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  1. toffeewrapper


    Another thing with the BBC report The Chief doesnt say how he came across the photo ......just that he had stuck this photo up and commented on Twitter. Was this taken by a member of the public or does Chiefy himself go prowling round local carparks hoping to spot poorly parked police vehicles so he can make a petty point. Surely a quiet word in the shell like earole of the person that parked the vehicle and an explanation would have been more appropriate.
  2. toffeewrapper

    Donald Trump

    I find it really ironic that the democratic protestors are protesting about a democratic vote. Just like Brexit its only democratic if it goes their way
  3. toffeewrapper

    Donald Trump

    There is one thing I would like to know Now that Trump has become President .............. Will Airforce 1 be renamed the Flying Fart ?
  4. toffeewrapper


    I was lay in bed the other day with the wife. "What would you like to do to my body" I asked her. IDENTIFY IT wasnt the answer I was really looking for
  5. toffeewrapper

    How has the Police changed you as a person?

    Theres an echo in ere
  6. toffeewrapper

    How has the Police changed you as a person?

    After 10yrs in the army I thought I had seen quite a lot that "normal" people only thought happened on TV. After joining the police I really saw what horrors people can inflict on their fellow human beings. Also I dont trust anyone other than my immediate family, my long time friends and my colleagues.
  7. toffeewrapper

    Pension Challenge

    Try the POLICE MUTUAL COMMUTATION TOOL They give you a fairly accurate forecast in the 1987 scheme. They also do the 2006 scheme but I havent tried that as Im not in that scheme
  8. toffeewrapper

    Is this a Joke - Diversity?

    There was a time when people did cover their faces. They were known as ROBBERS
  9. toffeewrapper

    Crime figures.

    Regarding comms staff. They will ask the officers for results for updates to the logs they are assigned to, the log is then updated with the officers result and updated, coded and closed according to the result they give. Comms staff will challenge a result, if, for example the log states a caller had been assaulted and it is just resulted by the attending officer as "No Offences", if they confirm there has been no assault then it will get coded and closed as such. Comms staff can only go on the results given by officers. They are the officers on the ground and they are supposed to have the integrity to give a true result. NCRS compliance is then added by crime managers.
  10. toffeewrapper

    Crime figures.

    Its nice of you to list all the nicest areas of GMP for the benefit of the forum users. It may help them if they wish to purchase a nice bijou little weekend hideaway.
  11. toffeewrapper

    Hate Crime, or Nonsense

    I said good morning to a lady I didnt know as I left Tescos this morning. Do I need to go and hand myself in ?
  12. toffeewrapper

    The Referendum Discussion

    I have heard that Germany want a rerun of the 1966 World Cup Final as theyre not happy with the result
  13. toffeewrapper

    Logging in to the forum

    And they blamed Westie as well
  14. toffeewrapper

    The Referendum Discussion

    I think it is nice to see David Beckham urging us to vote Remain ...... you know him the multi millionaire that lives in America. Oh yes ......Richard Branson as well that other guy that has a few million that has slipped down behind the chair cushion that lives on his own private island.
  15. toffeewrapper

    Naughty GMP

    Its ridiculous that GMP on a supposed as near as dammit training exercise get criticised for shouting something like ALANS SNACKBAR. And then an ACC to apologise just shows what a spineless bunch the top brass are