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  1. My guess is you're in the Met (apologies for the slur if you aren't ) and are suffering from the recent spate of demos over Gaza. Unfortunately, this has always happened and always will happen, world events have an effect in London. You certainly aren't the only person to be suffering this weekend problem as those of us in non-borough roles get the same treatment and with the lovely new centralised duties nonsense it won't get any better. What you have to remember is that we get many more demos in summer than we do in winter, coz demonstrators don't 'do' cold and rain. We also have many more officers off on their holidays so that reduces the available pool. You are part of that pool until you become a proper detective, whether you're PSU trained or Level 3 so you might as well keep the ticket so you stand more chance of sitting on a carrier . It is much better these days than it used to be before the football clubs used stewards for the roles we used to do and the amount of officers on football aid has greatly reduced, which is a good thing as there are a lot of London clubs in the Premier League now. So you can look on the bright side and you shouldn't be getting too many rainy weekends in November cancelled
  2. Brian

    Arbitration. Any news?

    Everyone in the Met should go for the August Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday, Halloween and Bonfire Night as well as New Years Eve. I do believe that would cost the job a fortune
  3. I don't understand the indignation here It has been the case for a very long time that we can't be the victim of a Section 5. PCSO's can though. There are more and more people calling us names and the main reason for this is? That's right; PCSO's. The unwashed have got used to getting away with being rude/aggressive to uniforms so it's only a small step up to be rude to me. As for vicars, grannies and babies passing.... please remember there is much more CCTV these days. However, if a teenager should call me a name as I'm passing and he has some mates present, which is the norm. Should one of those be a juvenile, or appear to me to be a juvenile, then that's enough for me. The last one I did for this ended up on his face on the ground in cuffs while I wrote his ticket out (I was in genuine fear for the juveniles around). This was on a busy street and I'm a very slow writer. I think he may have learned his lesson.
  4. Brian

    Shift patterns

    I thought just about everyone did 6/4 now....? I worked something similar for many years and was very happy with it (preferring it to 6/4). If you look closely you will see that you only need to book 3 or 4 days off to get a week off. I also like working my nights in one hit, it always worked best with my body clock. Every shift pattern has its pluses and minuses.
  5. Brian

    Police Cleared

    Interesting that the Italian Police are taking Amanda Knox to court for slander due to something she said during her case. I have certainly had absolute lies told about me by 'service users'. Perhaps the Fed could look to take a leaf out of the Italian's book......oh no, hang on a second, I've just realised what I said...no chance.
  6. Brian

    no real surprise.....

    I've had a look at the CPS website to brush up on my manslaughter points to prove and have lifted the following from there as I think this is the only way that they can make a case against the officer:- Involuntary Manslaughter 51. Involuntary manslaughter, by contrast to voluntary manslaughter, where a person kills but without the intent to kill or cause GBH. Apart from the absence of the requisite intent, all other elements of the offence are the same as for murder. 52. There are two types of involuntary manslaughter, namely: that caused by the defendant's gross negligence; and that caused by his unlawful or dangerous act. <SNIP> Unlawful Act Manslaughter 73. This is where the killing is the result of: the defendant's unlawful act (not omission); where the unlawful act is one which all sober and reasonable people would realise would subject the victim to the risk of some physical harm resulting there from, albeit not serious harm - R v Williams and Davis (1992) 2 All ER 183; whether or not the defendant realised this. 74. The act need not be directed against a person (e.g. arson) - see R v Willoughby (2005) 1 WLR 1880. 75. The knowledge attributed to the sober and reasonable person is that which such a person would acquire as an observer of the whole course of the defendant's conduct throughout the unlawful act: R v Watson (1989) 2 All ER 865, R v Dawson (1985) 81 Cr App R 150, R v Carey and others (2006) EWCA Crim 17. 76. In manslaughter arising from an unlawful and dangerous act, the accused's state of mind is relevant only to establish that the act was committed intentionally and that it was an unlawful act. 77. Once these points are established the question whether the act was dangerous is to be judged not by the appellant's appreciation but that of the sober and reasonable man and it is impossible to impute the mistaken belief of the defendant that what he was doing was not dangerous: R v Ball 1989 CLR 730. ---------------------------- I have to say that from within this definition I can see a number of problems trying to prove the case, added to that there is the crucial destroyed forensic evidence (that could have helped either the prosecution or the defence, we'll never know). I couldn't see the CPS running with this one (hence their previous decision) if not for the circumstances. Politically motivated? Hell yes! Regardless of whether or not I agree with actions on the day I cannot see how he can be found guilty in anything other than a kangaroo court. There will always be reasonable doubt.
  7. Brian

    Day of Action?

    Hmm... Firstly the Olympics 'training' will almost certainly be CBT so everyone will be able to complete it. Almost all training these days is done this way. I am led to believe that many officers just click through these packages without paying any attention to them because they are the most patronising pieces of garbage known to man. Clearly, I don't take this view and do all of mine diligently. On the other hand OST and ELS have to be done in person and there have been some changes to training in the Met recently which are nearly laughable. I predict by the end of this year there will be an enormous amount of operational officers who can't leave Police buildings through no fault of their own and we won't need to do anything to help this along. I do agree that the easiest, and most effective way of protesting would be to do everything absolutely correctly and one job at a time. This has been done in the past and works very, very well. (Last time I know of was in Camden). On an averagely busy borough it would be simple to get the outstanding calls to over 100 each day. Multiplied by 32 for the Met would be interesting! All the Fed has to do is to request it's members do their jobs diligently. No-one would be put at risk and it will instantly show how much we 'make the job work'.
  8. Hmmm.... Only one officer had a hat on and I could see quite a few absent ties. Shocking stuff. So, tell me again why no borough officers have a taser?
  9. Brian

    Fed Conference Live...

    Every politician not currently in power can sound as erudite as they like, but it means sod-all....and was probably the reason you did vote Tory! So, today there was lots of speeches. Tonight there will be lots off to bed early I presume ready for a hard days speech-listening tomorrow?
  10. Brian

    Coffee Opinions

    I use a cafetierre thingy and the only coffee I've found I like is the Lavazza red and silver packet.... When out I have tried most outlets and cannot stand frothy rubbish so am an 'Americano' man. (coffee with cold milk to those not in the know). By far and away my favourite outlet for coffee is..... Mcdonalds!
  11. Brian


    No' date=' they only issue unenforceable invoices for parking. They (or their contractors) like to think they are enforceable fines of course[/quote'] Un-enforceable, that is not widely known. Explain the principal please. As in it is the equivalent of an invoice from a business. Only thing is you don't have to pay it as they can never prove who it is they should be sending the invoice to. The only tickets that don't fall into this category are from us and the local councils. How do I know about this? Well, that would be because the company, Met Parking, tried it on with me...all sorts of empty threats in 9 letters in total. They were featured on BBC Watchdog with the advice not to pay....the clip is online.
  12. Brian

    G 20 = Discipline

    "Emergency services which service do you require?" "I have a very angry thug in front of me with a knife intent on doing harm to others" "So you want the Police then?" "Err....no... could you put me through to the Guardian please so I can get one of their readers out of their armchairs to come round here to chat semantics with him."
  13. Brian

    Sick Record

    I have seen many, many examples of officers who are simply just not suited to police work at the sharp end and they have dealt with this in different ways. Usually this is either getting an office job or leaving or going sick with stress. I suppose they are suffering with stress as they are trying to do a job that they just can't handle....and are never likely to be able to handle. I wish they would just be honest with themselves and move on.
  14. Quality story I love the sense of outrage....it's yet another reason why I love the French.