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  1. SimonReed


    No mate, I have recently been accepted to Gwent Police. Start on 7th April.
  2. SimonReed

    Car lights on all day - Safer roads?

    Commister - Most new bikes mean you can't actually turn your lights off. Mine included. Benno - I think your statement about motorcyclists and their own safety views is abit far-fetched. We are all concerned for our safety as much as the next man but just because we choose a specific type of transport doesn't necessarily mean we have to be at a disadvantage to other road users. Some road users are completely blase when it comes to bikers. They think they rule the road, they don't give right of way when they should and take full advantage of our vunerability. By having headlights on in the day it can make a difference in getting people to actually see us coming in the first place. Whether these people are stupid enough to act any different remains to be seen but giving us an advantage, things could turn out better.
  3. SimonReed


    Chris, Being a recent applicant myself I can almost guarantee that your fitness test will not be conducted for at least another 2/3months. If you haven't even sent off your application form you have these stages to go through : 1.) Send Application In 2.) Paper sift and invitation to assessment centre if successful 3.) Assessment centre completed and wait for positive/negative outcome 4.) Fitness/medical sections 5.) Final interviews (if necessary) Between each of these sections you are normally looking at between 3-4 weeks MINIMUM. A bit of a pain I know but these guys have hundred's of applications to process...
  4. SimonReed


    Cheers guys.. In short the appeals were for tattoos. Original application was rejected after the assessment centre due to a few tattoo's on my arms. Managed to have it over turned by neighbouring force.
  5. SimonReed


    After almost 1 and half yrs of joy, pain, is he?, isn't he?, appeals and tests I have finally received my elusive offer letter. 1# of Training : 7th April. Hasn't sunk in yet to be fair. I remember registering on this forum back in 06' thinking it was all over. How much has happened since then is crazy! Going home later to enjoy my celebratory bottle of wine I received 2yrs ago for passing my A/C haha - a little overdue but the maturing won't have done an ounce of harm Yay me !!! Wooo Hooo !!SimonReed2008-03-07 11:04:39
  6. SimonReed


    Good job they aren't making you pay for your stab-proof vest then..
  7. SimonReed


    Congrats Annette.. What's your 'Day 1' letter ?? Is that an offer of employment letter ??
  8. SimonReed

    The Terrible State

    Who, out of interest, would be able to lead this change you all seek?? Labour as a party but just a different leader ?? Out with labour and in with the Lib Dems, Conservatives?? Or a completely 'new' political party ?? As much as I agree with the eradication of some of Britain's core values, I still don't really see a viable alternative at the moment?? Not exactly blessed with dynamic politicians are we ??
  9. SimonReed

    A/C Passed!!!

    Congrat's mate - nice feeling isn't it ??!! With regards to the fitness test, I sat mine last month with Gwent. Different force I know but I don't think its going to be too different from what will be asked of you. Basically you run the bleep test up to level 4.5 as a warm up. Once that has stopped, you start again and run the bleep test up to the required level. 5.6 I think it is. Once the bleep test is done, you'll do the static strength exercises. You sit on a contraption that isn't to dissimilar from a rowing machine. You 'push' the bar away from you one side whilst you pull the bar towards you from the other side. You get a couple of warm up goes then 5 'proper' goes which are averaged out and your best score put forward. If I can try and put your mind at rest a little by saying this: If you can run at a light pace, and I literally mean a very gentle cantor for more than 10 mins, can easily achieve 10/20 press ups you will absolutely FLY the test. That isn't me being overly optimistic, thats the cold hard fact of how easy the test is. As the instructor said to us, it isn't even a 'test' rather an 'assessment'. If you don't have the required level on Mar 10th, you can resit another 2 times. Trust me though, if you can sustain life without sweating when you reach for the remote, you'll be fine.
  10. SimonReed

    Another stupid defence?

    How do people suppose that a woman who had recently stabbed herself around the head and neck 31 times then manage to strip herself ??
  11. SimonReed

    What are you scared of ??

    A thoroughly true, but quite depressing, statement if ever there was one
  12. SimonReed

    Should Shootist "Give it a rest"?

    You forgot the 'I don't care' option .. most of us on here are looking for police related information first and police flavoured opinion second
  13. SimonReed

    What are you scared of ??

    No one is scared of getting old then ?? ..and I mean the 85+ yr old where things are always a chore rather than a treat ??
  14. SimonReed

    What are you scared of ??

    would you ever allow an ant to walk across your hand then??