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  1. This is nothing new. My force wont investigate shopliftings unless the victim produces the evidence, such as CCTV and statements. They have to attend the station and produce the evidence, this also includes local, small shops, who cant afford the loss. the service they are getting is pathetic and shameful.
  2. keithboy37

    Crime is Down, Our Reforms are Working

    I meant press such as BBC news, Sky news. I did not see any stories about the rise in crime being splashed all over these programmes. When crime was going down it was headline news.
  3. keithboy37

    Crime is Down, Our Reforms are Working

    It amazes me on how there has been no press re these figures. Especially now May is the Prime Minister. The Tories are definitely holding the press to ransom with Levinson.
  4. The only reasons pensions were not in the budget this time was, self preservation for him, as Cameron could be going shortly and he wants his job. If he attacked pensions then the public would turn against him. 2nd, the upcoming EU election, again the public would turn against the party and vote for a brexit. He couldn't give two sh@ts about the public, it is all about how will I ( Osborne) look. Pensions will be looked at next year.
  5. keithboy37

    In or Out

    so far everybody I have spoken to and that's about 10, all say OUT. So where are these odds coming from.
  6. keithboy37

    In or Out

  7. keithboy37

    Richard Branson and the NHS

    If my experience with Virgin trains is anything to go by. This hospital is f**ked.
  8. keithboy37

    Officer Suspended

    I wonder where the necessity test comes in here. Why arrest?
  9. keithboy37

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    I think some forces are just towing the line and have no intention of appointing Inspectors as direct entries. This keeps them in the shadows when the government clamp down on those not playing by the rules. We all know how vindictive the Home Office can be if you don't do as your told.
  10. keithboy37

    No Cut In Police Budget

  11. keithboy37

    recruitment into the Northumberland police

    start by calling it by the right name. Northumbria police, not Northumberland.
  12. keithboy37

    No Cut In Police Budget

    If that is the case, how come the working tax credit policy changed so fast. It was only a few weeks ago the House of Lords kicked the cuts to working tax credits out. That was a quick u turn. Also all chief constables and PCC's, who would have been kept up to date with pending cuts, were planning for future cuts coming. This was a quick u turn based on public opinion, following the Paris events.
  13. keithboy37

    No Cut In Police Budget

    It has taken the atrocity in Paris to get this change of policy, let's not forget about that.
  14. keithboy37

    May be savings

    Savings like the Olympics?