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  1. So we have a response team of 21 PC's (big I know!) 3 have annual leave booked for a set taking us down to 18. Minimum staff for nights is 16. BUT 1 PC has been taken for custody cover as we don't employ enough to cover sickness and leave. 1 PC has been taken for DCR as again we don't employ enough to cover sickness and leave. So brings us down to 16. So no one else can have leave now! This happens every week now and we're having to supply PC's some of whom are top of the pay scale into custody, money well spent I hear you say! lol Spoke to Fed but got the usual toothless flannel back "SMT are aware and are looking into it but until then it will remain as is" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oh and it's ok for the Force to abstract officers for day courses when you should be on nights taking us below minimum as this saves them money as they don't have to pay those officers the unsociable hours fee. It's costing me an extra £170 to take my family on holiday now as my leave got knocked back 3 weeks due to this issue.
  2. Gregster

    lawful order?

    Bit of a vague post but I guess you could always go there, risk assess it and then refuse to deploy due to health and safety issues. It's your call for the risk assessment and not someone who hasn't left the station in 20 years. If the order is in an execution of your duty and not one like your going cleaning somewhere then I think your hands would be tied. I'm no expert and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Gregster

    Taken the Plunge

    Decided to go for it and go for my Sgt's after 9 years on the frontline. Thing is I haven't studied for 25 years and I wasn't the best at exams at school. Anyone got any tips or study techniques for my old brain?
  4. Well that didn't take the government long to implement! Pension increased to 12.25% this month They are forgetful though as they've missed out my £100 shift allowance for unsociable hours. They can forget for as long as they want because the back dated rebate will be nice and come in handy.
  5. Our force shut down all station fuel pumps and handed out fuel cards to fuel up at petrol stations just in case there is a fuel strike so we then have a supply. Few problems,... Petrol stations are running out of fuel where we are, The queues spread around the block with ones with fuel, Forecourt fuel costs more to buy than we buy it in bulk, We use diesel, have you seen the price of it!! There will be designated stations for emergency services, And lastly,... There is no fuel strike!!!! Who makes these decisions!
  6. Gregster

    Dangerous Dog. 5 injured.

    If you really want your blood to boil then read this article by some clueless politician! http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/news/five-police-officers-mauled-dog-142039046.html?orig_host_hdr=uk.news.yahoo.com&.intl=GB&.lang=en-GB
  7. Gregster

    The Police Federation

    West Yorkshire Police Fed have a Facebook site which is getting some stick at the moment with alot of angry officers leaving posts asking for answers about the Winsor report.... the fed have been quiet on there all week which is angering officers more. I really don't know why I pay into the Fed, I can get cheap travel insurance elsewhere when needed, I already have breakdown cover. If I got in the s**t at work and it's criminal I can get free legal advice and if I need other advice then I'm sure I could find it on the internet and even here. A couple of people on my shift don't pay into them for this reason. They must be sweating that their time is up and we've seen that they have no power whatsoever.
  8. Latest cost cutting think tank at the force has come up with the suggestion to remove all kettles, toasters, microwaves and fridges from all offices and report rooms in the police stations. Apparentely this will save the force £20k a year. Now most stations even large ones have 1 kitchen, 150+ officers & support staff in a station & 1 hot water boiler. Wonder how much they've worked out in tea making time for each officer to walk to the kitchen from their office, make a brew and walk back?
  9. Gregster

    Leave Lockdowns

    Our force seems to lock down weekends willy nilly with no warning and the first you know about it is when you want to book leave. They seem to have a kneejerk reaction to any kind of gathering/demonstration no matter how small or obscure it is. wouldnt mind if they advertised it on the intranet to give us some warning Does my head in. rant over
  10. Gregster

    Is it time for Taser?

    We used to put out 4 double crewed taser cars on response in WYP but now they have cut it down to 2 double crewed cars per shift. Reason,.. because they can! Tasers are GOOD, they prevent injury to officers and calm the situations down if the offender knows you've got one.
  11. Gregster

    Foreign Criminals

    My divison is riddled with Eastern European criminals (ignoring the Iraq/Kurd and Afgan criminals also). Out of the 100's I have come in contact with I can honestly say only 10% actually work and these tend to be the young females from Poland who are very polite. I spoke to one of these in a cafe and she said that the European criminals can't beleive how soft the police are, in their country they wouldn't dare do the things they do here. I deal with Romanian purse dippers, Czech shoplifters, Polish drink driver etc... list goes on. Houses are full of these families claiming benifits. They are creating their own communities in estates with no mingling with other members of the community. Multiculturism doesn't work.... look at the British Ex-pats in spain
  12. Anyone have any ideas which inexpensive pen is best for writing in the cold and wet. I find that my pens freeze up after being sat in my stab vest / hand after a few mins in the cold. My boss won't except my excuse that my pen won't work for not writing in my PNB!
  13. I am sad to report that PC Claire Johnson of West Yorkshire Police passed away at the weekend suddenly aged 40. She served over 10 years starting her career at Milgarth then to North East Leeds division as a DTO and then CMU. She will be missed and my thoughts go out to her young son and family. RIP
  14. Last week I worked over into my rest day finishing at 07:35 instead of 07:00. can someone tell me what my overtime rate should be? I was under the impression that if you worked into a rest day past 07:15hrs you were entitled to an enhanced overtime rate. any ideas? cheers
  15. Our force, West Yorks police along with the ambulance and fire service all use the airwaves O2 systems which over the past few months have been getting steadily worse. 2 months ago the whole airwaves network went down for all emergency services in West and South Yorks for 25 mins. In the last few weeks our police comms has failed so that our control room cannot hear us and we can't hear them ( this happens daily). The emergency code 0 button has failed on officers as has the urgent call back button. It gets mentioned to supervision and the operators are frustrated but nothing seems to have happened so much so I've notified our federation about this who weren't aware. I won't hold my breath!