back to square 1 ?