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  1. Wee Man

    Oliver Letwin

    Apparently there were constituents' details (phone numbers, addresses etc) within the papers*. If nothing else, it suggests a certain level of arrogance and disregard for the people who voted him into his highly paid job... *According to the news on the radio earlier
  2. Nope, they've been waiting for the 8th when both sides present their evidence and have the opportunity to cross examine each other. After all that, they'll go away to consider their response. Fingers crossed... On the other issue, a "work to rule" would be just as unlawful as an all out strike - both would be counted as withdrawing labour. It would be too much to expect the Daily Hate to understand this, obviously. Also, and I don't know this - I'm just supposing - I think refusing to do certain duties once trained would also be considered refusing a lawful order. So, potentially, that avenue could be closed if any hypothetical officer were to consider it. However, a "work to Regs", that would be a different matter altogether. Doing what the law (Police Regs) requires of us, in the way it's required, cannot be anything other than lawful. Of course, doing full vehicle checks every morning (and all the other things we know of) might be a tad inconvenient for some...
  3. Pen, it's my understanding that the PAT is formed under the auspices of ACAS and our negotiators seem to genuinely trust it. I spoke to Ian Rennie who actually seemed relatively confident in our position and in the PAT's track record of listening to the Federation negotiators. Currently, the members of the panel are Professor John Goodman as the Chair and Mrs Margaret Salmon and Ms Virginia Branney as the members. Professor Goodman has written all sorts of publications on industrial relations and has sat on the PAT since 2003. Margaret Salmon was, I think, head of HR at the BBC. Whilst not a natural ally of Old Bill, she should at least know what is (and isn't) allowed in employment law. Virginia Branney is an employment relations consultant and a specialist in employment dispute resolution. ACAS are largely funded by the government but I can't find anything to suggest this has provably affected their independence. Of course, I may have just made myself look like a naive fool. Time will tell...
  4. In a few years their traffic SIO's will have become de-skilled. Every force in the country has "reducing KSI's" asa part of their control strategies. Yet every force (as far as I can tell) are at least reducing their traffic depts. Can you imagine the Army being told they have to get rid of, or reduce, their artillery or air support to reduce costs? The Daily Hate would be full of Generals opposing the cuts. Rare to see a Chief Constable making the same public stance.
  5. Wee Man

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    Thanks Pen', you never know, "if in doubt put a "C" might work"
  6. Wee Man

    INSP OSPRE Part 1 2011

    I'm doing the quiz on the 4th - haven't been over-doing the revision though...
  7. Wee Man

    Police Pension Reform

    During all these cutbacks? The point I'm making is if the government want to save money then they need to pool their brain cells and realise that this course of action could do the exact opposite...
  8. Our local Fed have threatened (reluctantly) to stick Inspectors and above on if they try and make officers work outside regulations. It's particularly galling for me when Federated ranks turn on their own in order to further their own careers. If any Inspector or Chief Inspector is stupid enough to try and require an officer to work outside regs in my presence then me and they will fall out spectacularly.
  9. Wee Man

    Police Pension Reform

    Baby Elephant - you make a good point. You are collecting your pension and I'm damn sure you've earned it. But what will happen if, after these "reforms", new joiners and people like me have to decide between having a pension and having a house to live in? If I, and thousands of others, decide that we can't afford to pay into the pension, who is going to pay for you to continue to collect your lot? We cannot stress this enough - they want us to pay ONE EIGHTH of our salary into our pension. One eighth. I'll be paying more into my pension than my ex- pays for her (tax payer subsidised) rent! In the interests of fairness, I should disclose that I've just come in from a bbq at the next door neighbours and I've had a glass or two BUT I COULD NOT BE MORE PISSED OFF AT OUR GOVERNMENT AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US. I joined the Police to protect people who could not protect themselves. To stand up for the down-trodden and save those being victimised. Who will stand up for me?
  10. Wee Man

