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  1. My guess is you're in the Met (apologies for the slur if you aren't ) and are suffering from the recent spate of demos over Gaza. Unfortunately, this has always happened and always will happen, world events have an effect in London. You certainly aren't the only person to be suffering this weekend problem as those of us in non-borough roles get the same treatment and with the lovely new centralised duties nonsense it won't get any better. What you have to remember is that we get many more demos in summer than we do in winter, coz demonstrators don't 'do' cold and rain. We also have many more officers off on their holidays so that reduces the available pool. You are part of that pool until you become a proper detective, whether you're PSU trained or Level 3 so you might as well keep the ticket so you stand more chance of sitting on a carrier . It is much better these days than it used to be before the football clubs used stewards for the roles we used to do and the amount of officers on football aid has greatly reduced, which is a good thing as there are a lot of London clubs in the Premier League now. So you can look on the bright side and you shouldn't be getting too many rainy weekends in November cancelled