    Police Pension Reform

    It's not fair. It's not supposed to be fair. It's supposed to further subjugate us. Politicians, whatever their hue, don't like the Police. I mean, I know some do. Vernon Coaker and Elfyn Llwyd are good examples. But generally they're not keen. They don't like that they don't control us as much as they'd like. They don't like that we can march up to Downing Street and clap Cameron in irons if he's committed an offence. As to why teachers, for example, are only having their pension contributions hiked by 1.7% well it's obvious. They are able to withdraw their labour as a final step if, as a whole, they feel they are being treated poorly.
  11. Wee Man

    Senior Police Intelligence Analyst Fired

    Never try to reason with somebody who perpetuates a conspiracy theory. It's like nailing jelly to a wall. For every reasonable explanation you give (i.e. perhaps the journo was just confused bearing in mind the worlds' biggest terrorist atrocity was underway, a truly world-changing event) they'll come back with some nonsense about how the world is secretly run by lizard people. Wee Man2011-08-01 17:35:40
  12. Wee Man

    Police Pension Reform

    Oh, p.s., Can anybody explain to me why I'm looking at losing thousands of pounds per year but somebody who refuses to work and sponges benefits is sitting pretty and not looking at losing any of their "wages"?
  13. Wee Man

    Police Pension Reform

    I know nobody (particularly May) knows what "causing disaffection" is but I'll still try and word this carefully to protect what little's left of my pension. We can't strike, whether or not we want to. The only way we'll be able to is for Parliament to give us this right. And they won't. We also can't refuse lawful orders including undertaking a role for which we've been trained. We can't refuse to stay on at work to deal with a job so that option's closed to us. What we can do is to understand what Police Regulations state and follow them. To the letter. Put every minute you stay on as TOIL or claim every penny as paid overtime. If you're working an eight hour shift, then work an eight hour shift. If, at the end of eight hours, you've not finished what you're doing then ask a guvnor to pay your overtime. If they decline, then drop whatever it is and go home. If you're dealing with a job then deal with it. If something else comes in then it can wait (assistance shouts aside). The victim you're already dealing with deserves a good service so take all the statements, seize all the CCTV, locate all the witnesses and fill out all the forms before going to the next job. And if that means you only go to three or four jobs a shift then so be it. In no time at all the jobs will pile up, the complaints will begin and somebody will have to explain why the police service are so lacking in morale. Am I the only one who's put myself under an immense amount of stress by bouncing from one job to the next and ending up with a pile of work to catch up on in my own time for no money? And why did I do it? For a government that hates me and a public that's ambivalent to what's being done to me. Well no more. The only reason the wheel hasn't already fallen off are the thousands of officers who put themselves out to the detriment of their health and home life. The government are in danger of finding out that you can only push somebody so far...
  14. Oh, P.S..... The other week, two thousand reps gave up their rest days and/or annual leave and popped to London for a bit of a rally and a mass lobby of MPs. It was held at the Methodist Central Hall, a building which holds about two thousand people. Every seat was filled and people were stood in the aisles. Mr Winsor actually said to somebody like-minded, "two thousand? Is that all they can muster?" This shows the disdain they have for us. The contempt in which we're held. Assuming the government don't do one of their u-turns, there'll be a disagreement at PNB. If this is the case then there'll be a mass rally held for all officers in the Autumn. Details are yet to be decided and publicised. But, should it come to that, then the officers who've yet to wake up to what's happening will need to get a sense of urgency. We'll need to put on such a show of strength that no MP will be able to ignore it. We'll have to make the twenty five thousand or so officers march a few years ago look like a dress rehearsal.
  15. Thanks HMS. Bobbies don't realise that Tom Winsor has told MPs that we want his "reforms" to be put into place. He's based this on spending a shift on a van crew one evening. It's late, dark, people are tired and getting abuse from the pissed up idiots and they're asked, "do you think you should be paid more than somebody working in an office from 9-5?" They said yes. Of course they said yes! I'd have said yes to that specific question. But from that he's extrapolated that we all want less overtime and less basic pay. And in the absence of any other information (for example, Police officers descending on them en masse) MPs are happy to believe what he's saying. Our Fed have done some sums around how different officers, on different departments, with different specialisms and with different levels of service will be affected by Winsors changes. And funnily enough almost everyone was worse off. Some by only a few hundred quid and some by a few thousand. These were publicised locally, both on our website and by individual reps trying to drum up support. But still there's an ambivalence from so many.